Daily Calendar for Tuesday, January 14, 2025


  • Benedict Arnold (General in U. S. Revolutionary War) –
  • The Marquess of Lansdowne (Canadian Governor General 1883-1888) –
  • Albert Schweitzer (physician) –
  • Hugh Lofting (author) –
  • John Dos Passos (novelist) –
  • Faye Dunaway (actress) –
  • Holland Taylor (actress ) –
  • Carl Weathers (actor) –
  • LL Cool J (rapper & actor) –
  • Jason Bateman (actor) –


  • Edmond Halley (astronomer) –
  • Lewis Carroll (author) –
  • Humphrey Bogart (actor) –
  • Jeanette MacDonald (singer) –
  • Ray Kroc (fast food entrepreneur) –
  • Shelley Winters (actress) –
  • Darlene Conley (actress) –
  • Ricardo Montalban (actor) –
  • Conrad Stafford Bain (Canadian-American actor) –
  • Alan Rickman (actor) –


  • The Fundamental Orders of Connecticut were adopted–
  • First successful cesarean operation in the U.S.–
  • Gideon Hawley became first state school superintendent in the United States (for New York state)–
  • First nonstop trans-Canada flight completed–
  • Marilyn Monroe married Joe DiMaggio–
  • Diana Ross sang with the Supremes for the last time, Las Vegas, Nevada–
  • The first probe to land on Saturn’s moon, Titan, signaled it survived its descent. The Huygens space probe was designed to last only minutes on Titan’s surface, but surpassed the expectations of mission managers. Huygens descended the atmosphere, contacted the surface, and transmitted for at least an hour and a half–
  • Andean bear Billie Jean gave birth to the first of twin cubs, at the National Zoo in Washington, D.C.–
  • 40,000 pounds of liquid chocolate flooded I-40 due to overturned tanker near Flagstaff, Arizona –
  • A tanker carrying 40,000 pounds (about 3,500 gallons) of 120-degree-F liquid chocolate became unhitched from the main truck and rolled over on westbound Interstate 40, at milepost 211, east of Flagstaff, Arizona. No one was injured. The biodegradable contents of the damaged tanker had to be pumped out onto the median so that the vehicle could be lifted onto a tow truck. It took crews about 4 hours to clean up the river of chocolate before several closed lanes could open once more.–


  • Blizzard hit Chicago, Illinois–
  • Burlington, Vermont, received 23.1 inches of snow in 24 hours–
  • After two weeks of very cold weather, unseasonably warm temperatures accompanied by chinook winds and heavy rains were brought to northern and central Idaho. The catastrophic flooding caused mudslides that blocked and washed out sections of U.S. 95, Idaho’s main north-south highway. With total damage of about $50 million, it was called the worst natural disaster in the state’s history.–
  • Avalanche near Park City, about 20 miles east of Salt Lake City, Utah–

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