When is the Start of Ramadan 2018?

The Meaning of Ramadan


Learn about the holiday of Ramadan and when observances begin for 2018.

What is Ramadan?

The holiday honors the time when Allah, via the angel Gabriel, revealed the first verses of the Qur’an, the holy book of Islam, to a caravan trader named Muhammad.

Muslims believe that fasting cleanses the body, and the practice reminds them of the suffering of the poor.

Beginning at puberty, all Muslims (with certain exceptions, such as if one is ill, traveling, pregnant, elderly, etc.) take part in the month-long sunrise-to-sunset fast that is the hallmark of Ramadan. Eating and drinking (including water) is prohibited from sunrise to sunset, and the day’s abstinence is offset by a pre-dawn meal called sehri and a nightly meal known as iftar. For iftar, many traditionally break the fast by first eating dates, as the Prophet Muhammad is believed to have done to break his fast. Foods traditionally served at iftar vary; one such dish is the Kurdish Hot-and-Spicy Red-Lentil Soup. Food is often shared with a poor family during Ramadan.

At the end of the 29- or 30-day fast (depending on the length of the lunar cycle) is Eid al-Fitr (Festival of Breaking the Fast), when there is much feasting and celebration.

First of Ramadan

  First of Ramadan (fasting begins at dawn next day)
2017 Friday, May 26 at sundown
2018 Tuesday, May 15 at sundown
2019 Sunday, May 6 at sundown

Dates according to The Fiqh Council of North America and reflect North America regions only.

If you observe Ramadan, please share your traditions below!


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Thank you for your effort in explaining Ramadan, I actually appreciate your effort. but there are a few discrepancies in your article.

Muslims begin fasting at puberty so it could be at the age of 12 or the age of17 depending on when you started puberty.

We start fasting at sunrise and break our fast at sunset- usually starting with a few dates as our Prophet did- Peace be upon Him and all Prophets.
We don't all eat Kurdish food, I for one have never had that type of soup (although it sounds delicious) but logic dictates that you don't eat spicy foods to break your fast.
Finally, Ramadan could be either 29 or 30 days depending on the cycle of the moon.

I hope you take these facts into consideration, and amend the article.

article changes

Thank you for your feedback! We appreciate your suggestions and, after researching further, have revised the article concerning these points.

Ramadan 2017 Saturday May 27th

I would like to point out that Ramadan doesn't begin at sunset. Fasting for Ramadan 2017 begins at dawn on the 27th (allah a3lam), God knows best. Usually people eat a small meal called Suhhur before that time, to keep them going the rest of the day until Maghreb, sunset when they can break their fast again.


Thank you for your feedback! We have updated the table so that is clearer when fasting begins.


Peace be upon the prophets and praise be to Creator of All Religions and existence. Is it MERCY to Circumcise 7-10 year old Children without Anesthesia ?

May Allah incentive for

May Allah incentive for sharing such kind of information of Islam that is also attractive knowledge of people and their practice for looking for right path of Islam. dawateislami.net/

No intelligent being, not

No intelligent being, not even angels, know about the exact time of occurrence of any events in the universe except Allah (Azza-wa-jal). In other words, Allah (Azza-wa-jal) is the creator of “time” and only he knows about the date and the time of every affair in the universe.
To announce the beginning of Ramadan and the end day of Ramadan based on calculation and prediction is BEDDAH. Koolo Beddah fee Zalahal and Koolo Zalaalah fe Naar.
To be uncertain about the beginning of Ramadan and to be uncertain about the day of Eid is part of the Islamic faith. There is wisdom in attempting to sight the Moon. Books can be written about the wisdom of this subject.

Those who violate this important issue of seeking to sight moon, which is an important Sunnat of Rasaul, may fall into the class of Monaa-feqeen. The worst and the lowest section of Jahannam are reserved for this class of deviate people.

Come on man....

idk why ppl are this desperate for attention, its only an estimation...why go all serious on it ,can't u not see that ramadhan for the next year goes back by roughly 11-10-9 days.

Is this timetable applicable

Is this timetable applicable for every part of the world?

Worldwide Timetable

This timetable is only applicable to North America.


