Daily Calendar for Friday, June 13, 2025


  • William Butler Yeats (poet) –
  • Paul Lynde (actor) –
  • Malcolm MacDowell (actor) –
  • Richard Earl Thomas (actor) –
  • Tim Allen (actor) –
  • David Gray (musician) –
  • Ethan Embry (actor) –
  • Chris Evans (actor) –
  • Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (actresses) –


  • Benny Goodman (musician) –
  • Geraldine Page (actress) –
  • Lane Smith (actor) –
  • Tim Russert (moderator for NBC’s Meet the Press) –


  • Theologian Martin Luther wed Katharina von Bora–
  • The Boxer Rebellion began in China–
  • The first sodium vapor lamps were installed on Balltown Road, in Schenectady, N.Y.–
  • The Boston Red Sox and the Chicago Cubs became the first major league baseball teams to play at Doubleday Field in Cooperstown, New York, in the Hall of Fame Game–
  • Germany’s highly publicized secret weapon, the flying bomb, was dropped on English targets for the first time–
  • The United States Supreme Court ruled in Miranda v. Arizona that the police must inform suspects of their rights before questioning them–
  • Thurgood Marshall nominated to U.S. Supreme Court–
  • Pioneer 10, an unmanned U.S. space probe, became the first man-made object to leave the solar system when it crossed the orbit of Neptune–
  • A 7.9-magnitude earthquake shook Chile–
  • San Francisco Giants pitcher Matt Cain threw a perfect game; a first for the franchise–
  • Raccoon completed climb of 25-story skyscraper in St. Paul, Minnesota–


  • Deadly hurricane hit Labrador–
  • Tamarack, California, reported a temperature of 2 degrees F–
  • Deerfield, South Dakota, received 10 inches of snow–
  • Snowplows were called out in Denver, Colorado, to clean up softball-size hailstones–
  • Cedar River crested at 31.12 feet (19.12 feet above flood stage), Cedar Rapids, Iowa–

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