Daily Calendar for Sunday, November 17, 2024

Question of the Day

If the 25th wedding anniversary is silver and the 50th is gold, what are the 10th and 11th?
There are two methods of determining this. Under the traditional method, aluminum or tin is the proper gift for a 10th anniversary. In contemporary usage, diamond jewelry is recommended. The 11th is steel, fashion jewelry, or accessories.

Advice of the Day

It’s good luck to spill wine on a tablecloth.

Home Hint of the Day

Use an old paint roller to spread glue quickly over large surfaces.

Word of the Day

Being in proper time; timely; seasonable; favorable; as, tidy weather. Arranged in good order; orderly; appropriate; neat; kept in proper.

Puzzle of the Day

From a word of five letters, take two and leave one.

Stone. Alternate answers include: Clone, Drone, Prone, Phone


  • Queen Mary I of England –
  • Auguste Rodin (sculptor) –
  • Roger Peckinpaugh (baseball player) –
  • Immanuel Velikovsky (author) –
  • Esther Rolle (actress) –
  • Dick O'Neill (actor) –
  • Abba Eban (statesman, dominated Israeli diplomacy for decades) –
  • Irving Brecher (comedy writer) –


  • George Grote (historian) –
  • August Wilhelm Ambros (composer) –
  • Grace Abbott (American reformer) –
  • Lee Strasberg (director) –
  • Isamu Noguchi (sculptor) –
  • Stanley Cohen (biochemist) –
  • Rock Hudson (actor) –
  • Bob Mathias (decathlon athlete) –
  • Gordon Lightfoot (singer) –
  • Martin Scorsese (director) –
  • Tom Seaver (baseball player) –
  • Danny DeVito (actor) –
  • Sophie Marceau (actress) –
  • Daisy Fuentes (model & television host) –
  • Raquel Castro (actress) –


  • The U.S. Congress met for the first time in the Capitol, Washington, D.C.–
  • Captain Nathaniel B. Palmer sighted Antarctica–
  • First U.S. postage stamp of American eagle issued–
  • Douglas C. Engelbart patented the computer mouse–
  • A turkey was plucked in 1 minute 30 seconds, setting world record–
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger inaugurated as Governor of California–
  • The soap opera All My Children taped its 9,000th episode–
  • The world’s oldest champagne (salvaged from a shipwreck in the Baltic Sea) was uncorked and sampled. Wine experts date the bottles as being from the early 19th century.–


  • Remarkable aurora borealis shows were seen throughout the United States–
  • A tornado touched down in Cass County, Indiana–

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