As Muslim we fast for 29-30 day depending on the cycle of the moon. The fast provides many benefits, 1. we are serving Allah (the G'd) 2. if we were not praying we are praying more 3. Satan is locked up and the gates of heaven are opened, this happens inside each individual who fast the devil inside of us is chained up by reading the Holy Quran daily and praying 5 times a day. When tis happens we are getting closer to living the way that G'd wants us to live. It is truly a blessed month for the Muslim as well as the non Muslim.

ramadam dry fast

Im not Israel/ Muslim But a Catolic.As of now are 03/2017 ive and ongoing undertake a soft dry fasting from the first sunrise to sunset since march-1-2017 till april-16-2017 cause ive knew march-1 through april-15-2017 Are Lent Holly days.So read thru comments here are gave me more knowleged of this sacred months for anyones who had lost their purpose in life and seeks god guidace like me.

istakbala Ramadan

Pray fast do good things help every body

Ramadan date for Shia and Sunni brothers

I wanted to know what is the date for ramadan for shia brothers and sunni brothers. Is there any change for the two or the date will be same for all.


The date for the begining of Ramzan in Saudi Arabia is June 7, 2016.And regarding your query-the date is same for Shi'a and Sunni sect. While it is different for Ismail'I Muslims that is three days before.
Hope the question is answered.

I lost my younger brother in Newark, New Jersey since2008

Still asking where was he buried?

Ramadhan In June

India's Eid-ul-Fitr festival starts on the first day of the month of Shawwal (or Shawwl). Many Muslims attend communal prayers and listen to a sermon at Eid al-Fitr. Those have not given the charity known as zakat al-fitr during Ramadan do so during Eid al-Fitr. Zakat al-fitr consisting of a quantity of food, such as barley, dates, raisins or wheat flour, or its monetary equivalent given to poor people in the community.

Ramadan in June

Please tell me how faithful Muslims observe Ramadan if they live and are working in the Far North regions above the Arctic Circle when Ramadan month happens to occur during the northern summer. Same if they are in way south of South America or working in Antarctica when Ramadan happens in December. It is the very same sun. But, I and my brother have lived "North of 60 degrees" and far enough up you see the sun with NO sunset or night for up to 3 whole months. NO SUNSET to let you have a meal each day. Or, do Muslim folks only stay within day-night zones from the Equator and regard the polar regions as not part of the REAL planet Earth that Allah created for all? Winter can be up to 3 whole months and NO sun shining above horizon. Could it be a slight issue not known to a caravan trader in Arabia when he designed the special month? How about the indigenous people who have lived in polar regions for thousands of years? Are they not meant to partake of Ramadan and what Islam offers them? I am not being nasty. Just an old man wondering and looking for answers to reality...

Ramadan in June

@Robert: I used to have a co-worker whose husband was an observant Muslim, and he traveled a lot for work. When he had a summer assignment in Scandinavia, it was a great hardship for him to eat and drink enough to keep him h ealthy during the short hours of darkness; he used to call his wife so she'd talk to him and help him stay awake while he drank bottle after bottle of water.

So that's what one observant Muslim did in a place where the darkness was short. I don't know what happens where the darkness is nonexistent!

Hi robert,

Hi robert,
i have only one answer ,it is the belief that makes us to do it,God say fast in ramadan and we obey and do it,we cannot go into depth of how the weather would be in order to carry out the duties of Allah(God),is has been prescribed as such just how a doctor prescribed a tablet for our cure we cannot set our own inclination to alter it.In tunisia people are fasting in summer with a 48 degrees or more on their heads.....the flip side of it in uk ,in winter the days are short and the fasting is too easily ,shoild we not be grateful for that.We muslims follow a lunar calendar sio it is all good and in the accordance how Allah decree it.

Ramadan in June

Hi Robert,
I was looking for when Ramadan will be in 2016 and found your question sitting here. It is an interesting question and I am glad you asked it. Muslims who live in the areas which you described have a choice. If there is an actual sunset and sunrise (such as some areas in northern Europe) they may follow those timings for their fast (however difficult it is, many do choose to do this). Thankfully, there are other options for them that are easier. The first is to follow the timing of those who fast in Mecca, Saudi Arabia. The summer days are long there as well, but there is a good amount of time after sunset for eating, drinking, praying, etc. The other option that some Muslims choose is to follow the timing of a nearby location (city or country) that has a sunset, sunrise and time for eating, etc.
Muslims believe that God does not test a soul more than it can bear and that He is a merciful God. The fast was prescribed as a purification, not torture so these options are available to those who fast. Also, if someone is sick or travelling, the fast can be broken and the days "made up" later. You made an excellent point that God created the ENTIRE earth and man is encouraged to travel and get to know other nations and tribes. I would love to see that part of the world one day! I hope that my response answers some of your questions. Have a great day!

