Daily Calendar for Tuesday, December 3, 2024

Question of the Day

Does it snow a lot in the Antarctic?
Oddly enough, the Antarctic is considered one of the driest places on Earth. It gets only an inch or two of snow each year, making it more or less a desert. Those two inches a year, however, have been piling up for centuries, and the snow cover there is thought to be about two miles deep, making it a glacier.

Advice of the Day

Calm heartburn with kiwi or papaya.

Home Hint of the Day

To help prevent a ring in the tub, add a few drops of baby oil to your bathwater.

Word of the Day

Hail falls mainly in the summer. It forms in thunderstorm clouds, which can extend high into the atmoshpere where extremely cold temperatures prevail. When a cloud releases rain, the rain can be forced upward, where it freezes into tiny ice pellets. If updrafts keep buffeting the pellets, layer upon layer of frozen water will be added to the pellets until, finally, hailstones are released.

Puzzle of the Day

What do men never wish to be in and yet labor hard to possess?


  • Gilbert Stuart (portrait painter) –
  • Cleveland Abbe (meteorologist, known as Old Probabilities) –
  • Bobby Allison (race car driver) –
  • Ozzy Osbourne (singer) –
  • Daryl Hannah (actress) –
  • Brendan Fraser (actor) –


  • Madeline Kahn (actress) –
  • Henry Chauncey (founded the Educational Testing Service, whose SAT is used by thousands of colleges and universities) –
  • David Hemmings (actor) –


  • Illinois was admitted to the Union as the 21st state–
  • Andrew Jackson was elected President of the United States–
  • Oberlin College, the first college to admit women (first coeducational college), founded in Oberlin, Ohio. First named Oberlin Collegiate Institute–
  • Johann Ludwig Krapf and Johannes Rebmann are the first Europeans to see Mt. Kenya–
  • Quebec Bridge opened to rail traffic, Quebec City–
  • George Gershwin, the young American composer, appeared as a soloist at a concert in Carnegie Hall, N.Y.C., playing his Concerto in F, the first jazz concerto for the piano in musical history–
  • Eleanor Roosevelt, Mayor La Guardia, and Governor Lehman dedicate the New Deal’s first low cost housing project in NYC–
  • Discovery of the β€œPumpkin Papers” secret documents was announced–
  • Annette Toft was two millionth immigrant to Canada since WWII ended–
  • Commonwealth Pacific Cable (COMPAC) opened–
  • Final run of luxury train 20th Century Limited finished–
  • Pioneer 10, U.S. unmanned spacecraft, reached its closest approach to Jupiter, 21 months after its launch–
  • Jupiter flyby of Pioneer 11 spacecraft–
  • Polar bear cub born, Toledo Zoo, Ohio–


  • A storm raged in Denver, Colorado, and eventually left 45.7 inches of snow, smashing a previous record–
  • Providence, Rhode Island, had a record high of 66 degrees F–
  • Boston, Massachusetts, had a temperature of 69 degrees F, breaking the old record of 65 degrees F for this date–
  • Concord, New Hampshire, set a record at 65 degrees F–
  • In Portland, Maine, the temperature reached 68 degrees F, beating the old record high of 55 for this date–

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