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Cancer Zodiac Sign: Personality and Compatibility

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Happy Birthday, Cancer!

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Cancers are the caretakers of the Zodiac. The name is derived from the Latin word cancer (“crab”). The symbol looks like a sideways “69” to represent a crab and its claws. Learn about Cancer dates, personality, and compatibility.

What are the Cancer Dates?

Cancer is the fourth astrological sign of the zodiac. If you’re born between June 21 and July 21, then you are a Cancer.

Cancer Personality

You live for your family and always want the best for their loved ones. Sensitive and caring, you value home, roots, your partner, and children. You are an expert nurturer and often among the best of cooks.  
You prefer warm and cozy home surroundings and will strive to make your abode a peaceful place. 

Sometimes your sensitivity and emotion can get the better of you in tempestuous situations. You like subtlety and innuendo and sometimes have a hard time with others who are too direct. Like your totem, the crab, you often side-step difficult situations and discussions. This can lead to misunderstandings if done too much.

Interestingly, the USA is a crab nation. We celebrate our birthday every fourth of July and in 1776, there was not just the Sun in Cancer, but three other planets as well. Do we deal directly with our issues and problems? Rarely.

There is a strong career side to your sign and this is because you want to give your family every advantage. Many doctors and lawyers can be found with your birthdays and the success that they generate allows them to be generous with their kin. 

Security is also important to you as you want your children to feel safe and secure where they live. You possess the latest in car seats and cribs and constantly peruse the periodicals to make sure that they have the latest and greatest innovations. 

Meals are always thoughtful and nutritious. As a Mom, you study vitamins and minerals to ensure proper growth cycles for the kids. As a Dad, you are an ace at barbecue and make sure that the teeth are brushed for proper dental hygiene. The back yard is fenced and full of swing sets and jungle gyms or pools and patios. And you make sure that there is plenty of room for friendly gatherings as you want your gang to be properly socialized.

You can be found leading the Boys and Girls Scouts or, at the very least, have the home where the young ones want to spend time.

Cancer Compatibility

Best matches for you:  Scorpio and Pisces—great passion will keep you happy to be home.

Good matches for you: Taurus and Virgo—these souls will look out for your best  interests because they love how you care for them.

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