UV Index Chart: Time to Burn

Prevent Sunburns with These Tips

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The UV Index chart tells you how quickly you will burn your skin without protection so that you can apply sunscreen as often as needed.

The U.S. National Weather Service measures ultraviolet levels on a daily basis, and uses these numbers for various exposure levels.

See what the UV Index forecast is where you live by visiting this page and entering your zip code.

“Time to Burn” and “Actions to Take” apply to people with fair skin that sometimes tans but usually burns. People with lighter skin need to be more cautious. People with darker skin may be able to tolerate more exposure.

UV Index Number Exposure Level Time to Burn Actions to Take
0, 1, 2 Minimal 60 minutes Apply SPF 15 sunscreen
3, 4 Low 45 minutes Apply SPF 15 sunscreen; wear a hat
5, 6 Moderate 30 minutes Apply SPF 15 sunscreen; wear a hat
7, 8, 9 High 15-25 minutes Apply SPF 15 to 30 sunscreen; wear a hat and sunglasses
10 or higher Very high 10 minutes Apply SPF 30 sunscreen; wear a hat, sunglasses, and protective clothing

Sun safety is all about prevention. If your fun in the Sun does result in sunburn, we hope that these 20 home remedies for sunburn will help provide relief.

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This page was first published in 2008 and is regularly updated.