Daily Calendar for Wednesday, May 21, 2025


  • Albrecht Durer (painter) –
  • Alexander Pope (poet) –
  • Henri Rousseau (painter) –
  • James Gladstone (first Canadian aboriginal senator) –
  • Fats Waller (jazz pianist) –
  • Raymond Burr (actor) –
  • Richard Hatch (actor, writer, producer) –
  • Mr. T (actor) –
  • Ashlie Brillault (actress) –


  • Hernando de Soto (explorer) –
  • Jane Addams (social worker) –


  • Windsor Agricultural Fair (North America’s oldest) founded, Nova Scotia–
  • Cyrus McCormick’s reaper patented–
  • American Red Cross founded–
  • The first U.S. speed limit law for motor vehicles (12 mph in the city/15 mph in the country) passed in Connecticut–
  • Aviator Charles Lindbergh completed the first nonstop solo flight across the Atlantic, New York to Paris–
  • Amelia Earhart completed the first solo flight by a woman across the Atlantic–
  • Robin Moor became the first U.S. merchant ship sunk by a U-boat–
  • Humphrey Bogart and Lauren Bacall were married–
  • World’s first nuclear powered light-house, Baltimore Light, went into operation, Chesapeake Bay–
  • Patti Frustaci gave birth to the first septuplets in the United States–


  • 124 degrees F in Salton, California–
  • Elkhart, Kansas, was struck by a dust storm–
  • Sleet and snow fell in northern New England–
  • An F2 tornado touched down in Hampton, New Hampshire–

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