The Man of Signs (Zodiac Man)

Connecting the Zodiac and the Body

April 15, 2019
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Ancient astrologers believed that each astrological sign of the zodiac influenced a specific part of the body. The Man of Signs was created to visually represent this belief.

Astrology has played a role in the predictive power of almanacs since the earliest days of their publication, thousands of years ago.

Within the pages of The Old Farmer’s Almanac—in addition to astronomical and meteorological reference material—you’ll find an abundance of traditional astrological information, ranging from the dates of Mercury Retrograde and the monthly Best Days, to Gardening by the Moon’s Sign and the Man of Signs.

The Man of Signs

Some of our readers use the Man of Signs to determine the best time to do activities related to certain parts of the body. The first sign of the zodiac—Aries—is attributed to the head, with the rest of the signs moving down the body, ending with Pisces at the feet. 

How to Follow the Man of Signs

Consult the chart below to see which parts of the body are associated with which signs and dates. According to astrology, it is considered a poor time to do an activity that involves the given body part within the associated range of dates. For example, because Aries is connected to the head, it would be considered unfavorable to have an eye examination during the time of Aries (March 21 to April 20).

Please Note: The Old Farmer’s Almanac does not give medical advice. Consult with a medical professional before making any decisions related to your health or the health of loved ones.

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Hip and knee replacement

What are the best dates for my surgeries ?

Baractric sleeve surgery scheduled for 4/14/2021

Is April 14th, 2021 a good day for baractric sleeve surgery??

Dec. 21st 2020

I'm scheduled for medical procedure on Dec. 21, 2020 at 6:45 am to have my throat and stomach scoped. My sign is Cancer (7/9). Do you think this is a good day for surgery?

December 21st

I am scheduled for rotator cuff surgery on December 21st, 2020. I am an Aquarius (2/16)... Is that a good dat for surgery?

surgery date

The Editors's picture

Yes, it is! Although I am not an astrologer myself, and there are several ways to interpret medical astrology, here is my understanding: The shoulder and arms (and therefore, I’m thinking, the rotator cuff) is associated usually with Gemini. So, according to some astrological interpretations, you want to avoid when the Moon is in Gemini. Also, you should avoid when the Moon is a few days around full, as some people say that bleeding may be a little worse then and things might take a little longer to heal. So, on December 21, 2020, the Moon is in Pisces (this information is found on page 225 of the 2020 and 2021 Old Farmer’s Almanacs), which is a few signs away from Gemini, so that looks to be a good time, according to this interpretation. The full Moon will be on December 29, about a week away, so that also looks good. Looks like you should be all set, astrologically! Best wishes for a successful surgery and quick recovery!

Foot surgery

I’m scheduled for foot surgery on 11/23/2020 I’m a Libra is this a good day?

Hernia surgery

Best days in nov or dec

Knee surgery

What is best days in july

Best days in November 2019

best days in November for person dob December 5?

Having teeth pulled August 26-29

Is the signs right for this

Feet surgery

My granddaughters needs foot surgery in October, 2019. When is the best time for her to have surgery.

Laser procedure

Is July 2019 or August 2019 a good time to have laser (procedure for brown spots) on the face fir best result? Any specific dates better than others? Thank you!

Best days for my wife to have neck decompression fusion

Hello, I was wondering if you could put me in the general area of how to figure the best days for my wife of 19th years, ("anniversary may 13") she's an Aries, I am a Scorpio (were basically 2 deer standing on a road, headlights blinding us on our way home from our favorite vacation A fools paradise) Yep ! we're lost. Trying to calculate this so she can at least feel like she has done control. It's been almost 5 years since her diagnosis of cervical Stenosis with mylopythia . Very slow , insideaous disorder. She is scheduled for May 20th, which the sounds sign would still be in Taurus. She's already rescheduled her pre-op for Monday. She's a nervous wreck. I know you do not offer medical advice. I can appreciate that. We were thinking June 3, or June 10th. They are removing 3 levels of vertibrae from her neck c3-c7 then put a cadaver bone and build a cage with titanium so the fusion is a success, she must quit smoking.something she started 10 years ago. She is 52 and has always been able to figure things out on her own, but, this surgery has terrified her. But, she knows it must be done. We put our faith in a higher power, and we believe in the heavens and the moons effect on everything. Any help you could offer would be great.


in the Man of Signs Calendar for any given month, What does "CET" mean? For example: on the 28th of May, the sign says, "AQU" which stands for Aquarius. On the 29th and 30th, it says "CET"... what does that mean?????
Please explain.

Moon's signs

The Editors's picture

Hi Deborah,

CET and a few other abbreviations represent the names of certain constellations that the Moon is straying into other than the zodiac constellations. These are explained on page 117 of the 2019 Old Farmer’s Almanac edition, number 7.

AUR = Auriga
CET = Cetus
OPH = Ophiuchus
ORI = Orion
SEX = Sextans

Please note that the columns on the Left-Hand Calendar Pages, where you are seeing these extra abbreviations, refer to the Moon’s astronomical place – the Moon’s actual place in the night sky, and is useful for people who are skywatching. However, if you are looking for the Moon’s astrological place, to determine the best days for certain tasks, etc., then you will want to use the Moon’s Astrological Place table on page 225, which lists the zodiac sign that the Moon is in each day.

