Flower Meanings: Language of Flowers

Symbolism of Flowers, Herbs, and Trees

Pink Roses

Do you know the language of flowers? As our list below shows, each flower has its own meaning. The orange blossom meaning, for instance, is chastity, purity, and loveliness, while red chrysanthemum means “I love you.”

Flower meanings have fascinated people for centuries, and they even play a large role in William Shakespeare’s works. Bouquets make great gifts, and it is important to know what your bouquet symbolizes. Many people also want to dress up their gardens with flower symbols that represent them. Roses tend to have special meanings, as do flowers used in weddings. Another important area of flower symbolism is the meaning of birth month flowers.

History of Flower Meanings

The symbolic language of flowers has been recognized for centuries in many countries throughout Europe and Asia. Mythologies, folklore, sonnets, and plays of the ancient Greeks, Romans, Egyptians, and Chinese are peppered with flower and plant symbolism—and for good reason. Nearly every sentiment imaginable can be expressed with flowers.

Learning the special symbolism of flowers became a popular pastime during the 1800s. Nearly all Victorian homes had, alongside the Bible, guidebooks for deciphering the “language,” although definitions shifted depending on the source. Religious, literary, folkloric, and botanical publications were all used to inform meanings.

Examples of plants and their associated human qualities during the Victorian era include bluebells and kindness, peonies and bashfulness, rosemary and remembrance, and tulips and passion.

Flowers provided an incredibly nuanced form of communication. Some plants, including roses, poppies, and lilies, could express a wide range of emotions based on their color.

Pink carnations

Take, for instance, all of the different meanings attributed to variously colored carnations: Pink meant “I’ll never forget you”; red said “my heart aches for you”; purple conveyed capriciousness; white was for the “the sweet and lovely”; and yellow expressed romantic rejection.

Likewise, a white violet meant “innocence,” while a purple violet said that the bouquet giver’s “thoughts were occupied with love.” A red rose was used to openly express feelings of love, while a red tulip was a confession of love. The calla lily was interpreted to mean “magnificent beauty,” and a clover said “think of me.”

In a sort of silent dialogue, flowers could be used to answer “yes” or “no” questions, too. A “yes” answer came in the form of flowers handed over with the right hand; if the left hand was used, the answer was “no.”

Plants could also express aversive feelings, such as the “conceit” of pomegranate or the “bitterness” of aloe. Similarly, if given a rose declaring “devotion” or an apple blossom showing “preference,” one might return to the suitor a yellow carnation to express “disdain.”

Apple blossom

How flowers were presented and in what condition were important. If the flowers were given upside down, then the idea being conveyed was the opposite of what was traditionally meant. How the ribbon was tied said something, too: Tied to the left, the flowers’ symbolism applied to the giver, whereas tied to the right, the sentiment was in reference to the recipient. And, of course, a wilted bouquet delivered an obvious message!

The meanings and traditions associated with flowers have certainly changed over time, and different cultures assign varying ideas to the same species, but the fascination with “perfumed words” persists just the same.

Rose Meanings

Red roses symbolize love and desire, but roses come in a variety of colors and each has their own meaning. For example, the white rose meaning is purity and innocence.

  • Dark red rose: unconscious beauty
  • White rose: purity, innocence, reverence, silence
  • Pink rose: grace, happiness, gentleness
  • Yellow rose: joy, friendship, the promise of a new beginning
  • Orange rose: desire and enthusiasm
  • Lavender rose: love at first sight
  • Coral rose: friendship, modesty, sympathy

Special Meaning of Wedding Flowers: Flowers of Love

Flowers have always been a big feature at weddings, too. As an example, look to the royal flower bouquet in the wedding of Prince William, Duke of Cambridge, to Kate Middleton (now Catherine, Ducchess of Cambridge). Her flowers had very special meaning.

The groom, too, wears a flower that appears in the bridal bouquet in his button-hole. This stems from the Medieval tradition of wearing his Lady’s colors, as a declaration of his love.

One fun idea is to have a garden gathering and have each person bring a flower that has meaning to them. Or, paint tiles on a kitchen island with a flower that represents each of your loved ones.

There is a language, little known,
Lovers claim it as their own.
Its symbols smile upon the land,
Wrought by nature’s wondrous hand;
And in their silent beauty speak,
Of life and joy, to those who seek
For Love Divine and sunny hours
In the language of the flowers.

–The Language of Flowers, London, 1875


Meanings of Herbs, Flowers, and Trees

Please tell us which flowers have meaning to you! If we are missing one of your favorites, please tell us which one and its meaning.

Wish to grow a flower that has meaning to you or a loved one? Click on the linked plant names for planting and growing guides.

Symbolic Meanings of Herbs, Flowers and Trees
Aloe Healing, protection, affection
Amaryllis Pride
Anemone Forsaken
Angelica Inspiration
Apple blossom Preference
Arborvitae Unchanging friendship
Bachelor’s button Single blessedness
Basil Good wishes
Bay Glory
Begonia Beware
Bittersweet Truth
Black-eyed Susan Justice
Bluebell Humility
Candytuft Indifference
Carnation Women, Love
- Red carnation My Heart Aches, admiration
- White carnation Innocence, pure love, women’s good luck gift
- Pink carnation I’ll never forget you
- Yellow carnation Disappointment, rejection
Chamomile Patience
Chives Usefulness
Chrysanthemum Cheerfulness
Clover, white Think of me
Coreopsis Always cheerful
Coriander Hidden worth
Crocus, spring Youthful gladness
Cumin Fidelity
Cyclamen Resignation and good-bye
Daffodil Regard
Daisy Innocence, hope
Dill Powerful against evil
Edelweiss Courage, devotion
Fennel Flattery
Fern Sincerity
Forget-me-not True love memories
Gardenia Secret love
Geranium, oak-leaved True friendship
Goldenrod Encouragement, good fortune
Heliotrope Eternal love
Holly Hope
Hollyhock Ambition
Honeysuckle Bonds of love
Horehound Health
Hyacinth Games and sport, playfulness, rashness
Hyacinth, blue Constancy of love
Hyacinth, purple Sorrow, forgiveness, regret
Hyacinth, yellow Jealousy
Hyacinth, white Loveliness, prayers for someone
Hyssop Sacrifice, cleanliness
Iris A message
Ivy Friendship, continuity
Jasmine, white Sweet love
Lady’s-mantle Comforting
Lavender Devotion, virtue
Lemon balm Sympathy
Lilac Joy of youth
Lily, calla Beauty
Lily, day Chinese emblem for mother
Lily-of-the-valley Sweetness
Lotus Flower Purity, enlightenment, self-regeneration, and rebirth
Magnolia Love of nature
Marjoram Joy and happiness
Mint Virtue
Morning glory Affection
Myrtle Good luck and love in a marriage
Nasturtium Patriotism
Oak Strength
Oregano Substance
Pansy Thoughts
Parsley Festivity
Peony Happy life, happy marriage
Pine Humility
Poppy, red Consolation
Rhododendron Danger
Rose, red Love, I love you, desire
Rose, pink Happiness
Rose, white Purity, heavenly, I’m worthy of you
Rose, yellow Jealousy, decrease of love
Rosemary Remembrance
Rue Grace, clear vision
Sage Wisdom, immortality
Salvia, blue I think of you
Salvia, red Forever mine
Savory Spice, interest
Sorrel Affection
Southernwood Constancy, jest
Sunflower Adoration
Sweet pea Pleasures
Sweet William Gallantry
Sweet woodruff Humility
Tansy Hostile thoughts
Tarragon Lasting interest
Thyme Courage, strength
Tulip, red Declaration of love
Tulip, yellow Sunshine in your smile
Valerian Readiness
Violet Loyalty, devotion, faithfulness, modesty
Wallflower Faithfulness in adversity
Willow Sadness
Yarrow Everlasting love
Zinnia Thoughts of absent friends


