Daily Calendar for Thursday, April 10, 2025


  • Joseph Pulitzer (newspaper publisher & founder of Pulitzer Prize) –
  • Jack Miner (Canadian naturalist ) –
  • Frances Perkins (first woman to hold a cabinet position in the U.S.) –
  • Dolores Huerta (American civil rights activist) –
  • Omar Sharif (actor) –
  • Steven Seagal (actor and martial artist) –
  • Mandy Moore (singer & actress) –
  • Haley Joel Osment (actor) –
  • AJ Michalka (actress) –


  • Marjorie Main (actress) –
  • Natalie Schafer (actress) –
  • Sam Kinison (comedian) –
  • Dixie Carter (actress) –


  • Safety pin patented by Walter Hunt–
  • The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals was incorporated–
  • First Arbor Day celebration held in Nebraska–
  • Trans-Canada Air Lines created by Parliament–
  • Feature length, full color, 3-D movie premiered in NYC: House of Wax starring Vincent Price–
  • Gidget premiered–
  • A 5-pound white crappie was caught in the Bibb County pond in Georgia–
  • The comic strip FoxTrot debuted–
  • Charles Osgood became host of CBS’s Sunday Morningβ€β€œβ€“
  • Danny Willett won the Masters golf tournament–


  • Portland, Maine, had 15 inches of snow–
  • Dust storms became severe in Kansas and Iowa, closing schools and highways–
  • A 253 mph gust of wind was recorded on Barrow Island, Australia, during Cyclone Olivia. It was the fastest wind gust ever recorded on Earth.–

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