Daily Calendar for Monday, May 19, 2025


  • Anne Boleyn (Henry VIII’s second wife) –
  • Robert B. Thomas (founder of The Old Farmer’s Almanac) –
  • Nathaniel Hawthorne (writer) –
  • T. E. Lawrence (Lawrence of Arabiaβ€β€œ) –
  • Ogden Nash (poet) –
  • Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (U.S. First Lady) –
  • Walter Lord (author) –
  • Charles Grodin (actor, talk show host) –


  • Johns Hopkins (philanthropist) –
  • Carl Akeley (artist, biologist, & conservationist) –
  • Malcolm X (civil rights activist) –
  • Lorraine Hansberry (playwright) –
  • Francis Richard Scobee (astronaut) –
  • Nora Ephron (author & director) –
  • Pete Townshend (musician) –
  • Andre the Giant (wrestler & actor) –
  • Jodi Picoult (author) –
  • Kevin Garnett (basketball player) –


  • Dark Day in New England–
  • Author Oscar Wilde released from jail–
  • First Jumping Frog Jubilee in Calaveras County, California–
  • 7.1-magnitude earthquake occurred in Imperial Valley, California–
  • Boston Red Sox pitcher Jon Lester threw a no-hitter against the Kansas City Royals. It was the first major league no-hitter of the season–
  • In Kansas, paraplegic Anna Sarol β€” with the assistance of braces, a walker, and her siblings β€” took steps across the graduation stage to receive her high school diploma. She had worked towards this moment ever since a gymnastics accident nearly four years before had left her paralyzed from the waist down.–


  • Dark Day: Darkness fell at noon throughout New England due to smoke from western forest fires.–
  • 99 degrees F at Central Park, New York City–
  • Heavy rain and golf ball-size hail destroyed 80 percent of the crops in northwestern Texas–

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