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Flower Meaning

Is there a flower that could represent fate or destiny. Its for a story, something that could give the understatement that the life of someone is linked to someone else, not necessarily in a positive connotation, or perhaps something among the lines of 'We'll see each other again'.
Thank you!

For a Story

Is there a type of flower that means eternal or forever? but purely something like that, no loved involved, especially since it's more of a myserious and sad story.
If you could clue me in that would be greatly helpful ^w^

flower symbolism

Nothing ideal comes to mind, unfortunately. Part of the problem is that flowers can have several meanings, and can also vary between cultures. Lilies, for example, especially white ones, are often given at funerals. The Stargazer lily is said to symbolize eternal life, but it can also have other meanings, like sympathy. White lilies can mean purity, innocence, rebirth. Red poppies can symbolize remembrance or eternal sleep, but also have other meanings. One old source lists the Cornelian cherry as symbolizing duration. Amaranth can mean immortality, but sometimes is linked to other symbolism. Pyramidal bell flower (Campanula pyramidalis) is said to represent constancy. You might find some old books on the language of flowers either online or in a library and peruse the plants and their meanings. Perhaps you’ll find just the right one for your story. Good luck!

Need a bunch of flowers to promote healing for a friend

Give me a clue

plants for healing

For healing, you may want to consider medicinal plants.  Examples are: Baptisia tinctoria, Hydrangea arborescens, and Thyme. 

flower meaning

Is there a flower that means miracle?

Flower symbolism

The rose is probably the most symbolic. This comes from the Christian tradition, especially as pertains to Mary, “the Rose wherein the Divine Word was made incarnate.” Columbine is also a symbol, representing the dove of the Holy Spirit. The pansy symbolizes the Trinity.

The lotus flower could also be considered. This comes from eastern religions and Buddhist tradition. It’s a symbol of self-regeneration and rebirth which is miraculous in itself. Although a beautiful flower, the lotus grows out of the mud at the bottom of a pond. Even when its roots are in the dirtiest waters, the lotus produces the most exquisite and perfect flower.


Hey, I lost my grandma recently and I want to get a tattoo to symbolize her. She has been through harsh times and has fought every battle that came her way, expect for the last one. Throughout it all she remained strong and beautiful. Would a Lotus be a good representation? Since the flower only blossoms once it grows passed the water and gets through tough conditions, however remains beautiful through out it all?

I need help with plant meaning

I'm actually wondering if there was a flower that had both good and bad meaning to it? Something that represents love and death, both. Thank you!

flower symbolism

I’m not sure if a flower or plant symbolized both love and death according to the Victorian language of flowers, but certain plants did symbolize both in certain cultures and periods. For example, in areas of Europe, including western England, rosemary once was used during funerals, with sprigs given to mourners, and the herb planted by graves. Yet it was also used to symbolize love, fidelity, and remembrance. It was exchanged between lovers and also used in weddings, Christmas celebrations, and in royal gardens. In the words of one 19th-century author, “Rosemary is confessedly a plant of ‘grey renown’ and manifoldly mystic significance; it is associated with scenes both grave and gay, with mourning and with feasting.” Myrtle also was associated with both love and death.
Hope this helps!

Plant/Flower Meaning


I wonder if theres a meaning of Coralberry/Ardisia Crenata/Chrismas Berry?

Depression and anxiety

Hi I have suffered with depression and anxiety for all of my teenage and adult life. But now I have recently got help and support I need and I am not suffering as bad. What flower best represents growth and strength?

You have the white rose meaning wrong

The white rose traditionally means a heart without love, or rejection to an advancement.

Memory For Someone

I have lost a friend a few months ago and I wanted to plant a tree in remembrance for him. I can't seem to find one. Will you help me find one, it can't be to tall and it at least has to say that he will always be remembered and loved. Anyways thank you so much...

Flower meaning


I want to get a tattoo in remembrance of someone and it should mean I will never forget you and I am sorry. Can you suggest me a flower that can mean will never forget you and will always remember you.

Buckwheat flowers

Buckwheat flowers means protection and love right?

Thanks and more power to you guys! :)

Military appreciation and rememberance garden

I live in a very military orientated community and am married to a National Guardsman. I want to plant a garden to say "thank you" and "you are never forgotten" to my military community. I have researched some possible plants: daisies, poppies, tulips, thyme, zinnia, rose, nasturtium, sweet William and rosemary. Do you have any suggestions for other plants/flowers that would be appropriate for this garden? Thank you.

flower symbolism

Colorful zinnias are great for summer gardens. Mixed zinnia symbolize “thinking of you” or “in memory.” Yellow zinnia specifically means “daily remembrance.” We’re not sure wher eyou live, but sweet peas symbolize departure and thank you. Forget-me-not flowers symbolize true love and memories. A tea rose says, “remember me always.”  Of course, red poppies are the classic flower of remembrance.

