Best day to cut hair to encourage growth

By Celeste Longacre

Hair Growth
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These are the next five best days to cut hair to encourage growth, based on the Moon’s sign.

Best days to cut hair to encourage growth
Nov 12, 2021
Nov 13, 2021
Dec 14, 2021
Dec 15, 2021
Dec 16, 2021

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Hair growth

Let's try again. Cut for less growth, is that slower growth of less per square inch? Cut for more growth, is that faster or thicker? 50 years ago I cut hair for all my hippy friends but I used the chart from I think....Red Book and they were more specific.

Query on Hair cut

Are these dates work best also for people staying in other countries also (as our families staying in India and South Africa)

Hair growth

Are these the best days to grow hair ticker too or just longer? When should I cut my hair to reduce hair shedding and make them grow tick and strong again? Thank you

It works!

I’ve been using this for a year now and my hair is so long! It was near the middle of my back when i started and never would grow much from there. Now it is below my waist! The longest it has ever been in my 44 years. Everyone asks me how I get my hair to grow so long and I tell them the same that was told to me over a year ago when I would ask women with very long hair. They would follow the almanac and do a small blunt cut at the ends. I also do not use any curling irons or blow dryer. I use a sulfate free tea tree oil shampoo and sulfate free biotin conditioner. I do not wash my hair every day. Maybe twice a week and use dry shampoo spray on the roots when I need a touch up. When I meet other people with very long hair I always get the same answer...they follow the dates on when to cut for growth and they only take off a little bit. Some say they also go by the solstice and equinox dates or new moon or full moon. I’ve been using the almanac for a year and glad that I have!

My mom went by this site and

My mom went by this site and trimmed her hair in August. It's always been to her shoulders or shorter as long as I can remember. Now at November 1st, her hair is just past her shoulders, about 5 inches of growth in 2 1/2 months. I'm amazed at how well it's worked, it's a huge noticeable difference!!

How is this done?

Do you trim your hair on both days? For example on both March 10&11th? Or on just one of the two?

Best Days

The Editors's picture

The dates listed are considered the “Best Days,” so you could trim your hair on either of the days (or both) to take advantage of the Best Days.

Hair trim

I searched the internet and found 2 sites, one is this one "almanac" with all those incredible comments about hair improved.. and another site "farmersalmanac", the best hair trimming dates are different in each site and i got confused which one to follow so can you help plz?

Best Days

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In the end, it’s up to you to follow whichever Best Days you prefer! We can only speak to the dates we list here on our site, They are calculated each year by our professional astrologer, Celeste Longacre, who has been involved in astrology and the like for many, many years! These dates can also be found in our annual almanac, The Old Farmer’s Almanac, which has been in publication since 1793, making it the longest continuously published periodical in America. 

hair growth

my mother in law did this last year her hair would never grow past her neck. now its a lot longer past her shoulders. im doing it this year

Hair Growth

My hair is long enough to sit on. If you want some really good advice, stop getting it trimmed. I used to trim it myself, sometimes getting it trimmed professionally to rid it of the split ends. I decided to stop trimming it and now the split ends are gone. I believe the trimming is the cause and my hair is now long, thick, full and shiny. Stay away from anyone with scissors.

Trimming hair.

Trimming hair makes a blunt cut on ends of hair preventing split ends. Word of caution - scissors must be professional and sharp, and sharpened by someone who knows how sharp the scissors are suppose to be. Cutting hair with regular scissors or dull professional scissors will cause ends to start the split when cut. The scissors used on your hair were dull. Hope this clarifies.

hair growth

Agreed, stopped getting it cut, and use good products on mine, but is generally healthy. Trim up when your growth looks odd. But trim on these days when you are growing your hair out. Let your hair person know so that they cut accordingly.

Cutting hair for hair growth

I have it done every 3 months & my hair is twice as long as it was when I started last Dec. Sound weird I know but not only does it work my hair looks healthier & feels good again

Hair trim

Congrats for your hair.. did you follow the calender in this site or another calender plz?

