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The Wonder of Our Oceans

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Tornadoes roar across the USA. Giant earthquakes shake the Earth. Storms rip across the continent. Nations brace for giant tsunami waves to crash across the oceans. The Earth is in constant movement.

It’s time to take a deep breath. We are on a giant ball spinning in space and sometimes it is a place of incredible beauty. Everything is moving, the air, the oceans, even the ground beneath us. It forms incredible patterns. Let’s step away from the scare headlines and enjoy the splendor of the Earth we live on.

A team of artists and scientists at NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center has assembled a short video that shows the ocean currents all over the world. Using satellite readings, sea measurements, even ship notes, the team, led by Greg Shirah, have assembled a model that shows the ebb and flow of the world’s oceans over two years. You can see the mighty Gulf Stream warming the American coastlines. Polar icecaps surge and melt. A cold La Niña chills the Tropical Pacific, and then warms to a balmy El Niño. A parade of swirls surrounds southern Africa like a necklace.

The video is a moment of quiet beauty. It shows the wonder of a living world.


The flow of the world’s ocean currents [3 minutes] SOURCE: NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center