Daily Calendar for Saturday, June 7, 2025


  • Beau Brummel (fashion leader) –
  • Sir James Young Simpson (one of the founders of modern gynecology) –
  • Jessica Tandy (actress) –
  • Gwendolyn Brooks (poet and first African American to receive a Pulitzer Prize) –
  • Dean Martin (singer & actor) –
  • Rocky Graziano (boxer) –
  • Tom Jones (singer) –
  • Liam Neeson (actor) –
  • Prince (musician) –
  • Anna Kournikova (tennis player) –
  • Jordan Fry (actor) –


  • Jean Harlow (actress) –
  • Dorothy Parker (author) –
  • Dennis Potter (writer) –
  • Kenny Rankin (singer & songwriter) –


  • Louis XIV crowned King of France–
  • In the Continental Congress, Richard Henry Lee of Virginia proposed a resolution calling for a Declaration of Independence–
  • William Bruce Mumford became the first U.S. citizen hung for treason–
  • Two men left NYC for a 55-day row across the Atlantic Ocean–
  • Hudson Stuck’s expedition reached summit of Mt. McKinley, Alaska–
  • King George VI and Queen Elizabeth of Great Britain became the first reigning British monarchs to visit the U.S.–
  • The $64,000 Question made its television debut–
  • Priscilla Presley opened Graceland to the public–
  • Patent for chain saw cleaning brush granted to an 11-year-old–


  • The Year without summer hit Danville, Vermont, with drifts of snow and sleet up to 20”–
  • 42-tornado outbreak began in Upper Midwest–

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