Daily Calendar for Tuesday, June 3, 2025


  • Jefferson Davis (president of the Confederacy) –
  • Ransom Eli Olds (automobile manufacturer) –
  • Roland Hayes (tenor) –
  • Tony Curtis (actor) –
  • Allen Ginsburg (poet) –
  • Francis "Frank" Gouin (plant physiologist) –
  • Anderson Cooper (television journalist) –
  • Lalaine Vergara-Paras (actress) –


  • Johann Strauss, the Younger (composer) –
  • The Marquess of Lansdowne (Canadian Governor General 1883-1888) –
  • Pope John XXIII –
  • Ozzie Nelson (actor) –
  • Lew Wasserman (old time movie mogul) –
  • David Carradine (actor) –
  • Rue McClanahan (actress) –
  • Dr. Jack Kevorkian (pathologist known as Dr. Death” due to his role in assisting the suicides of terminally ill people”) –
  • Muhammad Ali (boxer) –


  • John Adams became the first U.S. president to live in Washington, D.C..–
  • The poem β€œCasey at the Bat” was published in the San Francisco Examiner–
  • The New York Times won its first Pulitzer Prize–
  • Ernest Poole became the first to win a Pulitzer Prize in the category of novels (now known as fiction)–
  • Baseball player Lou Gehrig hit 4 home runs in 1 game–
  • Astronaut Edward H. White II was the first American to perform a spacewalk” when he stepped outside of his spacecraft Gemini 4”–
  • The Royal Canadian Mint announced that nickel would replace silver in coins–
  • Sally Jane Priesand became the first American female to be ordained as a rabbi–
  • Frances Bay, James Cameron, k.d. lang, The Kids in the Hall, Steve Nash, and Daria Werbowy were announced as being inducted into the Canada Walk of Fame–


  • Early hurricane wreaked havoc along the Atlantic coast from June 3 through 5.–
  • Seattle received 1.42 inches of rain within 24 hours, a June record–
  • Flood caused major devastation in Pueblo, Colorado–
  • Golfball-size hail fell in northeast Colorado–

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