Daily Calendar for Wednesday, June 11, 2025


  • Joseph Warren (U.S. patriot) –
  • Richard Strauss (German composer) –
  • Jacques-Yves Cousteau (marine explorer) –
  • Vince Lombardi (football coach) –
  • Peter Bergman (actor) –
  • Joe Montana (football player) –
  • Hugh Laurie (actor) –
  • Peter Dinklage (actor) –
  • Joshua Jackson (actor) –


  • John Wayne (actor) –
  • Karen Quinlan, (Coma patient. In a pioneering Right to Die case her parents fought to remove her from a respirator after she lapsed into a persistent vegetative state from ingesting tranquilizers and alcohol, after the respirator was removed she lived for many more years before passing away) –
  • DeForest Kelley (actor) –
  • David Brinkley (reporter and commentator whose NBC broadcasts from 1956-70 helped define and popularize television news in America. Brinkley hosted one of the earliest television news magazines, David Brinkley’s Journal, in the early 1960s) –


  • King Henry VIII of England and Katherine of Aragon were married–
  • Benjamin Franklin invented the Franklin stove–
  • Broad Street Riot, Boston, Massachusetts–
  • Sir Barton won triple crown–
  • Johnny Vander Meer of the Cincinnati Reds pitched his first no-hit, no-run professional baseball game–


  • A storm washed away 300 feet of Meigg’s Wharf in San Francisco–
  • Los Angeles climaxed a four-day heat wave with a temperature of 112 degrees F–
  • Phoenix, Arizona, had 1.64 inches of rain, a June record–
  • Hailstones as big as baseballs fell from Colorado Springs to Estes Park, Colorado, injuring 60 and causing $625 million in damage.–
  • Tornado killed 4 Boy Scouts at Little Sioux Scout Ranch camp in western Iowa, which occupies 1,800 acres. Three boys were 13 and one 14 years old. Scouts were there for a leadership training course. 48 scouts and staff were injured. Tornado struck about 6:30 p.m. 27 more tornadoes touched down in Kansas, Minnesota and Nebraska. Those tornadoes killed at least two people in northern Kansas, and destroyed much of the small town of Chapman. At Kansas State University campus in Manhattan, a tornado destroyed a wind erosion lab, damaged several engineering and science buildings, and tore the roof off a fraternity house.–

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