Flower meanings

Camelia, just planted a pink one in memory of my mother, it was her favorite
Rhododendron, just planted 5 to border our hot tub
Hydrangea, our beautiful shrub has grown so much and in the late summer it starts with pink, blue and mauve blooms, so gorgeous
What are their meanings?

language of flowers

A pink camelia has long symblized “longing for you” which seems quite fitting for your mother. Rhododendron stand for caution, beware, danger (perhaps fitting for a hot tub?). Hydrangea has mixed symbols and is related to heartfelt emotions. It can be used to express gratitude for being understood. In its negative sense hydrangea symbolizes coldness and heartlessness, perhaps because of its lavish showiness. To us, it can express whatever is sincerely heartfelt so check your emotions!

flower and friends

I want to write something about my friends for the college souvenir. I want to describe each one of them with different flowers. Can u help me with some ideas? I just don't want to use one word to describe but some more words to make it more specific.
Thank u

Flower symbolism

That’s a lovely idea. Perhaps it’s easier to “give” each friend a bouquet of flowers as one flower can’t possible symbolize a complete person. You need to think about each friend and what is important to him or her. For example, each flower in Kate Middleton’s wedding flower bouquet was chosen because of its meaning to her. Only you know your friends and what is important to them. If you simply want one flower, perhaps choose their birth flower!  My mother has different kitchen titles painted with the birth flowers of each member of our family. Here is our page on birth flowers by month: http://www.almanac.com/content/birth-month-flowers-and-their-meanings


What is the symbolism of the orchid?

flower symbolism

The Orchid: Beauty, Refinement, Beautiful Lady, Chinese Symbol for Many Children


I'm surprised that my favorite flower was not mentioned, the magnolia. Since there are so many varieties and colors of magnolias, my favorite specifically is the Southern Magnolia. The huge white blossom that is wonderfully lemon-scented.

flower symbolism

The magnolia symbolizes “Nobility.”

Plumeria Q`

What does plumeria/frangipani flowers mean?
Seeking botanical names that mean healing, protection and/or spirituality.
Thank in advance for any help.

flower meaning

Frangipani has many symbolic meanings, depending on the country and history, so it’s rather complex. The meanings range from death to life and rebirth, from funerals to love and marriage, so you can see it’s a hard one to pin down. I suppose that one could say it’s about the cycle of life!

In a sense all plants are healing and plants “know” how to heal themselves. Traditionally, healing or medicinal plants weren’t flowers but plants such as: garlic, parsley, leek, oregano, pomegranate, mint, lentils, fennel, and myrrh. As water is an important part of healing, perhaps consider water-loving plants such as Japanese primroses, cardinal flower, and cinnamon fern.

im looking

i am looking for a flower that means wild or bold can you help? its for a story i plan on writing

language of flowers

Hi Julie, That’s a good question. Flower symbolism tends to be based in Victorian language as well as Greek and Roman mythology, so the meanings tend to reflect these times. The Nasturtium is quite bold, symbolizing conquest and victory in battle. The Narcissus stands for egotism. The Hyacinth is related to playfulness athletic beauty (read more about Apollo).

Hello, I want to ask. What

Hello, I want to ask. What does Buckwheat flower means?

plant symbolism

We do not have buckwheat mentioned in our archives, which are mainly based on the Victorian era. However, a brief search suggests that buckwheat may represent “Money, Protection.”

Flower meaning insecurity and uncertainty

I'm a illustrator planning on doing a painting on insecurity. I want to include flower symbolism. What flowers should I choose for this topic? Thank you~~

flower meanings

Hi Kitty, The concept of “insecurity” seems more modern and isn’t represented in our Victorian symbolism. Could you look at the foxglove, which would really boost confidence in times of insecurity?  The foxglove is a beautiful flower to paint, a sort of “fairy lantern.” It exudes good energy, attracting hummingbirds and bees as this erect flower reaches toward the skies.

Flower Meanings

This is interesting. You state that "the flower, Heather " means "loneliness." Once, I knew a young lady named "Heather" who seemed, sadly, to be the one of the "loneliest" people I hade ever met. Even when she was around other people, she appeared "lonely" although she was somewhat noisy, boisterous, and seemed to "enjoy the crowd."

What I was really interested in; if there is an actual correlation between "non-flower" girls' names and a specific flower. For example, could possibly the name of "Mary" be associated with the "rose", "Margaret" with the "daisy", or perhaps "Sara" with the "daffodil?' Would anyone know or is there a "website" or "book" with this information? Thank you.

flower symbolism

What an interesting question! No specific resource comes to mind, but I’m sure that there are many examples of a particular lady, or lady’s name, associated with a certain flower. You might check legends, myths, folklore, etc. For example, anemone is associated with Aphrodite. Also check “Meaning of Flowers,” “Language of Flowers,” and “Flower Symbolism” books. Historical and cultural references are bound to have some links. For example, Moina Michael helped to promote the poppy as a symbol of Memorial Day, to wear as a tribute to those who died for their country during war (for more information, see: http://www.almanac.com/content/when-memorial-day-2016). Botanical names, too, sometimes refer to legends, people, etc. It would be a great research project!

Flower meaning

Hello, do you know of a flower/plant/herb symbolizing trust? Or intuition? I am putting together a piece of art and want to incorporate the themes.

flower symbolism and meaning

A daisy symbolizes loyalty, innocence, and “I’ll never tell.” That seems the closet plant to symbolize “trust.”

Flower meaning loneliness

Hi, I'm doing a photography project around loneliness and want to include flowers in the photos - which should I include for isolation, loneliness etc thanks

Flower symbolism

Hi Jackie, That’s a hard one because it depends on why someone is lonely. Are they alone because they are longing for someone? That would be the Camellia. Are they just bashful? That would be the peony. Are they sweet and shy? A Violet is demure. Or are they lonely because they have been abandoned or forsaken? Then choose Anemone. A classic plant that means loneliness is Heather.

Is there a flower that means

Is there a flower that means welcomeing? Like I want to give some flowers to welcome someone to the neighborhood.

Meaning of Juniper bush

I am in a bible study and we all have flower names, i.e., mine is Sunflower Sharon.'
Our newest member picked Juniper Jenny. Is there a symbolic meaning for Juniper?
Thank you!

Plant symbolism: Juniper

The Juniper is a great choice. It stands for healing, cleansing, exorcism, healthy, love. Many Native Americans used juniper to banish evil spirits and protect themselves from witchcraft. Some tribes hung juniper boughs on their tepees or burned them to keep their homes safe and would rub juniper on their bodies before embarking on a dangerous journey to protect themselves. Juniper was frequently used as a medicinal herbs, too.

Flowers That Mean Siblings

Are there any flowers that represent family, especially siblings? I would like a tattoo that resembles my four brothers and sisters. Are there any flowers that represents brothers? Sisters? Sibling love? The closest thing I can find is Sunflower or Daisy but I feel like there are better options. Thanks!

I do not know of flowers that

I do not know of flowers that have specific meanings for siblings, but Zinnias represent lasting affection. Violets mean “I’ll always be there.” Forget-me-nots stand for memories. And the acorn symbolizes immortal love.  Here’s another idea: My mother had handmade tiles in her kitchen and they were decorated with flowers; each one was the birth flower of her parents, herself, her husband, and the children.  You could consider birth flowers, too. Here’s our page of Birth Flowers by Month.

