Daily Calendar for Wednesday, February 15, 2017


  • Galileo Galilei (astronomer) –
  • Henry E. Steinway (piano manufacturer) –
  • John Sutter (pioneer) –
  • Susan B. Anthony (American social reformer ) –
  • Melissa Manchester (singer) –
  • Jane Seymour (actress) –
  • Matt Groening (cartoonist; creator of The Simpsons) –
  • Chris Farley (actor) –


  • Nat King Cole (singer) –
  • Ethel Merman (singer & actress) –
  • Howard K. Smith (newscaster) –
  • Jan Miner (actress who gained fame as Madge, the manicurist in Palmolive television ads) –
  • Raquel Welch (actress) –


  • First mustard manufactured in U.S. advertised in Philadelphia, PA–
  • Canada officially adopted a new flag; the Red Maple Leaf became the new symbol, replacing the Union Jack–
  • Ocean Ranger offshore drilling rig sank in storm off Newfoundland–
  • Rare sighting of yellow-billed loon, Lake Powell, Utah–
  • Kyoto Protocol global climate treaty took effect–


  • Parshal, North Dakota, had a low temperature of-60 degrees F–
  • Thirty-nine inches of snow fell on Callicoon, New York–

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