Hi. When this happens, you

Hi. When this happens, you just fast according to the timings of the nearest "normal" country. You can also use the timings of another country if you are fasting 22-23 hours or so, because it's extremely hard not to eat for that long.

Your question

When someone is in a place like northern Alaska or other northern parts of the world they have to follow the times of the nearest Muslim majority country with "normal times" basically, take the time from fajr to margib from the nearest Muslim majority country to you and follow their fasting time.This was put into place because of the places in the world that can litterly have a "day" last 3 months.

I'm just curious if you ever

I'm just curious if you ever found the answer to your question about Ramdan when the sun does not set where you live. It was a very valid question and I also would like to hear the responses that you've received

Salaamualaikum, I am a Muslim

Salaamualaikum, I am a Muslim living in Tennessee. I am celebrating Ramadan but do not know the hours of dawn or sunset. I work nights so my times are off but I stop partakingearly begin late to stay within the time constraints. Does anyone know the actual times? Thank you and may Allah grant you peace and discipline throughout this blessed month.

Ramadan prayer timing

As'salaamu alaikum Tenisha, I just came on this site today for the first time and noticed your question was never answered. I hope you had found the answer. I'll reply here anyways so that others may benefit as well. It's best to go to your local mosque for the prayer timing and eid days announcement. Fortunately, many mosques these days have their website so you can find the information there or contact number to call them. If there is none near by then islamicfinder.org is a good resource to go to for such information.

Ramadan fasting times

Islamicfinder.org is an excellent site to answer all your question.

Ramadan prayer times

this site: islamicfinder (dot) org will give you the prayer times for your zip code. Just enter your zip code and it will give youi links to surrounding Muslim places.

Ramadan Mubarak.

Salaamualaikum, I am a Muslim

Salaamualaikum, I am a Muslim living in Tennessee. I am celebrating Ramadan but do not know the hours of dawn or sunset. I work nights so my times are off but I stop partakingearly begin late to stay within the time constraints. Does anyone know the actual times? Thank you and may Allah grant you peace and discipline throughout this blessed month.

Well in NY Ramadan starts

Well in NY Ramadan starts when azan Is performed that's at least 1 1/2 hour before sunrise.
Sunrise here in nyc is at 5:25 ish. So figure out the sunrise in Tennessee and stop eating
At least a hour and half before sunrise. Make sure u perform namaz fully more sawaab.

RAMADAN is very intrested

RAMADAN is very intrested month which all remaining 11 month are working after it Fa marhaban bika ya RAMADAN

Hello Ibrahim, Arabic is so

Hello Ibrahim, Arabic is so beautiful. Would you translate some of the phrases when you post. I only know peace and God willing.

I lived in the middle east as a child, We were taught not to drink water in front of those fasting. In a restaurant we HAD to drink our Coca-cola as this was how the waiter supported his family.

Purdah seemed more of a protection than it does today. Women in purdah were protected and no one would dare touch one. Times were tough. Small pox and blindness were rampant and many widows had to beg at the suq.

Maybe we got along so well because we all were just trying to make do.

Many blessings to you and yours,

I have friends who are going

I have friends who are going to India december / January and they say it is the festive time there (Ramzan, Christmas, New year and Farmers festival). but every where I look, it says that ramzan is in June not in December? Please tell me the festivals held in this time. I know they will be celebrating pongal Which I believe is January 15th? I am studying Hinduism and have followed Navratri and Mahavidyas I have been involved in Kali fire ceremonies and wish to worship her in a temple. If anyone has information I would be very grateful. Thank you

Hello dear

Hello dear annaneale,

according to Islamic calender, the festival starts from the end of ramadan, the fasting of 2015 will ends at July 17th and the festival will starts at:18th of July 2015 insha Allah(if God willing)

best regards from Afghanistan

I am a Christian school Bible

I am a Christian school Bible teacher and came across this while looking up the start of Ramadan. I do not agree with a lot of Islam's teachings, but I do instruct my students about the history and faith of Islam. I tell them most Muslims I have known are very hospitable and sincere people, family oriented and for the most part tolerant of Christians. I knew a Muslim couple who moved here from Iraq, and they were always kind and respectful to me and my family even though they knew my Christian beliefs. I am not hesitant sharing my faith with Muslims, but I also believe that it requires tact and sensitivity to their faith and tradition.