Need help for a memorial tattoo.

Hi I'm updating a tattoo I got that for family and friends who have passed away. I would like to do a new version/ style. Instead of using a couple of the flowers with meanings I like. Is there a plant or flower with meaning of life after death. Something like that ?

Flower for apology

What is flower for apology especially to brother?

What is flower for deep disappointment? And beautiful flower with such contrast double meaning?


Hyacinth (Purple) means “I am

Hyacinth (Purple) means “I am Sorry, Please Forgive Me.” This is a spring flower, so very timely, too, and it has a double-meaning. 

The Carnation (Yellow) means “You have disappointed me.”

Meanings of flowers & herbs

I too have been compiling a meaning list, after I found the above poem years ago. I want to use them for my wedding reception. (I will have potted herbs on the tables with signs giving their meanings as center pieces & favors.) Looking through your list, which is great & had more than mine, these are the ones I have found, which you did not.
Curry - protection
Catnip - beauty, happiness
Eucalyptus - healing, protection
Lemon Verbena - love, purification
Sunflower - pride, pure thoughts
Thank you for sharing your list!

Hi I was looking for a flower

Hi I was looking for a flower that represented sisters. Like the the breakable relationship sisters have.

flower symbolism

Hi Phoenix, We don’t know of a flower with that exact meeting, but you could certainly select a flower that represents “womanhood” such as the azalea or harken back to “girlhood” with the white rosebud.

No Calla Lilly, no Fairy

No Calla Lilly, no Fairy Lilly! They are my favorites!

flower meanings

The Calla Lilly symbolizes “Beauty.” Simple, but true!

You don't have Lily on there.

You don't have Lily on there. I don't know what they stand for other than being really pretty.

Hi Lori, lilies have

Hi Lori, lilies have different meanings based on their colors. A white lily symbolizes purity, an orange color is hatred, and a yellow color is gay and “walking on air.”  Hope this helps.

missing gardenia

couldn't find flower or is it a bush? shrub? Gardenia.

“Gardenia” means “You are

“Gardenia” means “You are Lovely” or “Secret Love.”  Sounds like it’s the perfect gift from an admirer!

Janacarnda meaning

Planning on getting a tattoo of purple tree/shrub plant I loved when I was in Kenya. Understand it originated in South America. I obviously want to know the meaning of this beautiful flower before it is a part of me forever. Thanks.


I'm working to choose flowers for a bouquet and I'm wondering about the meaning of the following flowers:
Thank you!

Flower Meanings

What interesting choices. You do know the Shamrock is a symbol of Ireland and the Thistle a symbol of Scotland?

The Shamrock is steeped in symbolism as its three leaves harken back to the Trinity and sacred power. It also has had a long history of healing and protection. Finally, the Shamrock is often associated with good fortune and closedly associated with a joyous, happy marriage.

The Thistle is a tough plant and associated with resiilence, pride, pain, and protection.

The Hydrangea is a mixed bag. On the positive side, it can be used to express heartfelt emotions and to express gratitude and thankfulness, however, it also has a negative side symbolizing frigidity and heartlessness.  Life, it’s complicated!

Hydrangea meaning

In Mexico, Hydrangeas are a symbol of bad luck. I still grow them (white) and love them.


Is there any flower that stands for family?

I'm writing a story about a

I'm writing a story about a character that goes insane/mad and I'm looking for flower/flowers that represent that. The only things I can find on the internet are Ophelia's flowers when she goes mad, but those flowers have separate meanings.

Thank you!

Unity / Family

Is there any plant or tree that signifies unity or family love?

Past, Present, and Future

Hello, I'm working on a portfolio and I wanted to find some flowers that represent/are related to the past, present, and future. I found out that there is some sort of myth concerning snapdragons that if you open the mouth, it will reveal deep secrets about the future. Do you have any other flowers about the future? Also perhaps about present and past as well? Thanks!

Meaning of Flowers

That’s intersting to hear about the symbolism of snapdragons!  To find flowers that represent the past, present, and future, you’ll need to be someone creative in your interpretations. Here are some plants to think about: 

Meadow saffron: my best days are past.

Cyclamen: goodbye (implies the past).

Forget-me-not: memories (the name says it all).

The red poppy releases the past.

A white rosebud is childhood (which speaks to the past).

Blue hyacinth is constancy of love (which suggests the present as well as the future).

The acorn symbolizes immortality (which suggests the present as well as the future).

Syringa: future happiness

Lily: return to happiness (which suggests the future).


If everyone looks at these flowers they are actually really pretty even if they dont sound pretty, such as, Zinnia, Yarrow, Sweet pea, and pansy. I didnt even know that there where flowers called that but when i looked them up they were so pretty that im going to plant some of them in my garden. But if anyone has any flowers that are not listed please comment back and i will plant some in my garden.

I'm looking for a

I'm looking for a flower/plant that represents the unconditional love, loyalty, and pure happiness of my dogs. They mean the world to me and I wouldn't be the same without them.

As great dog lovers, we would

As great dog lovers, we would simply view dogs as members of our family and apply the same symbolism you see above. "Violet" seems to match some of the qualities you mention.

I'm putting together a list

I'm putting together a list of favorite flowers and their meanings for our garden club members. Do Jatropha and Tibouchina have meanings? Thank you.
PS. This is a fascinating site!

Statice symbolizes gratitude.

Statice symbolizes gratitude.

I'm looking for a

I'm looking for a flower/plant that represents "gratitude" or "grateful" I'm not finding much in my online research & see a long list of responses. Help!? :) Thank you very much!

I am very interested in

I am very interested in knowing if anyone has ever heard of the "moon plant." I saw a video of it one time but have not been able to find it again. It is an interesting plant as it vibrates as it blooms open to a beautiful white flower. If anyone knows of this plant and know where I can buy them. Please let me know.Thank You...Miss SGA

The "Moon Plant" is an

The "Moon Plant" is an invasive vine plant. It's blooms are said to have hallucinogenic properties when they are used as a tea. Similar to LSD.

It's because of this that they were outlawed in several states and commercial properties in Florida I know had to have the plants removed.

I live in Oklahoma now and there are a few of the plants on this property. You can't
kill them easily... I've tried. But I think you will be hard pressed to find them for sale at a nursey or garden center.

The Moon Flower is a

The Moon Flower is a night-blooming white morning glory, noted for it's intoxicating scent.

moon plant

While the common name "moon plant" refers to many night-blooming plants, often with white flowers, one of the more common ones is a climbing vine, related to morning glories. It is easy to grow from seed and is usually readily available at most garden centers during planting season or from seed catalogs.