Not sure why anyone would

Not sure why anyone would want to "cut hair" to encourage growth. We generally cut our hair to make it shorter. The faster it grows, the more often you have to cut it and the more money you spend at the beautician.

Cutting hair to encourage growth

My mom cut my hair when I was 12 to shoulder length. It has never grown any longer than that. I would love to have long hair. Its worth a shot to see if actually works.

Hair growth

I use to get my haircut on any day and it qasnt growing. My hairstylist suggested going by the Almanac best days. I did and my hair started growing again. My hair was above shoulder length in 2017 and now 2018 almost to my lower back bone. Give it a try, it works


Thanx for your great comment.. happy for your beautiful hair and i hope i'll improve mine if i start cutting it on the given days

Growing out hair

I plan on trying this as well. I would love to have long hair as well, I wore extensions for 2 years and loved the long hair. Too costly and not great for your hair. So I trimmed my short hair last week according to the "best day". How often do you plan on actually getting your hair trimmed? I was thinking maybe every 12 weeks then trim it on the best day. ?

Hair growth

I am growing my hair out so I trim on hair cut days. This works and is great for cancer patients. And also as a horse owner I trim manes and tails do my horses have beautiful hair as well.

Cut hair to encourage growth

Yes, it sounds counterintuitive.
After an illness, I found myself with dreadfully thinning hair. I had to cut it short because there was virtually nothing left but straggly strands.
I was guided by the Farmer's Almanac to trim my hair on those "growth days" every couple of months. It seemed to grow fast and come in fuller. My hair is long again, which was my intention.

The Full Moon

When farmers cuts the woolen fleece off of a sheep they like it to grow back in abundance for the next scheduled shearing.
Farmers historically have based many tasks off of the moon and sun’s rotation. Like a sailor befor maps using the stars to guide them. We have learned much successful techniques to those who were attuned to their surroundings. Much of which has been lost in the common population due to modernization such as industrialization.
The moon. It effects us all whether you are in tune with it or oblivious. It definitely effects us.
Our body is made of about 75 percent water. Look into how much the moon phases effect ovean tides. The moon has the biggest effect on ocean tides. Even more than the sun or inertia.
What sets our planet apart from what we know about other planets is we have water.
Earth + Water + Moon + Sun = LIFE

Encourage dates

I’m a hairstylist & I use it all the time for Clients wanting to grow their hair longer & the discourage dates for those who would like to lengthen time between cuts & color services.

Cut hair to discourage growth

I like my hair long, so I cut on the days to encourage growth.
If you do not want your hair to grow fast because of the cost of salon cuts, use the almanac to find the days to cut hair to discourage growth.
The next 5 best days to cut hair to discourage growth, according to the almanac, are:
These are the next five best days to cut hair to discourage growth, based on the Moon’s sign.

Best days to cut hair to discourage growth
Nov 4, 2018
Nov 5, 2018
Dec 1, 2018
Dec 2, 2018
Dec 3, 2018


If your hair isn’t trimmed regularly to keep it healthy and keep split ends in check it will keep splitting and look terrible and need more cut so when you do get a hair cut you will get shorter hair. When you cut by the sign it can be a small trim, it’s said it will help your hair grow more and grow faster. But if you don’t regularly trim it’s not going to grow well.

Lucky days with date and time for hair cutting and hair smoothni

I am Vinaya DOB 15.10.1984.plz suggest lucky day with time and date.for hair cutting and hair smoothing.for future good and brightful

There is another farmers

There is another farmers almanac that does have opposing dates. However I have been using this guide for years and this is true, correct, and what is the best is it works.

It has to do with phases of

It has to do with phases of the moon, for USA. So, this calendar is correct. Has nothing to do with April, May, or June, at this point. They are over! 7-23-17

True the dates are not the

True the dates are not the same with other calendars but I think you have to consider the Time Zones. eg Morroccan Calendar versus Farmers Almanac differ.



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