Rain Garden Design: Plants for Sun, Plants for Shade

Two Garden Plot Plans

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Rain Garden Design

With a rain garden, use—don't lose—the water that falls on your paved areas and roof. Here are two beautiful plot plans featuring great plants for sun and great plants for shade from The Old Farmer's Almanac.

Click on link below to open a PDF of rain garden plot plans.

Complements of The 2009 All-Seasons Garden Guide.


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These plans are great, and

These plans are great, and just what I need ... except that I live in 8b and some of these plants won't make it down here. Do you have a Rain Garden For Sun and Shade plan for those of us in the South? Thank you.

Hi Melinda, We don't have

Hi Melinda,
We don't have specific plans for the south. You can plant some of the plants mentioned here and then go to the link below for more options for a southern garden.