I want sure why but i have

I want sure why but i have this yellow rose that my fiance picked for me and put water in a cup and the water has only been changed once and is still alive not wilted or dying or anything....is there really such a thing called an eternal flower????

I'm looking for a plant or

I'm looking for a plant or flower to get my dad for Father's Day for his garden...anything that means father and daughter?

Tall red roses are often

Tall red roses are often considered the flower for Father's Day, showing a father love, gratitude, and reverence. Another idea is a boutinniere of a purple rose with green leaves for his button hole!

Found this site in hopes to

Found this site in hopes to find a suitable flower for the representation of family or bond, in that manner.

Stock (Matthiola incana) is a

Stock (Matthiola incana) is a lovely flowering plant that means "bonds of affection."

looling for the meaning of

looling for the meaning of yellow roses and purple tulips.
Roses were my grandmothers favorited and tulips were my grandfathers.

Flowers can symbolize

Flowers can symbolize whatever memory you wish. For example, these flowers may simply symbolize your grandmother and your grandfather. 
Traditionally. yellow roses have had mixed symbolism--from joy and friendship to jealousy. (Red roses symbolize love; white roses symbolize innocence and purity; pink roses symbolize happiness and appreciation.)
Tulips generally symbolize "Perfect Lover."  (Red tulips symbolize love, yellow tulips symbolize "sunshine in your smile.")
The color purple often symbolize enchantment, love at first sight, majesty, and royalty.

Yellow roses are for

Yellow roses are for sympathy.

Yellow roses are for

Yellow roses are for friendship. I sent to a coworker then had to show her boyfriend what they meant from a gardening book.

What does the pink rose

What does the pink rose symbolize? They are my bf favorite flower.

Pink roses symbolize "perfect

Pink roses symbolize "perfect happiness."

Is there a meaning for the

Is there a meaning for the Columbine flower? It was my fathers favorite.

The columbine has a long

The columbine has a long history of symbolism starting with the Greek and Roman cultures. In Celtic culture, the flowers were supposed to open the door to the other world.
Symbolism of columbine flowers is often combined with symbolic numbers. In the Christian tradition, the spurs on the flowers were thought reminiscent of five doves sitting together and thus of the Holy Spirit. The tripartite leaves were seen as symbols of Trinity, seven columbine flowers can be interpreted as the seven gifts of the Holy Spirit. A motif of three columbine flowers, which is often found, symbolizes the three Christian virtues: fides, spes, and caritas (faith, hope, and love or charity).
The blue/purple color has often been associated passion and penance. So sometimes in literature, this flower will have symbolism that falls on both sides of penance (infidelity versus faith).

Do you know what an oak

Do you know what an oak symbolizes?
Thank you

The Oak Tree symbolizes great

The Oak Tree symbolizes great strength, endurance, and lasting power. 

This is a lovely site. I find

This is a lovely site. I find it interesting as well as a good resource to many. I would like to know and I didn't find it above or I could have overlooked it. Is there a flower which means hidden, hidden beauty or something along that meaning. Thanks

Hi Chi, Thank you! The

Hi Chi, Thank you! The "Gardenia" symbolizes "secret love."  The Acacia (Blossom) symbolizes concealed love or a chaste love. I hope this helps.

This question was mine also.

This question was mine also. Gardenia is one of my favorite flowers thank you for this place <3

Thank you, that was some

Thank you, that was some useful information, I can't wait to tease my friends when they give others flowers. I have a few questions though
1)what does the lily-of-the-nile represent?
2)is there a flower that means 'friends and rivals' or something similar?
3) A flower that means 'unrequited love'?
4) A flower that represents secrets or 'secret keeper' , or 'secret keeping'. I've heard that a wallflower represents this, is that true?

Thank you again, and I'm sorry for the trouble.

Lily of the Nile represents

Lily of the Nile represents "lasting love." In terms of your other questions, the closest answers are: A fern means "secret bond of love." Gardenia is "secret love." Acacia (Blossom) is "concealed love" or "chaste love."

I'm looking, not for

I'm looking, not for "foresight" but for insight, perception, awareness, et cetera. Not necessarily knowledge or wisdom. Relating to the present, not the future or past- Anything for that?

I'm designing a character

I'm designing a character with a mail-carrier theme in mind. I'm looking for a plant or flower with any of the bellow meanings in mind;
"safely delivered"
"feelings on the wind"
"written thoughts"

Recommendations are really appreciated. :)

I am curious about daylilies.

I am curious about daylilies. The flower only last one day.

That is why they are called

That is why they are called day lilies. Each flower lasts one day, but the plant produces flowers for quite a while.

In the language of flowers,

In the language of flowers, daylily (Hemerocallis) can mean coquetry. The plant is native to Asia. In China, people grew certain species for their edible buds, and also used the plant for medicine. In that country, the flower worn by expectant mothers was thought to encourage the birth of a boy. It was also thought that it could lessen sorrow by causing forgetfulness. The plant can also symbolize one's respect for and devotion to one's mom. The genus name, Hemerocallis, is derived from two Greek words meaning "day" and "beauty."

Interesting! Happy

Interesting! Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!

Do you know of any flowers

Do you know of any flowers that mean something along the lines of "you changed my life" or something like that?

The lily of the valley means

The lily of the valley means "you made my life complete."  

I'm looking for something to

I'm looking for something to symbolize Happy memories, platonic devotion, or adoption, and ideally wouldn't sound to out of place as someone's name. can you help?

We do not know of a flower

We do not know of a flower that symbolizes adoption, however, the LOTUS flower symbolizes rebirth; Egyptians saw that the lotus flower closes and sinks underwater at night, and then rises and blossoms again at dawn.
The Egyptian "Lotus" was translated into "LILY" flowers down the line. "Lily" means purity or restored purity and has many biblical and spiritual meanings as well.
Also meaning Lily is the Hebrew "Shohanna" which gave us the names Susanna, Susan, Suzette, etc. (all meaning “lily”, too).
The forget-me-knot symbolizes memories.
We hope this gets you started.

What flower symbolizes

What flower symbolizes strength. Strength love hope and loyalty

Gladiolus is strength of

Gladiolus is strength of character.  Thyme is strength and courage.

I found this website, it may

I found this website, it may be a good resource for you... one of the ones that stood out to me was alstroemeria. (for a woman or girl shorten to Emeria?) Anyway, the website is language of flowers . com (no spaces)

Good luck!

What about impatiens?

What about impatiens?

The most common symbolic

The most common symbolic meaning for impatiens is "motherly love."

My favorite flower is the Las

My favorite flower is the Las Vegas purple Gomphrena. Does it have a meaning? Thanks

What is the meaning of a

What is the meaning of a callalilly?

Calla lilies in general can

Calla lilies in general can mean magnificent beauty.

