Daily Calendar for Thursday, June 19, 2025


  • Blaise Pascal (mathematician and physicist) –
  • Guy Lombardo (band leader) –
  • Lou Gehrig (baseball player) –
  • Salman Rushdie (author) –
  • Phylicia Rashad (actress) –
  • Kathleen Turner (actress) –
  • Paula Abdul (singer & television personality) –
  • Blake Woodruff (actor) –


  • J. M. Barrie (author) –
  • Ethel and Julius Rosenberg (convicted spies) –
  • Ed Wynn (actor) –
  • James Gandolfini (actor) –


  • First real baseball game with set rules was played in Hoboken, New Jersey–
  • Slavery abolished in U.S. territories–
  • The first Father’s Day was celebrated in Spokane, Washington –
  • The U.S. government adopted an 8-hour day for all its employees–
  • Mine disaster occurred in Hillcrest, Alberta–
  • Establishment of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) in the United States, regulating interstate and foreign communications by radio, telegraph and cable–
  • Wham-O filed to register Hula Hoop trademark–
  • Garfield the Cat made his comic strip debut–
  • A 5.0-magnitude earthquake hit off the northern California coast–


  • New Brunswick, New Jersey, was hit by a tornado–
  • Cloudburst near Custer Creek, Montana, dumped an estimated 4 to 7 inches of rain–
  • Hurricane struck fishing fleet from Escuminac, New Brunswick–
  • 100 degrees F, Billings, Montana–
  • Close to 6 inches of rain fell within 75 minutes, Houston, Texas–

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