Muslims consider all people

Muslims consider all people brothers and sisters. Muslim men can marry muslim, christian, and jewish wome. Because they believe all are from good books.
In every religion there are real good people, it is not religion the problem. The problem is to teach each born child respecrt, love for all things created. Fi Amaan Allah

Indeed my brother tolerance

Indeed my brother tolerance is very important for all peaceful coexistence but not a ticket to entering algenna (heaven). Religion has been man's way of trying to reach God. God however has provided the only way to reach Him, through Jesus Christ, the only way, truth and the life. Without Him as our defence attorney, our many sins or filthy righteousness cannot give us eternal life. Pls believe and receive Him in your heart today. God loves you.

You are right Gracely if you

You are right Gracely if you follow what Jesus (Isa (pbuh)) said you will go to heaven he spoke the truth and he had the sprit of truth with him. As muslim we follow exactly what Jesus said and do what he advised us to do. If you don't believe me read the Quran and you will see how Jesus (Isa (Pbuh)) is spoken about so nicely and I am sure you will learn more beautiful things about Jesus. The Quran/Islam praises Jesus.

I recently had a baby by a a

I recently had a baby by a a Muslim,whom has nothing to do with my son Suja,All I want is that he know both religions..I am Caucasian and His Dad's Religion...He is Married to a Muslim Woman,whom didn't live in Florida at the time..she resided in Bangladesh, recently came to Florida...His friends are very kind to my Baby Son,I am grateful that they will teach him Allah and I will Learn also...I was mislead from his Dad but more shocked he doesn't be in his life..

Knowing both religions

Peace be unto you Marla Perez,
I would like to apologize for the actions of my brother first and foremost, his negligence is detrimental to the relationship between you and him and also, the child.
I would like to begin by saying the religion was one and that after many intentional errors in the old and new testaments things became, incorrect for example most people are of the example that polygamy was forbidden after the new testament but I refute that and the bible in the New Testament shows us .
In the book of ! Timothy 3;2, A bishop then must be blameless, he must have only one wife, and he must be hard working, and thoughtful, orderly, and full of good deeds.
If you will notice the specification is for a Bishop only and not for everyone, which makes sense they are more consumed in their devotion to the church so they will be hard pressed if they have multiple wives.
But you will notice no general prohibition of plural marriage in itself.
There are many things that we do not see or have been taught for example they way to wash before you pray was given to Prophet Moses peace be upon him, in Exodus 30;21, So they shall wash their hands and feet, that they die not , and it shall be a statute forever to them even to him and his seed throughoiut their generations. Notice the word used is forever people will try to wiggle their way around it and say that was old testament ALLAH the most compassionate knew people will say that so HE put it again in the new testament.
John 13;9, Peter said unto him Lord not my feet only, but also my hands and my head, and the way they prayed.
Exodus and Moses made haste and bowed his head toward the earth and worshipped.
Revelation 11;16, And the four and twenty elders which sat before GOD on their seats, fell upon their faces and worshipped GOD.
And in Matthew 5 ;17-19 Jesus says he did not come to nullify the law but to fulfill it. Not one jot or tittle shall in no wise pass from the law until heaven and earth pass.
And in Matthew 15;9 But in vain they do worship me teaching for doctrines the commandments of men.
So where did the deviation come from Paul in Acts 9;19-29 then he contradicts himself in Galatians 1 15-19 by telling the truth and swearing to it then in Romans 3 verse 7 he tells us he lied most people are not keen enough to detect these things and onlty listen to what they were taught instead of doing as ALLAH commanded in the bible Prove all things and hold fast to that which is correct.
If you read What did Jesus really say by Mishal ibn Abdullah it has all of the topics and shows the opinions of the Christian scholars who tell us that these things were not original doctrine GOD was always ONE it was people who changed HIS word as Prophet Moses peace be upon him says in Deuteronomy 31; 25- 29 and also Jeremiah 8; 8, may you be enlightened and may ALLAH who created all humans and all creation guide you to the truth Amen.

You are just flat out wrong about what you say.

Timothy 3;2, A bishop then must be blameless, he must have only one wife, and he must be hard working, and thoughtful, orderly, and full of good deeds.

If it takes having one wife to be blameless then obviously having more then one is not blameless. This is made clear by using the word blameless. Scripture did not say for him to have one wife because of time restraints. Lets just go with what scripture says. You can't just fill in the blanks and assume things to fit your needs, and desires. You may like the idea of having multiple wife's but that doesn't make it so.

