January Birth Flowers

The Carnation and The Snowdrop

December 11, 2018
Snowdrop Flowers

In the dark month of January, nothing lifts the spirits quite like ebullient, colorful flowers. Learn about the beautiful January birth flowers!

What are the January Birth Flowers?

The January birth flowers are the carnation and the snowdrop

The Carnation

The carnation comes in several different colors, which convey different meanings, much like roses. A pink carnation means affection, while a red carnation means ‘I love you.’

pink carnation

White carnations mean pure love, striped carnations mean regret that a love is not shared, and yellow means rejection or disappointment. 

Read more about the Language of Flowers.

The Snowdrop

The snowdrop used to be considered bad luck because it always seemed to grow in graveyards, but nowadays, this delicate flower signifies hope and beauty.


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do you have my birth month?

I'd like to know about my birth month. it's not in January.

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Hi Helena, You can find ALL twelve months of birth flowers on this beautiful page: 

birth flowers

This is very interesting! Wow!