Daily Calendar for Wednesday, May 15, 2024

Question of the Day

Can you tell me why the ring finger is sometimes called the medical finger?
We can tell you why, but the theory no longer holds water. For centuries, it was believed that the ring finger had a nerve running through it that was connected to the heart. The Romans and Greeks used the medical finger for stirring mixtures, especially in alchemy, with the belief that anything noxious would be immediately detected by way of some warning sign at the heart. This direct connection — which years later was proved to be false — was why it was chosen as the ring finger, marking the heart’s sentiment. English superstition still holds that the ring finger should be used for applying ointments or salves or for scratching the skin.

Advice of the Day

Better a good cow than a cow of good kind.

Home Hint of the Day

If a board is twisted, you might get some use out of it by cutting it into two or more lengths — or, better yet, avoid using it altogether.

Word of the Day

Mammatus Cloud
Sinking air in thunderstorms can form sack-like clouds known as mammatus, or mammo, clouds. They look ominous but are actually a sign that a thunderstorm is weakening. These clouds look like upside down pans of biscuits or a cow’s udder.

Puzzle of the Day

What did the owl do when he lost his voice?
He didn’t give a hoot!


  • L. Frank Baum (author) –
  • Williamina Fleming (astronomer) –
  • Pierre Curie (chemist) –
  • Katherine Anne Porter (novelist) –
  • Emmitt Smith (football player) –
  • Rod Smith (football player) –
  • Josh Beckett (baseball player) –
  • Andy Murray (tennis player) –


  • Emily Dickinson (poet) –
  • June Carter Cash (singer) –
  • Jerry Falwell –
  • Barbara Stuart (actress) –


  • English explorer Bartholomew Gosnold arrived at Shoal Hope in what is now Massachusetts. They caught so many cod there they renamed it Cape Cod–
  • Johannes Kepler verified his Third Law of Planetary Motion–
  • James Puckle was granted a patent for his Defence Gun, the world’s first rapid-fire gun–
  • The Baily’s Beads solar eclipse phenomenon was first described–
  • Rain and fish fell from the sky in Olneyville, Rhode Island. Most of the fish measured 2- to 4-inches long.–
  • Ellen Church became the first airline stewardess, at Boeing Air Transport–
  • First live TV pictures received from a U.S. spacecraft, (Faith 7)–
  • Governor George Wallace of Alabama was shot–
  • Boston Red Sox player Manny Ramirez hit his 400th home run–
  • Four bear cubs playing on a backyard trampoline was caught on video in Avon, Connecticut–


  • Thirty-six inches of snow, Haverhill, New Hampshire–
  • Ninety-two degrees F at Portland, Oregon–
  • 85 degrees F, Olympia and Seattle, Washington–
  • 94 degrees F in Theilman, Minnesota–

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