How to Ripen Green Tomatoes

October 14, 2015

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When temperatures begin to drop, tomatoes stop ripening so it’s time to take action! Fruits can be brought inside or whole plants can be hung up to encourage the fruits to continue to ripen.

In this video, we will show you how to ripen your green tomatoes both on and off the vine to ensure you don’t waste any of your harvest at the end of the season:

Learn more about growing and harvesting tomatoes here.


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Ripen Tomatoes

In the U.S. we ripen them by putting them in a sunny east or west window

Ripening green to atoes

Enjoyed your video. Just want to know if these methods work with the larger tomatoes or just the cherry or grape size. Thanks

Ripening Tomatoes

The Editors's picture

Yes, these methods should work on all sizes of tomatoes, though larger varieties may take longer to ripen fully.

Ripening tomatoes in Fall

Excellent video on ripening Green tomatoes. However, I am wondering if I should also cut off a lot of the foliage/leaves, along with the new blossoms? In the video, it does appear that there are very few leaves on the plants that bear the fruit to be ripened.

ripening green tomatoes

We just pick them before the first frost, and place them stem-side down on sheets of newspaper in shallow cardboard boxes. I'm guessing that wrapping them would slow down the ripening a bit, so the harvest would last longer.

how to get tomatoes to ripen

This was very helpful to me. I planted San marzano tomatoes and they are huge, but still green.

When to plant fruit and vegetables

Need to know when an how to plant fruits and vegetables


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