Daily Calendar for Tuesday, November 7, 2023


  • Marie Curie (chemist) –
  • Dean Jagger (actor) –
  • Albert Camus (writer) –
  • Billy Graham (evangelist) –
  • Al Hirt (musician) –
  • Barry Newman (actor) –
  • Johnny Rivers (singer) –
  • Joni Mitchell (singer) –
  • Christopher Knight (actor) –
  • Jeremy London (actor) –
  • Jason London (actor) –


  • Alfred Russel Wallace (naturalist) –
  • Eleanor Roosevelt (U.S. First Lady) –
  • Gene Tunney (boxer) –
  • Steve McQueen (actor) –
  • Howard Keel (actor) –
  • Joe Frazier (boxer) –
  • Roy Halladay (baseball player) –


  • Alexander Mackenzie became the second prime minister of Canada–
  • In a cartoon by Thomas Nast, the elephant was first used to represent the Republican party–
  • Last spike of the transcontinental Canadian Pacific Railway driven at Craigellachie, British Columbia–
  • The state of Colorado granted women residents the right to vote–
  • Bette Davis became the first woman elected president of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood–
  • President Franklin D. Roosevelt was re-elected for a fourth term–
  • UN approved United Nations Emergency Force–
  • Elston Howard won American League’s Most Valuable Player award–
  • Magic Johnson announced his retirement from basketball because he tested positive for the HIV virus–
  • The first female Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, was elected–
  • A magnitude-6.3 earthquake struck off the coast of Vancouver Island, Canada–


  • The β€œGalloping Gertie” bridge in Tacoma collapsed in a windstorm four months after its grand opening–
  • 98-mph winds recorded at Block Island, Rhode Island–
  • Thermometers in Islip, New York, read a toasty 77.4F.–

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