You also left much out of scripture to fit your needs, which is very wrong. Scripture is not for your needs to twist, but is what it is.

John 13:5 After That he poureth water into a basin, and began to wash the disciples' feet, and to wipe them with the towel wherewith he was girded. 6Then cometh he to Simon Peter: and Peter said unto him, Lord dost thou wash my feet? 7 Jesus answered and said unto him, What I do thou knowest not now; but thou shall know here after.

8 Peter saith unto him, Thou shalt never wash my feet. Jesus answered him, If I wash thee not, thou hast no part with me.9 Simon Peter saith unto him, Lord, not my feet only, but also my hands, and my head.10 Jesus saith unto him, He that is washed needeth not save to wash his feet, but is clean every whit: and ye are clean, but not all.11 For he knew who should betray him therefor said he, ye are not all clean.

12 So after he had washed their feet, and had taken his garmenst, and was set down again, he said unto them, know ye what I have done to you? 13 Ye call me master and Lord: and ye say well: for so I am. 14 If I then, your lord and Master, have washed your feet; ye also ought to wash one another's feet. 15 For I have given you an example, that ye should do as I have done to you.

Here Jesus Clearly says that if your clean, that you only need to wash your feet, and most importantly he done this to give an example of how we are supposed to be with one another, just as it says. He only washed their feet, and he corrected Peter which you completely left out. Yet you try to use this for your vain tradition of washing of the hands. Here is what Jesus said about that..

Matthew 15:1 Then came to Jesus scribes and Pharisees, which were of Jerusalem, saying, 2 Why do thy disciples transgress the tradition of the elders? For they wash not their hands when they eat bread. 3 But he answered and said unto them, why do ye also transgress the commandment of God by your tradition? 4 For God commanded, saying, Honor thy father and mother, and he that curses father or mother let him die the death. 5 But ye say, Whosoever shall say to his father, or his mother, it is a gift, by whatsover thou mightest be profited by me: 6 and honor not his father or his mother, he shall be set free. Thus have ye made the commandment of God of none effect by your tradition. 7 Ye hypocrites, well did Isaiah pophesy of you saying, 8 This people draw nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoreth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me. 9 but in vain do they worship me, teaching for doctrines the commandments of men. 10 And he called the multitude, and said unto them, hear, and understand. 11 Not that which goeth into the mouth defileth a man, But that which cometh out of the mouth, this defileth man. 12 And then came his Disciples, knowest thou that the Pharisees were offended after they heard this saying. 13 But he answered and said, Every plant which my Heavenly father hath not planted, shall be rooted up. 14 Let them alone, they be blind leaders of the blind, and if the blind lead the blind then both shall fall in the Ditch. 15 Then aswered peter and said unto him, declare unto us this parable. 16 And Jesus said are ye also with out understanding. 17 Do not ye yet understand that whatsoever enterith in at the mouth go into the belly, and is cast out into the draught? 18 But those things which proceed out of the mouth come forth from the heart; and they defile the man. 19 For out of the Heart proceed, evil thoughts, murders, adulteries, fornications, thefts, false witness and blasphemies : 20 These things are what defileth a man, But to eat with unwashed hands defileth not a man.

You are being just as the Pharasees were in that day, and still you are going on with your vain traditions, and teaching men the same, when Jesus made it perfectly clear.


God said to tolerate the Christians and Jews. Some people claim that Muslims say that we call them infidels and that they should be killed. But that's not what God said. The infidels were the polytheist who circled the Kabaa and who attempted to kill Muhammad- peace be upon him. God said to tolerate the Christians and Jews.

Greetings! It's good to know

Greetings! It's good to know that you're appreciating Muslims even though you have a different religion, thank you. Let's respect each others religion.

I'm a christian my belief is

I'm a christian my belief is there
is only one god which man has given many names!Jesus is the only way. i never force my
religion on anyone but i do make it know that i'm a christian.Children are easy to be miss lead, when you say that most muslim are sincere that is your experince. what do you mean tolerant of christians? it requires tact and sensitivy to all
peoples religion not jut the muslims.

Asslamwalaikum Ramzan mubarak

Ramzan mubarak

As^salamu alaykum... I'm not

As^salamu alaykum...

