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Our favorite place is Broadkill Beach,DE, where we surf fish and kayak. That is why we married there under surf fishing rods!

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When you think of June, you think of summer weather and weddings. The two are definitely related. While most people know that June is a traditional month for weddings, few realize how much these traditions were shaped by weather.

June – the month of summer weather and weddings

When you read the magazines, they state that June has always been the most popular month, named after Juno, Roman goddess of marriage. She would bring prosperity and happiness to all who wed in her month. However, if one looks at Roman weather, June is also the end of the wet season. Unless you wanted a completely wet wedding, you waited until the Mediterranean rainy season was over before getting married. Maybe Juno wouldn’t deliver wealth and joy, but at least the Roman bride wouldn’t get soaked on her way to the temple.

Our American ancestors were not really looking for blessings from a Roman goddess. Practical people that they were, their lives were shaped by the yearly cycle of weather. They preferred getting married after the planting season was over. Between staying up all night with spring lambing and working all day plowing, spring was just too busy for holding a major party. Besides June brides were likely to have their first children in spring, rather than in the dead of winter.

Between staying up all night with spring lambing and working all day plowing, spring was just too busy for weddings. SOURCE: Wikipedia

Finally there was the romantic fact that girls just smelled better in June. Typically baths were a fairly rare event. Traditionally, people waited until late spring, when it was finally warm enough to remove their winter clothing before they heated up the bath water. Twelve months of sweat and grime were scrubbed off, leaving the June bride smelling girly. Add blossoms and a June bride was womanhood at her finest.

The most romantic month has finally arrived. Here’s hoping it brings great weather to all of us.

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