How to Compost

August 11, 2011

Learn how to compost! You can turn your kitchen scraps and organic yard debris into nutrient-rich plant food for your garden soil! Watch video.

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Thanks for the video, I have

Thanks for the video, I have a cooking website and I put this post on there, very helpful info for the beginners in the garden.

Carla, Thank you for posting

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Carla, Thank you for posting on your site! We appreciate your interest.

I have made a compost tea out

I have made a compost tea out of my vegetable scrapes by using my food processor. Is there any do's or don'ts in using this on my indoor plants? How long do I let it age, and do I strain it before using it. Thank you

Hi Sandra, Use full strength

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Hi Sandra, Use full strength or dilute 1:1 (tea to water) for indoor houseplants. Drenching a medium size plant requires about 2 cups of tea plus enough water to get the solution down to the roots.
Remember that compost tea should be used quickly, since it contains living organisms. Ideally, the tea will be used within 4 to 6 hours; after that, add to your compost pile.
We hope that this is helpful—and appreciate your interest in The Old Farmer's Almanac and our Web site. 

Quite good and informative.

Quite good and informative. Like the bit with the earthworms!

Very interesting! I didn't

Very interesting! I didn't know having a compost pile was so easy.


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