Yes the Calla lily is one of

Yes the Calla lily is one of my favorites too :).

What is the meaning of

What is the meaning of moonflowers?

My favorite flower is the Las

My favorite flower is the Las Vegas Purple Gomphrena. Do they have a meaning?

I would suggest that it could

I would suggest that it could mean undying affection and respect. It's an amaranth, which often represents "undying" or "everlasting," and deep purple flowers generally signify respect, honor, or admiration (as royal purple was used for nobility).

I love white calla lilies. Is

I love white calla lilies. Is there a meaning behind those?

White calla lilies represent

White calla lilies represent faith and purity.

nice. Since the Calla lily

nice. Since the Calla lily flower in general have meaning and the white ones has a meaning, do the purple ones have a found meaning ? Thnks

I love Lythrum, is there a

I love Lythrum, is there a meaning?

I'm curious to know the

I'm curious to know the meaning of the lithium "magic or "naked ladies" thanks for the help. Happy gardening!

Lillium, not lithium...

Lillium, not lithium...

Pink lilies, such as 'Magic'

Pink lilies, such as 'Magic' and 'Naked Ladies', represent wealth and prosperity.

A lot of these flower

A lot of these flower meanings are completely incorrect. Two exanples are Aloe which actually means greif and basil which actually means hate. I am more than welcome to give the correct meanings for this entire list.

You'd have more credibility

You'd have more credibility if you didn't make two spelling errors. Flower symbolism depends on the source (Victorian, etc.) so there's really no right or wrong.

What would peonies mean? And

What would peonies mean? And would different colors mean different things?

Peonies often symbolize happy

Peonies often symbolize happy marriage and happy life. 

I am writing a story, and

I am writing a story, and right now my characters are in a grave yard. A girl's mother sacrificed herself so her daughter could live. Any flowers that represent sacrafice?

Down further on the comments

Down further on the comments I saw someone post that bleeding hearts were for sacrifice :)

Are there any flowers that

Are there any flowers that represent the bond between a daughter and her father?
My dad passed of lung cancer a few months ago and it has been really hard on me. I'm his only daughter and I was (and still am) a daddy's girl. We had a very special father-daughter bond and I'd like to commemorate that.

Katie, We feel for you.

Katie, We feel for you. Perhaps you'd like to consider the lovely herb, rosemary, which symbolizes "remembrance" and has been used in literature between a daughter and the love for her deceased father (Ophelia in Shakespeare's Hamlet). It's not a flower but has a lovely pine-life appearance. Importantly, rosemary has been long considered a healing herb and, like grief, this is a vital and healthy part of the passing of your father. Finally, rosemary has a strong, memorable, delicious fragrance; it's always a favorite whether used medicinally, in the garden, or in the kitchen so your father will always be with you!

What is the meaning of

What is the meaning of Curcuma plant/flower

I am going to be getting a

I am going to be getting a koi fish tattoo. I know many koi tattoos contain the lotus flower. Would like to know the meaning of that, but i did want to try a flower that would symbolize the passing of my grandfather, but at the same time still being connected with the koi and Japanese culture if possible.

Do you know an flowers/plant

Do you know an flowers/plant that is anything like "good luck"
IF you tell me I would be very grateful thank you.

The "Bells of Ireland"

The "Bells of Ireland" symbolize good luck. A simple white carnation works, too.

I draw a lot and I have some

I draw a lot and I have some ideas with flowers and stuff so i was just wondering if you know any flower that represents


Very thankful for answer :)

What does Camellia and lady

What does Camellia and lady slippers mean?


Camellia is "gratitude" and

Camellia is "gratitude" and lady slipper is "capricious beauty".

I am looking to see if there

I am looking to see if there is a meaning for the Hydrangea flower . Thanks

I would like the meaning of

I would like the meaning of the moss rose and also the bleeding heart. Thank you.

The bleeding heart flower

The bleeding heart flower often symbolizes "sacrifice" and "redemption."  Moss rose is often symbolic for "voluptuous love."

Hello, what flower would

what flower would represent my love to my mom? She survived cancer and I would like to have a tatttoo saying: Mami I love you forever, you are the best (strength & wisdom), my true hero and I wish you health.
Or a flower that shows a daughter's love to mother and stands for strength, health and happiness/love?
Thank you

I'm getting a tattoo for

I'm getting a tattoo for family . Not for children or husband for my mom brothers and sisters family . But what flower represents family as in mother , brothers and sister ?

which flower represents

which flower represents courage and innocence togther?

What flower or plant would

What flower or plant would symbolize "brother" or "twin"?

Hello, I am researching


I am researching flowers for a character and a story. Can you please tell me a flower that means 'I miss you', one that means 'thank you', and one that, when given to someone, is a threat? Also, if you know anything about foxglove poisoning, such as how long after poisoning do the symptoms appear, I would be very grateful.

Let us contribute to the last

Let us contribute to the last one: Begonia is beware. Monkhood means that a deadly foe is near.

Hello! I'm looking for a

Hello! I'm looking for a flower that symbolizes the "love of a mother" or the "bond between a mother and her children (daughter)". Only impatiens? Thanks :)

I looked for the same thing

I looked for the same thing for my mother's funeral bouquet but nothing came up.
Eventually I went for clover mixed in with red roses and Red carnations. Roses and carnations because this was what she had in her wedding bouquet and the clover for eternal love. It's still the flowers I get now when It's the anniversary. Hope this helps .

Moss is for maternal love.

Moss is for maternal love. Stock is for bonds of affection, though not only mother and daughter.
You may wish to consider combining "mother" and love." For example, the day lily is the Chinese emblem for mother.
Many flowers symbolize love. For example, a red rose is "I love you." Forget-me-nots are "True Love and Memories."

Hi.What Rose Means For

Hi.What Rose Means For Eternity.I once got told it was Red With Tint Of Orange.Is that true.?x

You are correct in saying

You are correct in saying that a Rose has different meanings based on its color and different types of roses can also connote differnet meanings. We haven't heard of the combination that you are mentioning. The classic red rose means "Love" or "I Love You." To us, love is eternal!

I am looking for a

I am looking for a flower/plant that represents surviving something traumatizing. Also something that represents strength.

Mistletoe stands for

Mistletoe stands for surmounting difficulties. Gladiolus is strength of character.  Thyme is strength and courage.

Hello I am looking for a

Hello I am looking for a flower with the meaning "learning to forget the past" or "love without regret". My husband and I are going through a hard time and I am looking to get a tattoo to remind me not to dwell in the past and also lift my spirits. I like the meaning of the lotus, but the lotus flower is so common. Thanks for the help.

There is always the very

There is always the very lovely "Forget-Me-Not" which stands for true love and memories. Mistletoe symbolizes the ability to overcome all obstacles.

