2020 Long Range Weather Forecast for Detroit, MI

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October 2020 Long Range Weather Forecast for Lower Lakes
DatesWeather Conditions
Oct 1-13Rainy periods, mild
Oct 14-18Sunny, warm
Oct 19-24Showers, then sunny, cool
Oct 25-31Rainy periods, quite mild
Octobertemperature 57° (5° above avg.)
precipitation 2" (0.5" below avg.)

November 2020 Long Range Weather Forecast for Lower Lakes
DatesWeather Conditions
Nov 1-5Rainy periods, mild
Nov 6-8Rain to snow
Nov 9-14Rainy periods, mild
Nov 15-16Sunny, cold
Nov 17-21Periods of rain and snow, cold
Nov 22-23Rainy, mild
Nov 24-27Snow showers, cold
Nov 28-30Rainy, mild
Novembertemperature 44° (3° above avg.)
precipitation 1.5" (1" below avg.)

Annual Weather Summary
November 2019 to October 2020

Winter will be warmer than normal, with above-normal precipitation. The coldest periods will be in early December and early to mid-January, from late January into early February, and in late February. Snowfall will be above normal in Ohio and below normal in most other areas. The snowiest periods will be in early to mid-January, from late January into early February and late February into early March, and in late March. April and May will be warmer than normal, with precipitation below normal in the east and above normal in the west. Summer will be hotter and rainier than normal. The hottest periods will be in mid-June, mid- to late July, and mid-August. September and October will be warmer than normal, with below-normal precipitation.

Map showing Old Farmer's Almanac long range weather region number 6

About the Lower Lakes Region

The Lower Lakes long range weather region includes all or part of the following states: ILLINOIS (Aurora, Chicago, Naperville, Peoria, Rockford), INDIANA (Fort Wayne, Gary, Hammond, Indianapolis, South Bend), MICHIGAN (Detroit, Flint, Grand Rapids, Sterling Heights, Warren), NEW YORK (Buffalo, Cheektowaga, Rochester, Syracuse, Tonawanda), OHIO (Akron, Cleveland, Parma, Toledo, Youngstown), PENNSYLVANIA (Erie, Hermitage, Meadville, New Castle, Sharon), WISCONSIN (Kenosha, Milwaukee, Racine, Waukesha, West Allis).

Lower Lakes Neighboring Regions

Here are the regions that neighbor the Lower Lakes long range weather region:

Temperature and Precipitation November 2019 to October 2020

Temperature and Precipitation Chart, November 2019 to October 2020 for Detroit, MI

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Climate change

Climate change is real, for those who doesn't believe it, you will. Yes God has control over everything, he also told us to look, watch the sap of the trees. He also gave us 5 senses to use.

Climate change

Climate change is it real thing however we have no control over it and to think you do have control over it means you think that you are somehow God. God is the only one that can control the climate. Anything other than that is ridiculous.

Weather and Gardening

Thanks a million for all of your very excellent advice on everything that's very important to all of us. I really and truly fo appreciate all that you do.

Climate Change

So how long have we been tracking weather ... really??? Don’t we also know that every dating method is fraught with ASSUMPTIONS AND NONE OF THEM AGREE!!! Just saying!!!!!

Michaels comment

Michael your comment is completely unscientific. It is your burden to prove that himan induced climate change is not happening. It is. That is the consensus of pretty much every scientist, of all disciplines", that work in the field. Your blase attitude is dangerous as it misleads people from political action to change this problem. Your statemnt about your grandfather is just laughable.

changing weather patterns

So many would have you believe that the world is coming to an end because the climate is changing. The climate that most quote to make these claims only go back 50 or 60 years. If you were to go back centuries you would see major fluctuations that we would have much trouble dealing with. Also the climate on Earth and every heavenly body is in a constant state of change. There are many factors that affect our weather and most are out of our control. For those of you who are worried about a build up of Co2 in the atmosphere you can rest easy. The rain forest that everyone is so worried about is being replaced by mother nature with new dense forests growing naturally all over the world. There are many satellite pictures available online. There are also scientists who say there is not enough Co2 in the atmosphere. As the Great Nephew of the man who invented the propane powered vehicle and was also the former CEO of the Southern California Gas Company and one of the major proponents of emissions testings in California I can tell you the tailpipe emissions were never the cause of the pollution in California because if it were then there would be no pollution in California but it is worse than ever. It's all a scam.

@Sara what a drastic

@Sara what a drastic difference in weather between two close places, if you had your furnace on in July. I am in southwestern Michigan and we started July with 27 straight days of 90 or higher, including 10 in a row that exceeded 100 degrees. I had my AC on once the periodic 90s started in May, and we're just now finally getting relief now, 3 1/2 months later.

Long range forecasts 2020

I live in northeastern Illinois, about 8 miles west of Lake Michigan, near the state line. Snow showers kept coming until the end of April for the fourth year in a row.

The local forecasts repeatedly said we'd have normal hot weather for July. I still had the furnace running in July.

And this month (August), I've gone through both warm-to-hot weather and downright chilly weather. I have not seen as many dragonflies as I normally do, which is not a good sign. If they've moved to areas with more swampy spots to lay eggs, that might explain it, since the dragonfly nymph has a four year cycle before it matures. But it may be that the rising water levels in local ponds and marshes have something to do with it, too.

All I'm saying is that the rise in Lake Michigan's water level is telling us something more than "the Army Corps of Engineers needs to look into it". Beaches are eroding, hiking trails are swamped with water, and marshy areas are more flooded than I've ever seen them before this year. If this isn't Mother Nature telling us "Don't take me for granted", then what is it?

We get all these hints that something is changing (as in the 15 tornadoes that went through Chicago last week and damaged so much cropland in Iowa), and we think it's a one-off. But it was the 1974 tornado swarm that started on April 3 from the mid-south to the midwest and kept growing as it moved toward the northeast and the other super outbreak in 2011 that were so damaging. We keep getting these warnings, but when it's over, we just move on as if it won't happen again. Same thing with blizzards - won't happen again, right? Sure.

We are definitely at the mercy of the weather. Anyone who thinks otherwise is not paying attention.

People complain about people

People complain about people complaining too often.

People complain way to much..

People complain way to much..