The (tropical) astrological and astronomical places differ slightly in part because of precession of the equinoxes, or the tiny wobble in Earth’s axis that has changed our view of the stars a bit. The Moon’s astronomical location refers to its position in one of several constellations (beyond the traditional 12), which have irregular borders. The Moon’s astrological position refers to its coordinates along the ecliptic, each 30-degree segment named for a constellation that was positioned there many, many years ago. The positions of the actual constellations have shifted a bit, because of precession, so that they no longer quite align with those 30-degree segments. Those segments, however, have retained their original names (the zodiac), which can be confusing.

Hope this helps!


I am getting my dog teeth clean 6 -5 2019 is that a good day to have them clean ?


I am scheduled for a cervical stenosis on May 31, 2019. Is this a good day for that.

taking the pacifer from the baby

My youngest granddaughter is a cancer and they want to take her pacifier away. When is the signs for cancer in the feet?


I am having female surgery on feb. 14th 2019 wondering where the sign is and if that is a good day for it.

Hip Replacement Surgery

Hi, I am a Cancer born July 7th. I am scheduled on Jan 15 to have hip replacement surgery and am worried if this is the right date astrologically. Capricorn is my opposite sign and in January Pluto, Saturn, Mercury, the Sun and a New Moon Eclipse will be in Capricorn on Jan 5th. In January the Sun will be 180 degrees away from my Cancer Sun as will Mercury, Saturn and Pluto. I feel that everything is so far away from me and maybe I should wait for the planets to be closer to my Cancer Sun. Someone please advise. Thank you.

Lower Back Surgery

What is the best date to have surgery on my lower back in the month of January or February.

Best time for heart surgery

I know you do not give medical advice. I am looking for the best time for open heart surgery for 2019. The doctors have suggested 1/10/2019. I am a Leo if that matters. What is the best time for me to suggest surgery? I appreciate your help.

Many teeth pulled and dentures

I’m a cancer and want to get my teeth pulled and get dentures November 2018 when is a good date

dental work and the zodiac signs

The Editors's picture

Although I am not an astrologer myself, many of our readers look at the time when the Moon is in the sign associated with the part of the body where one is having surgery. One wants to be several signs away from that sign. For example, for dental work, you want to avoid times when the Moon is in Aries, which is associated with the head (see the Man of Signs illustration on this page), and also probably Taurus, which is sometimes associated with the lower teeth. Also, you want to avoid the time of the full Moon and a few days surrounding it, as it is said that one might bleed a little more freely at those times while healing. So, for November 2018, the Moon is in Aries on Nov 18, 19, 20, and in Taurus on Nov 21, 22. The full Moon is on Nov 23 (see, or page 164 of The 2018 Old Farmer’s Almanac for November Moon phases). If you need to schedule in the few days remaining in November, then the best times might be at the very end, on November 27, 28 (both Leo) and 29 and 30 (both Virgo) of 2018. Our astrologer suggests November 27 and 28 as the very best days for dental care (see page 240 of The 2018 Old Farmer’s Almanac)–she looks at other factors in addition to the Moon. Hope this helps!

Need help about ACDF NECK SURGERY FEB 11TH 2019?

HELLO, I am trying to calculate a favorable date for neck surgery. I am an aries. Thinking of the week of February 11th 2019. Any suggestions?

surgery and astrology

The Editors's picture

Although we don’t usually advise people about scheduling surgery, and urge you to work with your doctor about the best times, our readers do look at times when the Moon is in a sign that is several signs away from the one associated with the area where one is having surgery. Taurus is associated with the neck, so you’ll want to find when the Moon is not in Taurus, and ideally a few signs away from it, such as Libra etc. It is also said that one should avoid the time of the full Moon, and a few days around then, because during that time, one might bleed a little more freely while healing. To find out the Moon’s astrological signs in February 2019, you can go to page 225 of The 2019 Old Farmer’s Almanac (a digital version of the 2019 Almanac is available for purchase here, for immediate access ) The Moon phases for February 2019 can be found  on page 126 of the 2019 Almanac, or by using this tool:  The Moon is full on February 19, 2019. During the weekdays of Feb 11-15, 2019, the Moon will be in the following signs: Taurus (Feb 11, 12), Gemini (Feb 13, 14), Cancer (Feb 15). Although I am not an astrologer myself, based on criteria that our readers often use, if you need to have surgery that week, then perhaps Feb 15 might be best, as it is 2 signs away from Taurus. The last week of Feb, 25-28, actually looks better, perhaps, if you have the option: Scorpio (Feb 25), Sagittarius (Feb 26, 27), Capricorn (Feb 28).



Submitting paperwork for house buying

When is good day to submit documents for buying a home.


I need back surgery and am trying to hold off until a couple of days after Christmas. The signs are good for the beginning of Dec but I do not know how they are for the end. A friend read them to me but at the time I was focused on the beginning of Dec. I have to schedule it today or tomorrow at the latest. Thank you

I need to schedule anterior cervical decompression surgery with

I need to schedule surgery anterior cervical decompression with Fusion. I am an aries April 12. What is the best time to do this. I know aries rules the head. Would the best time be in March since pisces rules the feet and it is very far from the head neck area where I need to have c3-c7 removed. I have been putting this off, but, I realize I need to have the surgery. I am completely and utterly lost. I just need some guidance when would be the exact best dates to remove and fuse. I have tried to figure this out on my own for the past two years. Well, I actually decided not to do it. But, I realize I need to have this extremely barbaric , frightening surgery done. Atleast if I have a far enough date to really look to, I'm sure I could prepare mentally and physically. Thank you.

Acdf surgery

I wish you good luck and send you positive vibes! I am also an Aries (April 6th). I had the same surgery....3 times(once through the front and twice through the back)! I had crappy workers comp drs. You most likely have much better drs than I did! I hope this surgery helps you!!