How to Choose Tomato Varieties to Grow

Picking the right tomato variety for your yard

March 5, 2015

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How do you choose the best tomato variety for your yard? There are so many wondering kinds of tomatoes! 

Whether it’s a taste, size, appearance, disease resistance or use in the kitchen that makes a particular tomato stand out for you, there are a lot of factors to consider.

In this video we explain how to choose the best tomato varieties and demonstrate how to give seedlings the best start so you achieve an abundant harvest from your garden this year.

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We discovered Mountain Pride last year--a determinate tomato. By planting again in June or July, you have a hearty harvest all summer long. The plants grow to about five feet in height...produce a handsome, red tomato.


I'm just a beginner Gardner So I think the best way to start with tomatoes is growing the Cherry Tomato - I do worry about those nasty tomato worms - Where do they even come from ?

Tomato worms

They come from the sphinx moth. The caterpillar is called a hornworm, which is quite large. They can eat all the leaves of your tomato plant over night. But if you look for them daily you can usually find them before too much damage is done. They are a handsome caterpillar. I garden organically so I just pick them off and give them to my chickens, which the chickens love. Probably not much fun for the caterpillar. But that's the way of nature. Fungus from over crowding or too wet a season is more deadly. Cherry tomatoes are great, and are wonderful in patio pots. last year I bought an unknown tomatoes plants from a local grocery store and had a beautiful harvest of medium size tomatoes. You never know what will happen. Good luck this year. I am counting the days until spring.


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