Daily Calendar for Saturday, August 3, 2024

Question of the Day

Any suggestions on training my dog not to be afraid of thunderstorms?
Get one of those commercial recordings of thunderstorms. Have your dog sit or lie down and give him a treat. Turn on the recording, keeping the volume low, and give the dog another treat when the thunder sounds. Increase the volume gradually, giving the dog a treat or praising him each time you do so. Finally, reduce the sound gradually. When a real storm occurs, have the dog sit or lie down and reward him with a treat when he does not show he’s afraid. If his fear behavior continues, ignore it, but don’t discipline him.

Advice of the Day

Soak broccoli in cold water to drown (and sink) cabbage loopers.

Home Hint of the Day

When planning a staircase, keep in mind that a comfortable staircase has a riser that is no higher than 7-1/2 inches and a tread no narrower than 9 inches. A common tread width today is 11-1/2 inches.

Word of the Day

To haul under the keel of a ship, by ropes attached to the yardarms on each side. It was formerly practiced as a punishment in the Dutch and English navies.

Puzzle of the Day

(Blank) (Blank) the day.(What’s the saying? Fill in the blanks!)
1) Sufficient 2) unto


  • John Campbell Hamilton-Gordon (Canadian governor general) –
  • John T. Scopes (fined $100 in 1925 for teaching evolution” in Tennessee”) –
  • Tony Bennett (singer) –
  • Martin Sheen (actor) –
  • Martha Stewart (homemaking guru) –
  • John C. McGinley (actor) –
  • Tom Brady (football player) –
  • Evangeline Lilly (actress) –


  • Joseph Conrad (writer) –
  • Flannery O'Connor (author) –
  • Elisabeth Schwarzkopf (soprano) –


  • Christopher Columbus set sail from Spain with NiΓ±a, Pinta, and Santa Maria, in search of a western sea route to Asia–
  • First intercollegiate boat race–
  • American Canoe Association formed, Lake George, New York–
  • Distinguished Flying Cross for William Bishop announced–
  • At 2:47 A.M., Calvin Coolidge was sworn in as president by his father at Vermont homestead–
  • The first okapi imported into U.S. went on display, Bronx Zoo, N.Y.C.–
  • National Basketball Association formed from merger–
  • Tom Yawkey inducted into National Baseball Hall of Fame–
  • Lightning evidently triggered the fire alarm in an office building near Fort Collins, Colorado, which caused the inhabitants to evacuate - without their keys. While locked out, 16 were injured, most by the marble-size hail and wind gusts produced by the thunderstorm.–


  • Philadelphia, PA, received 5.84 inches of rain within two hours–
  • Warsaw, Indiana, received 6.25 inches of rain–
  • Hail in Fort Collins, Colorado, injured locked-out workers after lightning triggered fire alarm–
  • 115 degrees F, Fort Smith, Arkansas–

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