Planning an Easy Fruit Garden

Planning a New Fruit Garden

April 11, 2017

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Are you keen to grow fruit?  See how to plan a low-maintenance fruit garden. There are some simple guidelines to follow which can improve the overall health of your plants and increase your harvest.

  • It’s important to select a site with the right soil and shelter.
  • Avoid overcrowding of fruit trees.
  • Consider fences and support structures.
  • Protect your garden from critters such as deer with fencing.
  • Fruit cages or netting protect soft fruit bushes from birds.
  • Cover the soil with mulch to avoid weeds which create competition for fruit trees.

Watch this video for advice on creating a new fruit garden!

Also, see our video on how to plant fruit trees from apples to pears to plums.

After you watch the video, why not try our easy-to-use Garden Planner. A little planning upfront means less pests, less crowding, and a more productive harvest. We invite you to try the Garden Planner for FREE for 7 days—ample time to plan your garden the first time.

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Founder's Warehouse Sale

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Wow what a low maintenance

Wow what a low maintenance fruit garden. Thank you for uploading this video. It's a great help for us.


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