The Perfect Compost Recipe - How to Get Your Compost Heap Cooking!


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Compost is the very best food you can give to the plants in your garden. However, making really great compost requires the right mix of ingredients. This video demonstrates how to mix greens and browns with air and moisture to produce good compost.

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CARBONS = BROWN, NITROGEN = GREENS. LOOK at the information at the beginning of the video, it's wrong.


Allow us to clarify. The C:N ratio is actually a label on the axis of a graph (the black arrow shows the axis), so going to the right indicates a higher C:N ratio; in other words, more Carbon is to the right (more brown materials).  In retrospect, we could have made that a bit clearer in the video, although the narration does explain that it’s the carbon to nitrogen ratio that we’re referring to.

Compost video

I appreciate the explanation of what type and how much you add on ingredients to make a good compost. Is there a way to save the video to my computer for frequent review as I learn how to compost?


Thanks for the kind words. To answer your question, you could bookmark this page! On your computer, there should be a label that says “Bookmark.” That’s the only way to save the video. Hope this helps!


Your articles are the Best. Most helpful educational. I don’t have words to say how very much I love your information. Born in New England. Living tropical Florida whet I can grow most of the year. Last year was first experimental crop heirloom tomatoes. Thank you. Thank you!


can you compost in the winter,I live in rhode Island

Compost in Winter

Hi Frank,

You can add to your compost pile in the winter, but the composting process will cease during the period of time when the ground is frozen. It will resume in the spring.

Citrus in compost

Have been advised that citrus in compost will kill the earthworms... ?? Anyone knowing what is actually true is welcome to reply by email. Thanks!

I've always heard u can use

I've always heard u can use chickin manure

I have a few chayote from my

I have a few chayote from my neighbor last month, and it's sprouting at the bottom of the chayote now, should I start growing it im my back yard? I live in San Jose ca/Zone 9. (The temperature is around 68 Degrees everyday.) Thanks a lot for your time.

I compost my kitchen scrapes

I compost my kitchen scrapes in a uncovered double tumbler composter and I have a covered worm cafe composter. During the winter last year my tumbler didn't get hot enough, so I used the worm bin a lot but, still neeedd to us the tumbler. This year I will cover the tumbler with a tarp to keep the rain moisture out, but I'm wondering what type of dry material to use. Last year I used soft wood shaving. This year I was thinking of using rice hulls or straw. What do you think would be a good choice?

I use junk mail, phone books,

I use junk mail, phone books, etc for my brown fodder for composting and worm bins. Just don't use shiny paper, pick the dull, flat papers.

I am a Certified master

I am a Certified master composter and we are instructed that you can compost dog or cat feces , but use it only for trees and shrubs,
NOT FOR vegetables or fruits nothing you eat.

chicken waste

can you use chicken droppings in the compost bin that is used in the vegetable garden.

chicken droppings in compost

Chicken droppings can help to enrich your compost when mixed in with it. Avoid adding too much all at once though. 

I've been composing for years

I've been composing for years never using meat, poultry or diary products. Should you use dog and cat feces?

Most cooperative extensions

Most cooperative extensions advise against using pet waste. Though it can be done, most backyard compost heaps rarely reach the required temperature of the compost heap--which is a minimum of 165 degrees F for about five days--from the middle through the outside layers. If interested, here is information on how to compost pet waste correctly:

Lucid and concise! I screen

Lucid and concise!
I screen compost through 1/2 inch hardware cloth on a sloping 3 foot by 6 foot frame.


+ a 4-season guide to raising chickens!

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