I'm not a Muslim but i convert to Muslim last year.. i try to obligation to Allah (god the creator)..

anybody to answer my question.. what is the end of fasting..?

The end of fasting by an hour

The end of fasting by an hour is different based on where you live, it is when you hear the call for Magrib prayer, after the sun down

If you mean the end as in the

If you mean the end as in the purpose .... it is a yearly detox ...regulates your body functions. Apart from the health benefits, it is a form of self restraint and discipline. It also sensitizes you to the needs of the less privileged and encouragez selflessness n giving...

But brother you are a muslim,

But brother you are a muslim, Alhumdulillah!!

You reverted to your religion, this is why i love Islam. It is the most free religion, some muslims, like other religious people, thye make up their own interpretations to follow, hiding behind their books. We all know we come from a creator no matter what religion we follow, how we follow our creator is our choice, our creator allowed us freedom of choice. What happens is that in all religions have the ones that cause havoc amongs us peace lovers. They are the greedy, selfish, money hungry that care nothing about sharing the good natural earth that our creator, created for all. Fi Amaan Allah

You are right. The Creator

You are right. The Creator has created this earth for all whether you believe in the Creator or not. The Creator has been merciful to all creation whether you believe or not believe. But unbelievers remember one thing did you pay anything to have life, do you pay for the sun, the moon, the oxygen/air it's all free provided by the Creator. The creator wants to know if you truly appreciate it or not and thank the Creator for everything. If you don't when you return to the Creator you will have to answer for your ignorance to all the signs around you.

You convert in Mumslim means

You convert in Mumslim means YOU ARE MUSLIM


after 30holy days from

after 30holy days from starting of ramzan it end and in those 30days Allah give 70x of any worship pray e.g if you pray namaz e fazr you will get credit 70 days of namaz e fazr...
all hamdulillah
and in whole ramzan Allah opens the gate for heaven and all close the gate of hell... if any Muslim who belief in Allah with heart dies he goes to heaven in these days without any question or query...

The end of the day of fasting

The end of the day of fasting is called iftari. That is when you open your fast.

Brother Gary, Wa aleykum

Brother Gary,
Wa aleykum salaam.

Please keep in touch with me so that we can further communicate and learn day by day as there's much to learn before we leave this world.

In Islam we learn from the baby cot to the grave.

Wish you well.

Ramadan will end on july 17

Ramadan will end on july 17 ,2015 ,,,,,and there will be Eid on july 18 ,2015 ,,,,May Allah grant us Patience to fast during the holy month of Ramadan and on Lailat ul Qadr specially

As Salaam Alaikum Brother

As Salaam Alaikum Brother Gary I am not sure what your question is or how to answer it: But here goes If you converted to Al-Islam then you are a muslim;the end of fasting is depending where you live and time zone I am in America, New York City, and it ends nightly here a little before 9pm.

It is not celebration of end

It is not celebration of end fasting,but a time is joyfulness and Thanksgiving for Allah....

muhammad did been food no

muhammad did been food no fasting time short. i looked people did food at night. different real jesus dont eat 40 day. please you tell me

Asslama Walekum ramzan

Asslama Walekum ramzan mubarak my all Muslim brother and sister

mashaallah alahamdulillah,

mashaallah alahamdulillah, alhamdulullah.........
welcome to ramadan karim for all of my muslim brather and syster

Dear all ( Muslims and

Dear all ( Muslims and non-Muslims),

Islam is the simplest but the most misunderstood religion particularly in the West.

Just read Quran with translation in any language you like and try to figure our for your own life what is the message of Allah ( God - our creator) for all of us. Simply - Live a good life full of good deeds, mercy and kindness towards all and always do the right thing. By living such a life, every person can achieve peace,
contentment and happiness and become a useful person for everyone else in this world.

In Islam, God wants you to be good to others always throughout your life so that people miss you for your good deeds when you leave this world one day.

May God give us all wisdom, guidance and ability to lead a good life for the rest of our lives. The blessings of Ramadan bring muslims even closer to God. So practice Ramadan in order to live a wonderful life - so that whoever sees you and meets you, will find you a person worth respecting and following. We all want to live in a society/country/community of good people. That is the mission of Islam: create a world of good people.

My sincerest prayers are with you and please keep me in your good prayers!


Dear All, Can you please tell

Dear All,

Can you please tell me the exact date the start of Ramadan 2014? I live in Connecticut, need your help.

