Daily Calendar for Tuesday, October 22, 2024

Question of the Day

The autumn leaves seems to be hanging on longer than usual in my neck of the woods. Is this an indication of winter weather to come?
There’s an old weather proverb that states, β€œIf autumn leaves are slow to fall, prepare for a cold winter.” Or perhaps you just haven’t had the kind of wind or rain needed to shake the leaves loose from their branches.

Advice of the Day

Onion skins very thin, mild winter coming in.

Home Hint of the Day

To remove mothball odor in clothing that has been stored, place the clothing in the dryer with scented fabric-softener sheets and run on the air-only setting for 15 minutes.

Word of the Day

Morning star
A planet that is above the eastern horizon at sunrise and less than 180Β° west of the Sun in right ascension.

Puzzle of the Day

How many hard-boiled eggs can a man eat on an empty stomach?
One, because after he has eaten it, his stomach will not be empty.


  • Jean Grolier (bibliophile) –
  • Paul Cezanne (painter) –
  • Pretty Boy Floyd (gangster) –
  • Pablo Casals (cellist) –
  • Nadia Boulanger (pianist) –
  • Richard Helms (headed the CIA for 6 years before President Nixon fired him for refusing to block an FBI probe into the Watergate scandal) –
  • Soupy Sales (American comedian, actor, radio-TV personality and host, and jazz aficionado) –


  • Sarah Bernhardt (actress) –
  • N. C. Wyeth (illustrator) –
  • John Reed (journalist) –
  • George Wells Beadle (geneticist) –
  • Joan Fontaine (actress) –
  • Doris Lessing (author) –
  • Timothy Leary (educator) –
  • Donald H. Peterson (astronaut) –
  • Christopher Lloyd (actor) –
  • Tony Roberts (actor) –
  • Annette Funicello (actress) –
  • Catherine Deneuve (actress) –
  • Jeff Goldblum (actor) –
  • Brian Boitano (figure skater) –
  • Jonathan Lipnicki (actor) –


  • The College of New Jersey, now Princeton University, was granted its charter by the royal governor of NJ–
  • Andre Jacques Garnerin, French aeronaut and inventor of the parachute, made first parachute jump from a balloon, at height of 2,000 feet–
  • New York’s original Metropolitan Opera House opened with a performance of Charles Gounod’s Faust–
  • First national horse show opened in New York City–
  • Chester Carlson produced the first xerographic copy–
  • Percy L. Julian, Edwin W. Meyer, and Norman C. Krause received patent for cortisone–
  • Margaret Meagher became Canada’s first female ambassador (to Israel)–
  • Jean-Paul Sartre, French writer and philosopher, rejected the Nobel Prize for literature–
  • The Kwanzaa U.S. postage stamp was first issued; Synthia Saint James did the artwork.–
  • Fisherman caught a rare purple lobster off the coast of Winter Harbor, Maine–


  • Los Angeles, California, hit 100 degrees F–
  • San Diego, California, reached 104 degrees F–
  • Vermont received 4-5 inches of snow, the most in October in 43 years–
  • Portland, Maine, received 10.53 inches of rain in 24 hours–

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