I have been looking for a

I have been looking for a unique flower that means infinity. I would be getting them for a girl for Valentine's day to show what she represents to me. I've found one, but I'm asking to see if there are any others to note?

In terms of cut flowers that

In terms of cut flowers that symbolize "forever" or "neverending" love, consider: the dahlia, the red salvia, and baby's breath.

Hi can i know the meaning of

Hi can i know the meaning of Zanteschia Arum lilies and Wisteria..bcos i love its flower and would really like to know its meaning..tq^^

Can you tell me the meanings

Can you tell me the meanings of Lily(s) in particular the day lily. Also meanings of the Lotus flower and dahlias? Thank you.

The Lotus flower symbolizes

The Lotus flower symbolizes eloquence.
The dahlia symbolism can range from a "wild" or spicy side to instability.
The day lily has symbolized coquetry. However, it is also the Chinese emblem for mother so it is also associated with mothers and nurturing and also symbolic of unions and long-lasting partnerships.

Do you know of any flowers

Do you know of any flowers that represent something along the lines of:
growing out of anxiety/learning and healing and coping and managing anxiety or depression at all?

The Christmas Rose symbolizes

The Christmas Rose symbolizes "Tranquilize My Anxiety."

Hi! Just wondering what the

Hi! Just wondering what the flowers for the following would be??
-success or wealth in a non-vain way

Yes, the Yellow Poppy

Yes, the Yellow Poppy symbolizes wealth and success.  (The Tiger Lily is wealth and pride so probably not what you are seeking.)  Both the Iris and Ivy could symbolize friendship. The family can so many things; traditionally, this may mean children. An Orchid is the Chinese symbol for "may you have many children." The Orange Blossom symbolizes eternal love, marriage, and fruitfulness.

love this info :) how bout

love this info :) how bout white lilies (common or 'stargazer'), sunflowers, & black or grey roses? thx for the help!

White lilies symbolize purity

White lilies symbolize purity or virginity and sunflowers symbolize adoration (as they open faces turn to adore the sun). Black/grey roses aren't a traditional flower—create your own traditions?

Blue roses are my favorite

Blue roses are my favorite and I wanted to know the meaning just in case someone gave me one or asked me way I like them so much.....


Just saw it meant mystery,

Just saw it meant mystery, never mind :)

What flowers represent

What flowers represent strength?
and full acceptance & love?

Almanac staff, you seem like

Almanac staff, you seem like a wealth of information on plant meanings. Where is this information gathered from? Is there a reference book that you recommend that has a more complete list? Are there more in the printed Almanac for 2014?

Thanks! We reference our

Thanks! We reference our archives which go back 200 years and we also reference reputable educational sources.

I'm looking for flowers

I'm looking for flowers that'll let my girl know that
I'm always thinking of her,
I love her,
I miss her,
She's beautiful,
And strong.
Any help please

Primrose means...I can't live

Primrose means...I can't live without you...very romantic!

What is the meaning of the

What is the meaning of the Chinese blossom?

We're not sure which blossom

We're not sure which blossom you mean. There are many flowers in China.  Azalea is the Chinese symbol of womanhood. Day lily is the Chinese symbol of motherhood. Orchid is the Chinese symbol for Many Children. Hope this helps!

Are there any flowers that

Are there any flowers that mean "maturity" or "growing up"?

The Azalea is a symbol of a

The Azalea is a symbol of a womanhood if you are speaking of a girl who is maturing. Narcissus means "stay as sweet as you are." This is the best we can come up with!

Looking for a flower that

Looking for a flower that symbolizes perseverance and or strength?

Perhaps not the flower you

Perhaps not the flower you are seeking, but Garlic symbolizes strength and courage. The Cactus flower symbolizes endurance.

I am looking for flowers that

I am looking for flowers that mean something like "always will remember" or "will always love you". I'm thinking tea roses in pink. It will be for a tattoo in memory of my little sister who passed away in a car accident at 4 years old. I know black roses mean someone has passed but they are so depressive to me and she was (and is in Heaven) so full of energy and life they jus don't fit. I am almost settled on white tea roses with pink edges. White for her young innocence, pink was her favorite color, and I've found tea roses to mean "always" which fits so nicely. I just wanted another opinion. Thank you.

There are many flowers that

There are many flowers that represent love.
Roses are the symbol of love, meaning, "I love you" and "I still love you."
Orange blossom means, "eternal love."
A tea rose means, "I'll remember always." This sounds perfect.

Thank you so much :)

Thank you so much :)

I would like a printed copy

I would like a printed copy of the Meaning of Flowers list as published in the 2009 Almanac.

Could you kindly tell me

Could you kindly tell me what's the meaning of a wilted plant given -intentionally- as a gift?

Hmmm . . . forgotten?

Hmmm . . . forgotten?

it usually means rejection,

it usually means rejection, or rejected love.

i would like to know pls the

i would like to know pls the meaning of an orchids .. ? ..

Love, Beauty, Refinement,

Love, Beauty, Refinement, Beautiful Lady, Chinese Symbol for Many Children

Yellow tulips? White tulips?

Yellow tulips? White tulips? I love tulips!

Red tulips: Declaration of

Red tulips: Declaration of Love
Tulip (Yellow) There's Sunshine in Your Smile
Tulips (in general): Perfect Lover, Fame, Flower Emblem of Holland

In "Flower Girl" by Hallmark

In "Flower Girl" by Hallmark they said yellow tulips were the deceleration of giving up on love. Why would they say such a thing if that isn't what they mean? Is there such a flower that means that?

can you tell me what a wolf

can you tell me what a wolf bane means

The name (Greek) means

The name (Greek) means "without struggle". Toxins extracted from the plant used to be used to kill wolves in older times, hence the name wolf's bane.

I'm looking for edible plants

I'm looking for edible plants or foods that mean thinking of one of the following:

Can you help me out on these at all?

Thanks very much

If you are looking for edible

If you are looking for edible plants, here is a page with all herb symbolism. Your exact words may not be listed but many of the flowers have very similar meanings: http://www.richters.com/show.c...

I forgot one but I see it all

I forgot one but I see it all too often in May/June weddings; Snapdragons. Although beautiful I would assume from the name they probably don't mean anything powerful. But am I wrong? As a wedding planner this is a often liked & picked flower & mixed with Calililly's in white or purple or both. So a snap dragon?

Snapdragons mean

Snapdragons mean "graciousness."

What about Magnolias (which

What about Magnolias (which are my personal favorite I bought my first home when I was married because it had a Magnolia Tree in the yard? Any special meaning to them? What about Gardenias, calililly which I find seem to be popular in a lot of wedding bouquet's. Or a Tiger Lilly which tend to be popular in fall weddings? Anyone know the meanings of these?

