Daily Calendar for Sunday, May 4, 2025


  • Horace Mann (American educator) –
  • Audrey Hepburn (actress) –
  • Randy Travis (country music singer) –
  • Ana Gasteyer (actress) –
  • Lance Bass (singer) –
  • Alexander Gould (actor, voice of Nemo in Finding Nemo) –


  • Moe Howard (actor) –
  • Fredric Baur (credited with creating Pringles and its can. Part of Mr. Baur’s cremated remains were buried in a Pringles can.) –
  • Dom DeLuise (actor) –
  • Ellen Albertini Dow (actress) –


  • American Academy of Arts and Sciences incorporated, in Boston, Massachusetts–
  • First general meeting of the Society of the Cincinnati, in Philadelphia–
  • Haymarket Affair, Chicago, Illinois–
  • First Freedom Ride began–
  • First on-the-road Spacemobile lecture–
  • National Guardsmen killed 4 antiwar demonstrators at Kent State University–
  • Rain caused deadly sinkhole and landslide in St.-Jean-Vianney, Quebec–
  • Margaret Thatcher became the United Kingdom’s first female Prime Minister–
  • Magellan spacecraft launched from Space Shuttle Atlantis–
  • Love Bug computer virus caused billions of dollars in damages–
  • Actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus received a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. However, her name was misspelled.–
  • Royal Canadian Mint produced its last penny–


  • Nine inches of snow fell at Waltham, Massachusetts–
  • Twelve inches of snow fell near Keene, New Hampshire–
  • Two tornadoes struck Austin, Texas–
  • Missoula, Montana, had 6.5 inches of snow–
  • Damaging windstorm in southern Ontario produced 78-mph wind gusts in Hamilton–

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