Daily Calendar for Thursday, March 27, 2025


  • Pope Gregory XI –
  • Wilhelm Beer (astronomer) –
  • Yuri Gagarin (first man in space) –
  • Easley Blackwood (bridge game expert) –
  • Ferry Porsche (automobile manufacturer) –
  • Dudley Moore (actor) –
  • Billy Wilder (Oscar-winning filmmaker) –
  • Milton Berle (comedian) –
  • Edward J. Piszek (once made too many crab cakes for a local bar and threw the extras in a freezer, an accident that led to a frozen seafood empire, Mrs. Paul’s Kitchens) –


  • Nathaniel Currier (lithographer) –
  • Wilhelm Roentgen (physicist) –
  • Henry Royce (automobile manufacturer) –
  • Patty Smith Hill (educator) –
  • Gloria Swanson (actress) –
  • Snooky Lanson (singer) –
  • Sarah Vaughan (jazz singer) –
  • David Janssen (actor) –
  • Michael York (actor) –
  • Quentin Tarantino (actor, director, & writer) –
  • Mariah Carey (singer) –
  • Stacy "Fergie" Ferguson (singer) –
  • Brenda Song (actress) –


  • British General William Howe, his troops, and many Tories, sailed from Boston’s outer harbor for Halifax, Nova Scotia, after evacuating the city–
  • The first steam fire engine was tested in New York City–
  • A corkscrew was patented by M.L. Byrn of New York City–
  • Andrew Rankin received a patent for the urinal–
  • Regina made capital of N.W.T.–
  • First cherry trees, a gift from Japan, planted on Tidal Basin in Washington, D.C.–
  • Seattle Metropolitans became first U.S. hockey team to win the Stanley Cup–
  • Steve McQueen made his debut on a Goodyear Playhouse episode called The Chivington Raidβ€β€œβ€“
  • Nikita Khrushchev became Premier of the Soviet Union in addition to first secretary of the Communist Party–
  • 9.2-magnitude earthquake, Prince William Sound, Alaska–
  • Marlon Brando turned down an Oscar for his performance in The Godfather as a gesture of support for the Indians occupying the Wounded Knee reservation in South Dakota–
  • A Dutch KLM 747 collided on takeoff with a Pan American 747 at Tenerife in the Canary Islands, killing 582 people–
  • Mt. St. Helens erupted after 123-year dormancy, starting a series of events that led to a cataclysmic eruption on May 18.–
  • X-43A Scramjet flew at Mach 7–
  • 25-pound 2-ounce burbot caught in Lake Diefenbaker, Saskatchewan–
  • 50-pound carp caught in MacArthur Park Lake in Los Angeles, California–
  • Almost 800 students of the Pike County Elementary School in Zebulon, Georgia, wished janitor Haze Mabry a happy 80th birthday–


  • Series of spring dust storms in Kansas blotted out sun, 70 mph westerly gale–
  • This was the last of three days of snow that brought 50 inches to the Black Hills of South Dakota–
  • Fatal tornadoes occurred in the United States on this day and on the 27th of every month though August - as well as in November.–
  • A fast-moving blizzard swept through eastern Newfoundland–
  • 5.75 inches of rain fell in Nashville, Tennessee –

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