In the language of flowers,

In the language of flowers, magnolia means nobility; gardenia means purity; calla lily means beauty; and tiger lily means pride.

I was wondering if there was

I was wondering if there was a flower that ment of undying love?

Hyacinth means "constancy of

Hyacinth means "constancy of love."

One of my favorite flowers is

One of my favorite flowers is the fuchsia. Can you tell me it's meaning?

"Confiding Love" seems to be

"Confiding Love" seems to be the common meaning for fuchsia.

Do you have a meaning for

Do you have a meaning for Buddlea or the Butterfly Bush?

We might look to the

We might look to the symbolism of the butterfly. Given the fascinating metamorphosis of butterflies, many cultures believe the butterfly represents the soul or spirit.  For that reason, we would look at the meaning as "rebirth" or "renewal."

I'm looking for a flower that

I'm looking for a flower that means, "Industrious" or "Striving" and one that means "Great" and another that means "Fruitful/good harvest" Thanks.

Clover can mean industrious

Clover can mean industrious and hard-working. Hollyhock means productive (fruitful). Corn can also stand for fruits of the Earth though it's not a flowering plant. Great? Why, that is all based on your point of view and could be many of the flowers above!

is there a flower that

is there a flower that represents, a lesson learned or anything relating to that matteror maybe even adapting to a certain problem?

Perhaps the lotus flower?

Perhaps the lotus flower? These flowers grow in mud and manage to push through the mud to emerge in water and bloom. It a sense, this flower represents the experiences we have to endure and the journey that we took to gain wisdom.

Can you tell me the meaning

Can you tell me the meaning of 12 white Vendela flowers?

We do not know of any meaning

We do not know of any meaning for vandella flowers. Unfortunately, not all flowers have their own "language."

could you tell me the

could you tell me the meanings of sunflower, hibiscus, sakura, and hortensia? many thanks..

We have meanings for all of

We have meanings for all of your queries, except sakura. Apologies. Dwarf sunflowers say gratitude while tall sunflowers say appreciation. In the language of flowers, hibiscus stands for delicate beauty, and unfortunately, hortensia stands for heartlessness.

Actually, for the Sakura

Actually, for the Sakura blossom, the Japanese have used it consistently to symbolize "perfection/beauty." For your records in the future for other common Japanese plants, the plum blossom("ume") is used in a folklore about a celestial maiden's love for a human on Earth and so often represents "simplicity" "virginity/maiden-ness" and "first love". The Ginko Balboa plant is the Japanese's symbol for "strength" and "unity". And for the Lotus Blossom, depending on its color the Japanese have varying definitions. The most common is pink, which signifies "true love". White signifies "meditation", "nirvana", "tranquility", and sometimes even "reincarnation"; it's essentially peace and rising above the realm of the earth itself into another plane of existence. Then there's yellow, and that one tends to be mixed between "peace" or "joy", and "hope" or "strength". I wish I could find the source to give you, but as a Japanese history fanatic of 20 years, I really can only base this from memory.

Brian, Many thanks for

Brian, Many thanks for sharing the symbolism of the Sakura blossom! This is very interesting, including the Japanese history. Thank, again.

Is the a flower that

Is the a flower that represents the bond between siblings?

We do not know of any flower

We do not know of any flower representing the bond between siblings. Perhaps you and your sibling(s) can choose a flower that will stand for your close bond. No reason you can't have your own secret language of flowers!

I'm looking for the symbolic

I'm looking for the symbolic meaning of Penstemon or Beard's Tongue, Liatris or Gay feather, and Lobelia. I'm doing a memory garden and want the meanings. Thank you.

We can help out a little

We can help out a little here. Liatris, in the language of flowers, means apology. It is often used in "I'm Sorry" bouquets. Lobelia means arrogance. We have not come across a meaning for penstemon in the language of flowers.

What does penstemon meaning

I saw that the Greek meaning was to hide and another place said that it has 5 stamens thus pent and stamina , but I was wondering if there was another meaning?


It means pure pleasures not to hide.
Pure pleasures

I'm looking for the meaning

I'm looking for the meaning of pussy willow, can you provide that? My 2nd cousin is expecting her 1st son & she loves daisies (innocence). I was going to pair some artificial daisies with pansies (loving thoughts)& baby's breath 9festivity) as a gift tie-on, along with a card explaining the meaning of each flower, then came across some pussy willow stems that look good in the arrangement, so was trying to find the meaning before I calligraphy the card. Thanks for your help!

Your choice couldn't be more

Your choice couldn't be more perfect; in the language of flowers pussy willow is for motherhood.

I was wondering if there was

I was wondering if there was a flower named sofia or that represents sofia if not how about wisdon? Any flower other than sage that represents wisdom. Any help would be appreciated thank you

Iris means wisdom in the

Iris means wisdom in the language of flowers.

What is the meaning of a blue

What is the meaning of a blue rose? I also need purple rose??

Blue rose means mystery and

Blue rose means mystery and purple rose means glory in the language of flowers.

I was looking for a flower

I was looking for a flower that means gratitude

Camellia, bluebells, and

Camellia, bluebells, and yellow lily mean "gratitude" in the language of flowers.

I'm wantin 2 find symbolic

I'm wantin 2 find symbolic meaning for Glory of the Snow(Chinodoxa). Can't find anywhere! :(

I see nothing about Heather.

I see nothing about Heather. Is there a meaning or tradition attached to this lovely flower, both lavender and white^

In the language of flowers,

In the language of flowers, purple heather means admiration & beauty; white heather means protection; and pink heather means good luck.

In the back of an old

In the back of an old dictionary was the "rest" of the flowers and their meanings like jealousy, deceit,unfaithfulness and lies.

Thank you for this really fun

Thank you for this really fun info. Im going to look thru family wedding pictures and see what went unsaid...should be fun

What about Impatiens? I have

What about Impatiens? I have some growing on my office window.

I agree about the Dandelions. It thrilled my heart when my young (now 22) son picked them for me.

Impatiens are a symbol of

Impatiens are a symbol of motherly love. I believe that they were used in gardens devoted to the Virgin Mary back in medieval times.

That is the best gift a mom

That is the best gift a mom can get I think. One that is truly from the heart. And did ya know, each color of the rose means a different thing? Red is for true love while yellow is for friendship. White is for pure love. I can't remember them all right now.

Yellow roses also signifies

Yellow roses also signifies jelousy.

Something missing there, a

Something missing there,
a Bunch of Dandelions from your small child means just as much as a bouquet of Roses from your overgrown child!!

I totally agree. There is

I totally agree. There is nothing more special than a wilted bouquet of "wild flowers" from a precious child.