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Getting married? If you’re planning a wedding reception to celebrate the marriage, consider an interesting theme. This month, we thought we would share a couple of our ideas!

Wedding Theme

Consider a travel theme—after all, marriage is a journey!

  • Create wedding invitations to look like airline tickets or luggage tags.
  • Select ties for the groom and best man and silk scarves for the bridesmaids that depict maps; add globe earrings for the ladies.
  • Use old maps to make paper airplanes or hearts and hang them up as garlands.
  • Arrange vintage postcards in travel-themed decorative boxes or small antique suitcases and set them on reception tables for guests to browse.
  • Hang up a large map on which guests can stick personalized pins on where they come from. Or, have them sign a map or globe with well wishes.
  • Hand out compasses as wedding favors.
  • Offer foods that are famous in the area where you are getting married or where you will have your honeymoon, such as a selection of cheeses from Vermont or Wisconsin or coq au vin from France.
  • Take wedding photographs beside a mode of travel from ages past, such as a four-master windjammer or vintage plane. With this theme, the sky’s the limit!

Explore the Lore!

Wedding folklore can add a bit of whimsy and tradition to an invitation, a place card, even a thank-you note. Here are a few to use or adapt:

  • In Japan, clams are served to wedding guests with both shell halves, to symbolize the united couple.
  • In South Africa, it is customary for the parents of the bride and groom to bring fire from their hearths to start the fire in the newlyweds’ own fireplace.
  • In Venezuelan wedding receptions, often during a lull, La Hora Loca, or crazy hour, will be declared. At the start of this high-energy period, which may extend into the wee hours, guests are given sparkling masks, funny hats, noisemakers, whistles, and other party favors. Everyone has fun on the dance floor, and spontaneity is key!

Do you have any great wedding theme ideas? Whether it’s simply a color theme or bringing an era to life, there are many ways that your wedding celebration can reflect the style of the couple!

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