2020-2021 Long Range Weather Forecast for Brookings, SD

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August 2020 Long Range Weather Forecast for Upper Midwest
DatesWeather Conditions
Aug 1-4Sunny, warm
Aug 5-15Scattered t-storms, cool
Aug 16-23Isolated t-storms; hot, then cool
Aug 24-31Showers, cool
Augusttemperature 65° (1° below avg.)
precipitation 3.5" (avg.)

September 2020 Long Range Weather Forecast for Upper Midwest
DatesWeather Conditions
Sep 1-4Rainy periods, cool
Sep 5-9Sunny, turning warm
Sep 10-16Showers, cool
Sep 17-22Sunny, turning warm
Sep 23-30Sunny, warm
Septembertemperature 57° (1° below avg.)
precipitation 2" (1" below avg.)

Map showing Old Farmer's Almanac long range weather region number 9

About the Upper Midwest Region

The Upper Midwest long range weather region includes all or part of the following states: MICHIGAN (Alpena, Escanaba, Marquette, Sault Ste. Marie, Traverse City), MINNESOTA (Bloomington, Duluth, Minneapolis, Rochester, Saint Paul), NORTH DAKOTA (Fargo, Grand Forks, Jamestown, West Fargo), SOUTH DAKOTA (Aberdeen, Brookings, Mitchell, Sioux Falls, Watertown), WISCONSIN (Appleton, Eau Claire, Green Bay, La Crosse, Oshkosh).

Upper Midwest Neighboring Regions

Here are the regions that neighbor the Upper Midwest long range weather region:

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To make any long range plans based on long range weather forecast is an exercise in futility if you live in MI. The furthest you can look out with any hope of accuracy (barely) is a week or two. For the daily forecast look out the window to confirm.

@KB Second that Solar Minimum!

This solar cycle is indeed influencing the weather. Our ionosphere is contracted & much colder than normal. Crops aren't growing as well since the sun isn't as strong. The crops aren't able to balance the air as optimally as normal. The sun isn't blowing away the cosmic radiation since we are in solar minimum therefore we are in an "Earth Microwave" getting cooked.


If you live in Michigan you know no one can predict the weather. Best thing to do is look out the window and dress for what you see. If you don’t like that MOVE somewhere else!

Solar minimum

Don't see any references to one of the deepest solar minimums in recent history. Would be strange not to have any effect.


Since the whole Global Warming thing showed up Michigan has been cold every summer. Nights are rarely above 60. I know I can't change it. But I'm sooooo sick of it. Seems I'm never getting out of the winter blues. I never want to do anything. Why plant a garden. Why go swimming. It's always chilly out. I'm with Joe. Step off a chair with a rope!!!!

Weather and people

The weather is just like people crazy !!!!

April showers

Grand Marais , MI... Today could be , most snow , in one day ? Hvy/wet , blowing sideways @ 40mph+ .. Is this the last of it ? Looks like a cool week till next wknd ! Thrn the end of the mo. Let FREEDOM RING ! :)

long range weather

I guess what I get from this forecast is that, It will be a below normal spring and early summer.
also it will be wetter then normal. So in other words this is going to a lousy cold & wet year.
I am so sick of cold temps, it is almost enough to make a person step off a chair with a rope.

Clint's winter forecast

Clint, I notice your anti climate change winter forecast for the upper midwest was just the opposite of what really happened through what humans are inducing through our CO2, Methane (additions to the atmosphere), Deforestation and other lesser human caused climate change activities. Humans have altered the "normal" patterns of Universal processes (induced by God...the Universal One extolled by the Enlightenment and Framers of the Constitution not of the various fractious religious human organizations) so we can expect general warming of the earth with periodic wilder swings in weather. Until we reverse our dangerous imposition on "God's Plan" we will increase our threat to His regime and cast ourselves...and earth's biome out of the Eden we once had.


"The coldest periods will be in early and mid-January, from late January into early February, in late February, and in early and mid- to late March." That pretty much encompasses the entire time from Jan thru March just missing out mid Feb. so why not just say the whole winter will be cold. And by the way; I don't know how somebody got on this track in the comments but God does control the weather because unlike man the weather doesn't have free will.