Daily Calendar for Saturday, October 26, 2024

Question of the Day

How can I remove mildew stains from clothing and towels?
Moisten the affected area with a mixture of lemon juice and salt, then dry it in the sun. If this does not work, try sponging it with hydrogen peroxide and then drying it in the sun.

Advice of the Day

A good conscience is a soft pillow.

Home Hint of the Day

When building or remodeling a home, don’t install the floor until virtually everything else is done. Things that get dropped or spilled end up on the floor, and the constant moving of heavy saws and ladders can ding the floor. Use a protective covering once the floor is down.

Word of the Day

Celestial sphere
An imaginary sphere projected into space that represents the entire sky, with an observer on Earth at its center. All celestial bodies other than Earth are imagined as being on its inside surface.

Puzzle of the Day

Why is there a difference of only two letters of the alphabet between an accepted and a rejected love?
One kisses his miss, and the other misses his kiss.


  • Charles William Post (manufacturer) –
  • Benjamin Guggenheim (businessman) –
  • Mahalia Jackson (singer) –
  • Jackie Coogan (actor) –
  • George Crum (ballet conductor) –
  • Bob Hoskins (actor) –
  • Pat Sajak (game show host, Wheel of Fortune) –
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton (U.S. First Lady, Secretary of State) –
  • Jaclyn Smith (actress) –
  • Rita Wilson (actress) –
  • Dylan McDermott (actor) –
  • Keith Urban (singer) –
  • Seth MacFarlane (animator) –
  • Jon Heder (actor) –


  • Elizabeth Cady Stanton (feminist) –
  • Hattie McDaniel (actress) –
  • Igor Sikorsky (helicopter pioneer) –
  • Harold Rome (composer) –


  • Erie Canal opened in New York State–
  • Pony Express service ended–
  • Gunfight at the O.K. Corral, Tombstone, Arizona–
  • President Harry Truman raised the minimum wage from 40 to 75 cents an hour–
  • Garry Trudeau’s comic strip Doonesbury debuted–
  • A 1,496-pound tuna was caught near Auld’s Cove, Nova Scotia–
  • St. Elsewhere made its television debut–
  • Wayne Gretzky became the first NHL player in history to score 2,000 points –
  • Michael Jackson received a patent for shoes that allow the wearer to lean far forward–
  • At a Farmers Market in Windsor, California, a record-setting pumpkin pie, weighing 418 pounds, was served. (The record was beaten in 2010.)–
  • Toronto’s Rob Krueger became the World Rock Paper Scissors champion–
  • A 2,000-pound 8-foot-long cannon belonging to the infamous pirate Blackbeard was pulled from waters near Beaufort, North Carolina–


  • New York City received 4 inches of snow–
  • -10 degrees F in Bismarck, North Dakota–
  • Bismarck, North Dakota, recorded its earliest below-zero reading, -10 degrees F–
  • The temperature in Boston, Massachusetts, was 84 degrees F–
  • Eight tornadoes struck Indiana–
  • A powerful storm carved across the Midwest with hurricane-like conditions and more than a dozen tornadoes. Bigfork, Minnesota, recorded the storm’s lowest pressure. It bottomed out at 955 millibars, a new U.S. record.–

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