Daily Calendar for Saturday, September 21, 2024

Ember Days happen four times a year at the start of each season. Traditionally observed by some Christian denominations, each set of Ember Days is three days, kept on a successive Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. 

Ember Days for 2023
September: 20, 22, 23 
December: 20, 22, 23

Ember Days for 2024
February 21, 23, 24
May 22, 24, 25
September 18, 20, 21
December 18, 20, 21

These three days are set apart for fasting, abstinence, and prayer. The first of these four times comes in winter, after the Feast of St. Lucia, December 13; the second set comes with the First Sunday in Lent; the third set comes after Whitsunday/Pentecost Sunday; the four and last set comes after the Feast of the Holy Cross. Their dates can be remembered by this old mnemonic:

β€œSant Crux, Lucia, Cineres, Charismata Dia Ut sit in angaria quarta sequens feria.”

Which means:

β€œHoly Cross, Lucy, Ash Wednesday, Pentecost, are when the quarter holidays follow.”

In Latin, Ember Days are known as the quattuor anni tempora (the β€œfour seasons of the year”). Folklore has it that the weather on each of the three days foretells the weather for three successive months. 

As with much folklore, this is grounded in some common sense since the beginning of the four seasons cue the changes in weather as well as a shift in how we keep harmony with the Earth and respect our stewardship of the Earth, our β€œgarden of Eden.β€β€œ

A day to support peace and non-violence throughout the world. Observed on the opening day of the annual regular session of the United Nations.

Question of the Day

When was the fly swatter invented?
Although there are medieval woodcuts that show similar insect-swatting devices in use, the fly swatter as we know it today was invented in 1905 by a schoolteacher named Frank H. Rose. He was inspired to do so by Kansas State Board of Health member Dr. Samuel J. Crumbine, who was at the time on a campaign to rid Kansas of flies. Rose called his invention, made of wire screening attached to a yardstick, a fly bat. It was renamed a fly swatter by Dr. Crumbine.

Advice of the Day

Asters, September’s flowers, were once burned to ward off serpents.

Home Hint of the Day

Rule of thumb, Part II: When you’re working with hardwood lumber, select nails one penny smaller than the thickness of the nailed piece. For a 3/4 inch (6/8 inch) board, use a 5d nail.

Word of the Day

Halcyon Days
About 14 days of calm weather follows the blustery winds of autumn’s end. The ancient Greeks and Romans believed them to occur around the time of the winter solstice, when the halcyon, or kingfisher, was brooding. In a nest floating on the sea, the bird was said to have charmed the wind and waves so that the waters were especially calm during this period.

Puzzle of the Day

I move incessant to and fro, Obedient to Moon and Sun, But though I serve both high and low, All wait on me, I wait on none. (What am I?)

The tide


  • Louis Joliet (explorer) –
  • Francis Hopkinson (judge) –
  • Margaret Taylor (U.S. First Lady) –
  • Sir Edmund William Gosse (poet) –
  • H.G. Wells (writer) –
  • Henry Lewis Stimson (politician) –
  • Chuck Jones (Bugs Bunny animator) –
  • Larry Hagman (actor) –
  • Don Felder (musician) –
  • Stephen King (author) –
  • Bill Murray (actor) –
  • Dave Coulier (actor) –
  • David James Elliot (actor) –
  • Cheryl Hines (actress) –
  • Luke Wilson (actor) –
  • John Kitna (football player) –
  • Virginia Ruano Pascual (tennis player) –
  • Jana Kandarr (tennis player) –
  • Maggie Grace (actress) –


  • Sir Walter Scott (poet) –
  • Florence Griffith Joyner (Olympic gold medalist) –
  • Alice Ghostley (actress) –
  • Richard D. Trentlage (American jingle writer) –


  • The New York Sun’s Frank Church replied, Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.–
  • Stonehenge was sold to a local landowner for 6,600 pounds–
  • J.R.R. Tolkien’s The Hobbit published–
  • The NFL’s longest punt, 98 yards, came off the foot of Steve O’Neal of the NY Jets–
  • The NY Jets competed against the Cleveland Browns in the first televised NFL Monday Night Football game–
  • Belize becomes fully independent from Great Britain–
  • Canada’s β€œtoonie” coin unveiled–
  • John F. Kennedy, Jr. married Carolyn Bessette–
  • Singer Billy Joel was honored with a star on Hollywood’s Walk of Fame–


  • The hurricane that came to be known as the Long Island Express slammed into Long Island at 60 mph–
  • The Blue Hills Observatory in Milton, Massachusetts, had a sustained wind of 121 mph, with a peak gust of 186 mph–
  • Hurricane Georges struck Puerto Rico–
  • Hurricane Igor struck Newfoundland and Labrador–

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