Where Do You Keep Your Almanac?

September 13, 2021

Where do you keep your Almanac? In the kitchen, the barn, the bathroom? Please tell us—and enjoy our fun new video showing off the different places where we keep our copy.

Back in the 1700s, when we made our earliest Almanacs, readers discovered how useful the Almanac was in their daily lives and wanted it close at hand. So, it was a simple matter of taking a nail, punching a hole through the Almanac, tying a string around it, and then hanging it up in a handy spot, such as the barn or kitchen, or even the outhouse. 

Today, we have a punched-hole in the classic paperback Almanac that you would find at the newstand. (Note: We also produce a hardcover edition and put no hole in it, of course. And we do a “softcover” version —same paper inside as the hardcover, plus extra reference pages—for bookstores which is too thick to punch.)

Some of us still hang the Almanac perhaps on a bulletin board in the kitchen or the barn. Others don’t hang up the Almanac but keep a copy in their car or, ahem, in their bathroom. 

Tell us: Where do you keep your Almanac? We’d love to hear from you!  And if you haven’t picked a copy, the 2022 Almanac is now available on Amazon or in local retail stores here

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Where do I keep my copy of the Old Farmer's Almanac?

On my kitchen counter behind my coupon box. For easy references. Love it!!!

Where I keep my Almanac

My Almanac is most often found on my nightstand, but does tend to migrate to the coffee table and even the bathroom.

Where to hang the OFA

I hang it on a hook in the restroom. Also keep a copy on the coffee table with some other books and magazines. It's a fascinating read!

Where I Keep the OFA

I've purchased every OFA dating back to 1968 and still have all 55 editions. Currently have two of them hanging in the kitchen, the 1968 and the current 2022 which is hung next to the back door. The other 53 are kept in storage. Have found it a must to have a copy on hand at all times for handy reference every year. Keep up the great work to all at the OFA from an almost 76 year old.

Farmer's Almanac

One year I gave my siblings, my children and other favorite relatives the almanac for Christmas gifts. I also went to my brother's lumber and hardware store and got nails and attached them with twine and a little note to hang it in a convenient place in their homes. All enjoyed the gift especially an elderly aunt who remembered her Dad hanging it in the outhouse when she was young.

Where we keep our Almanacs

We keep our Old Farmer's Almanac in the kitchen right next to the phone. We hang it on a string under a shelf, and next to it is a copy of the Old Farmer's Almanac from 100 years previous. I discovered a stash of those old Almanacs about 40 years ago at a yard sale, and have been doing that ever since. At the start of each month, I read about the month in the 100 year old version, and then in the current edition. I learn a lot. I have discovered that the Moon is never full on the same date in the same month as it was 100 years previously, they are always 4 days apart.


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