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Don’t throw that away! Here are many ways to take something old and give it a second life.

  • Give new life to any feather pillow by putting it in the dryer with three clean tennis balls on low heat for ten minutes.
  • If your string of pearls has lost its luster, clean it carefully with a soft cloth dipped in olive soil. Wipe off oil before wearing.
  • When silk flowers get dusty, put them in a paper bag with several tablespoons of salt and shake gently for two minutes to clean them.
  • Troubled by pet hairs on your furniture? Put on a rubber glove and run your hand in one direction over the surface. The hairs will form a thin rope that’s easy to pick up.
  • Boil old toothbrushes in water for four minutes and use them for cleaning golf clubs, bird feeders, and fish tanks, or for getting the last bits of corn silk from fresh ears.
  • Use old socks to protect especially fragile Christmas ornaments by putting them in old socks. Also, wear old socks on your hand to dust railings and chair rungs.
  • Sprinkle baking soda on carpets to deodorize them. Leave it on for an hour and then vacuum.
  • A worn-out blanket makes great padding for your ironing board cover. It’s absorbent and soaks up steam without leaving a watery mess.
  • Use an old pair of panty hose to strain old paint, removing any lumps or debris that might otherwise mar your paint job.
  • Old panty hose are also great for: tying up plants, storing onions, and buffing shoes.

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