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Tips for a Speedy House Sale

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15 simple ways to sell your house faster

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Looking to put your house on the market? When the weather gets nice, and the gardens are at their best, it’s a good time to sell! Here are 15 tips for a speedy house sale.

15 Tips to Sell Your House Quickly

Whether you wish to sell your house right away or are considering selling in the near future, here are some simple tips for a more successful sale.

  1. Do not start a remodel or new project. But repair whatever is broken, little or big, especially potential hazards such as decrepit cellar stairs or a roof that must be replaced because of asbestos. See tips on how to find a good roofer
  2. If you have any peeling paint, peeling wallpaper, or places that need touchups, such as a stair banister, address this so it’s clear the house has been well-cared for. 
  3. Make small rooms look bigger by putting excess furniture into storage, such as a corner desk. Another good trick is to add a mirror in the corner (where you might have put framed art).
  4. Remember that many houses today are first seen online, so you must prioritize how the house will be photographed. Most house hunters observe the living room first, then the kitchen and bath.
  5. Eliminate clutter on shelves, in closets, and in drawers. Buyers want to see your house, not your stuff. Go room by room and clear it out! Start selling whatever can be sold and donate the rest. There are many websites on which you can even mark β€œfree” to neighbors and at least have someone pick up the stuff.
  6. Big closets in the master bedroom are a strong selling point. Make a better impression with a neat closet storage system or at least a light in the closet and clothes that are neatly hung and folded. If your closet is stuffed with clothes, remove the clothing to help the closet appear more spacious.
  7. Depersonalize rooms wherever possible. Those photos of Junior from kindergarten may be adorable, but stash them away when the time comes to show the house.
  8. Remove any holiday decorations. No dried-out wreaths in March will do.
  9. Clean your house until it sparkles.
  10. Remember the exterior of your house. If needed, powerwash the patio, front porch, and exterior of your house. You can rent a powerwasher at any home improvement store. Also, if needed, have the driveway cracks filled and resealed.
  11. Plant flowers. If you don’t have time for gardening, use containers of blooming annuals for strategic splashes of color. Or display beautiful arrangements of cut flowers.
  12. Let the light in! House hunters look for houses with good light. Make dark rooms bigger by opening up curtains or shades and replacing burned-out bulbs, adding lamps, or increasing the wattage in existing fixtures.
  13. Remove your animals during a showing. A barking dog is annoying, and a frightened animal can pose a danger to the real estate agent and potential buyers.
  14. Make yourself and your family scarce. People prefer looking at property alone. You should trust your broker enough to leave your home in his or her capable hands.
  15. Promote pleasant smells. Bake a pie or bread on the day of the showing, or light a scented candle. Remove any unpleasant odors such as those emanating from the cat’s litter box.

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Do you have any other suggestions on readying your house to sell? Please share your comment below!

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