Daily Calendar for Sunday, February 16, 2025


  • Edgar Bergen (ventriloquist) –
  • Sonny Bono (singer, actor, & politician) –
  • LeVar Burton, Jr. (actor) –
  • John McEnroe (tennis player) –
  • Jerome Bettis (football player) –


  • John Gardner (health, education, and welfare secretary) –
  • Doris Troy (singer who wrote and sang the top 10 hit Just One Look) –
  • Nicole DeHuff (actress) –
  • Gary "Kidd" Carter (baseball catcher) –
  • Lesley Gore (singer) –


  • Future Canadian prime minister (Sir) John A. Macdonald married Susan A. Bernard–
  • Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks founded in NYC–
  • Canadian Pacific Railway Company incorporated–
  • Ladies Home Journal was published for the first time–
  • First fruit tree patent (for a peach) issued in the United States–
  • Nylon (β€œLinear Condensation Polymers”) patented –
  • Fidel Castro became prime minister of Cuba–
  • The nation’s first 911 emergency telephone system was inaugurated, in Haleyville, Alabama–
  • Basketball player Wilt Chamberlain scored his 30,000th point in a game between the Lakers and the Suns. He was the first player in NBA history to amass 30,000 points–
  • A scrapbook with locks of hair from the first 12 U.S. presidents went on display at The Academy of Natural Science–
  • 250-hour, 3-minute, 20-second ice hockey marathon ended, Saiker’s Acres, Alberta–


  • Thirty-two degrees below zero F, Falls Village, Connecticut–
  • Massive ice storm in Kentucky, Virginia, West Virginia, and the Carolinas. In some areas, ice accumulated to three inches. Across south central Kentucky, 16,000 people were without power for three days, making this the worst ice storm in 35 years for the area.–

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