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Where Do You Keep Your Almanac?

Where do you keep your Almanac? In the kitchen, the barn, the bathroom? Please tell us—and enjoy our fun new video showing off the different places where we keep our copy.

Back in the 1700s, when we made our earliest Almanacs, readers discovered how useful the Almanac was in their daily lives and wanted it close at hand. So, it was a simple matter of taking a nail, punching a hole through the Almanac, tying a string around it, and then hanging it up in a handy spot, such as the barn, kitchen, or even the outhouse. 

Today, we have a punched hole in the classic paperback Almanac that you would find at the newsstand. (Note: We also produce a hardcover edition and put no hole in it, of course. And we do a “softcover” version —same paper inside as the hardcover, plus extra reference pages—for bookstores which is too thick to punch.)

Some of us still hang the Almanac, perhaps on a bulletin board in the kitchen or the barn. Others don’t hang up the Almanac but keep a copy in their car or, ahem, in their bathroom. 

Tell us: Where do you keep your Almanac? We’d love to hear from you!  And if you haven’t picked a copy, the newest Almanac is now available on Amazon or in local retail stores here

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