Daily Calendar for Friday, April 25, 2025

β€œArbor Day is not like other holidays. Each of those reposes on the past, while Arbor Day proposes for the future.” These are the words of J. Sterling Morton, the originator of the Arbor Day idea. He was among the many pioneers moving into the Nebraska Territory in 1854. With the decided lack of trees on the Nebraskan plains, Morton made it his cause to plant trees, not just for beautification but also to preserve the soil. He encouraged civic organizations to join in the effort, proclaiming the first Arbor Day in 1872. By 1885, Arbor Day was officially observed by the entire state and then by other states and schools nationwide. Today the most common date for the state observances is the last Friday in April, although many states celebrate it whenever conditions there are best for planting trees. Several U.S. presidents have proclaimed a national Arbor Day. Read more about Arbor Day.


  • Ella Fitzgerald (singer) –
  • Melissa Hayden (ballerina) –
  • Al Pacino (actor) –
  • Talia Shire (actress) –
  • Hank Azaria (actor) –
  • Renee Zellweger (actress) –
  • Jason Lee (actor) –


  • Ginger Rogers (dancer & actress) –
  • Lisa "Left Eye" Lopes (rap artist) –
  • Bobby "Boris" Pickett (singer best known for the Billboard hit Monster Mash) –
  • Bea Arthur (actress) –
  • Harry Belafonte (singer, actor, and activist) –


  • New York became first state to require auto license plates–
  • The first guide dog, Buddy, was presented to Morris Frank–
  • First circus telecast–
  • United Negro College Fund was incorporated–
  • The board game Scrabble trademark was registered–
  • St. Lawrence Seaway completed. (It was dedicated on June 26.)–
  • β€œPurple People Bridge” reopened, Cincinnati–
  • A 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit Nepal killing more than 8,000 people–


  • New York City had 3 inches of snow–
  • 118 degrees F, Volcano Springs, CA–
  • In Michigan, a 70 mph wind picked up a 6-pound Chihuahua and blew her out of sight–
  • The temperature in Concord, New Hampshire, reached 90 degrees setting a new state record for this date–
  • A large tornado outbreak (about 362 twisters) began that lasted into April 28 and affected eastern U.S. and southern Canada–

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