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Will It Rain or Snow for Thanksgiving 2022?

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What's the weather for Thanksgiving?

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What will the weather be on Thanksgiving this year? It’s a busy travel time! Will it rain on Thanksgiving? Will it snow? When should we expect “frost on the pumpkin”? Find out in our Thanksgiving 2022 Weather Forecast.

In 2022, this all-important American feast occurs on Thursday, November 24, with many Americans getting both Thursday and Friday off from work for the holiday. This often means travel; Thanksgiving is one of the top times of the year to travel by road—over the river to grandmother’s house, we go!

Will it rain or snow on Thanksgiving?

As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday across the U.S., we’re expecting some rain to slow travel at times across much of the eastern half of the nation, from north to south.

Some snow will mix in at times from the Upper Midwest to the Northeast and down through the Appalachians, but this should not be enough to cause major travel headaches.

There will be some rain and snow showers from the High Plains back through the Intermountain West. On the West Coast, there will be some rain across the Pacific Northwest. Rain showers will also be on the radar for the Deep South, Southeast, and Florida. 

Farther south, through California, the Desert Southwest, and Texas-Oklahoma, plenty of sunshine should allow for easy travel through the air and on the roads.

Snow showers will move across Alaska, while there will be some rain showers in Hawaii.

Overall November 2022 Forecast

Overall, November temperatures will generally be near or below normal across much of the U.S. east of the Rockies. Above-average temperatures are expected across New England and the southern Plains.

Temperatures will also be above average for the month across much of the western U.S. and Hawaii. Farther north, below-average temperatures are anticipated from Alaska through much of western and central Canada. A warmer-than-average month is likely from Quebec into the Maritimes.

Above-average precipitation is likely in November across much of the northern U.S., where the storm track will be more active throughout much of the month. On the flip side, we expect near- to below-average precipitation across the southern U.S. In Canada, we’re forecasting above-average precipitation across much of the country, although November does look to be drier toward the Maritimes.

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→ As we get within a week of the holiday weekend, keep an eye on our 5-day forecasts.

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Ready for Thanksgiving?

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