February Birth Flowers

The Violet and the Primrose

January 30, 2020
Primrose purple

With Valentine’s Day on people’s minds, February is a big month for flowers. But, oddly enough, the red rose is not February’s birth month flower! Find out which flowers belong to February, plus the meanings behind them.

What Are the February Birth Flowers?

The February birth month flowers are the violet and the primrose

The Violet

Violets signify watchfulness, loyalty, and faithfulness.

Give a violet to someone to let them know you’ll always be there for them!

Violet flower

The Primrose

The other February birth flower is the primrose, which lets someone know you can’t live without them.

Primroses are colorful perennials of European origin that are not actually related to the rose. Among the first to bloom as winter retreats, they’ll multiply each year if given a little shade and moist (but not soggy) soil. 

Primroses in pots

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