Daily Calendar for Friday, February 7, 2025


  • John Deere (farm equipment manufacturer) –
  • Charles Dickens (author) –
  • Laura Ingalls Wilder (author) –
  • Sinclair Lewis (novelist) –
  • James Spader (actor) –
  • Garth Brooks (musician) –
  • Chris Rock (comedian & actor) –
  • Steve Nash (basketball player) –
  • Ashton Kutcher (actor) –
  • Tina Majorino (actress) –


  • Doug Henning (magician) –
  • Dale Evans (actress) –
  • Anne Morrow Lindbergh (aviator & author) –
  • Richard Hatch (actor, writer, producer) –


  • Madame Francisquy Hutin first introduced ballet in the U.S. when she staged The Deserter at the Bowery Theater in New York City –
  • American Guernsey Cattle Club founded, in New York City–
  • Fire began that destroyed 1,526 buildings, Baltimore, Maryland–
  • Aviatrix Amelia Earhart wed George Putnam–
  • Walt Disney’s movie Pinocchio debuted–
  • Shoe rationing was announced in the United States in response to the shortage of leather during World War II. Citizens were restricted to three pairs of new shoes a year until 1945–
  • U.S. astronaut, Bruce McCandless II, became the first human to fly in space with a jet backpack while untethered to a spacecraft–
  • Stardust probe launched, Cape Canaveral, Florida–
  • Ellen MacArthur set a new world record by sailing around the world in 71 days, 14 hours, 18 minutes and 33 seconds –


  • Gouverneur, New York, recorded a temperature of -40 degrees F–
  • Snow accumulated a foot deep, Berrien County, Michigan–

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