My good friend is a

My good friend is a muslim(kind a like him ... if you know what I mean). I wanted this Ramadan to be special for him. I was thinking of fasting too. But I'm not muslim if anyone could suggest the best ways to be a part of ramadan without disrespecting the religion.
My friend has been through a string of break ups, I want to remind him through this ramadan that life can be tough but I m there for him....He just has to believe in me.. You think this would help
Please suggest ?

Peace Avni. It doesn't say in

Peace Avni. It doesn't say in the Qur'an that you have to be Muslim to partake in Ramadan. I'm not Muslim myself, but this year will be my 3rd year fasting, and all my Muslim friends approve. In fact one of my good friends is giving me my very own prayer rug. I'd say the best way to make this Ramadan special for your friend is to express to him how you feel, and then tell him you want to share in the Ramadan experience with him. The worst he could do is say no, but I doubt he will.

Good Luck and God Bless.

There are always two types of

There are always two types of benefits to every deed a muslim does. First is of this life and second benefit is of the life after this one. You will get the benefit of this life only. I would like to add that whatever you do in Ramadhan is for yourself. All your fasting, nights of worship, prayers and self control is to please Allah Swt. So if you do not believe in Him then all your offerings are in vain. Your friend has nothing to do with your fasting. Same is the case for me. When I fast, I do not do it to show it to my mother , father. Bro, sis, etc. I would request u to remove from your mind that you will be helping him by fasting alongside him. The only good thing that will come from you fasting is the scientific benefit of fasting, feeding the poor and self control.

For any queries: madeyedexter92@gmail.com

If you want to respect his

If you want to respect his religion, leave him alone.

Ramadan is a time for serious religious reflection and not a time for 'hooking up.' I don't even understand how you could think of using a religious holiday as an opportunity to get closer to a practicing Muslim that is trying to cleanse himself and his body of unpure thoughts during the day and in the evening.

Shame on you!

What I suggest, since you asked is that YOU take this time to think about how you live your life and your thought process to even come up with such a thing. The best thing for you to do is leave him alone during Ramadan so he can concentrate on what he's supposed to concentrate on - Allah, not you.

Ja it will work jst show hin

Ja it will work jst show hin ur support thts all

Forgive and ignore harsh,

Forgive and ignore harsh, self-righteous replies.

Release all upset from her heart about such Muslims - but you will benefit greatly if you please to take this month to find the quiet in your heart. Women support the men they truly love by becoming strong in themselves and in their own connection in Faith. Remember, that the more you put into your prayer effort, the more you will get from it. Know also, that God is the same as Allah, just different names. But poetically, the word "Allah" rolls off the tongue like "love" and "all" and other words that touch the soul with fullness. If you fast, do not fast without taking time for prayer - really, amazingly, you will feel less hunger, sustained by a strengthening in your spirit. Learn the prayer times. Some are very early! Commit each night, before you sleep, your resolve to wake in enough time to wash 3xeach (wudu) -like "baptism" to clean not only body, but to make your spirit clean for prayer, your hands 3x, your head (just some water drip on top 3x) to open your mind, your eyes 3x to make clear & open to the words on the pages of the Qu'ran (don't touch it with your bare hands if you have your period, because that is powerful in its own way), your nose, your mouth for prayerful speech, your ears so you may hear Divine guidance in your life (all wash 3x) and your feet 3x, that wherever you walk you walk with purpose in peace. Cover your head when you pray and if you want a truly amazing experience, pray in the masjid. When you b p.o. w, you will feel your whole soul ground out like all the negativity that has built up just charges out, empties from you. Pray and feel the power of spiritual love enter and purify and strengthen your heart. I know it sounds contrary to what you were hoping, but this is something you should do in secret to understand him. Or at least with the understanding that, for many Muslims, this is a time of abstinence - not just from sex, but from all other focuses beyond Allah. If you want to really support him, keep your whole chest covered when you see him so his efforts at purity are not made more difficult. Likewise, long pants or skirts with a shirt that hangs down to cover so your bum doesn't tempt thoughts. Respect his efforts enough to keep your speech clear of flirtation, asking only about the meaning of the readings and things the Imam says.Remember, if he is a truly good man, he will be trying hard to respect his faith. The respect he shows for his faith is the respect he will show you - if you respect his faith and prove yourself a woman worthy of that same respect. I know, it sounds so "old school" - but in Islam, there is not a separation of culture and religion. If you really love him, you will need to read a lot to understand this, and how important it is not to be seen as "one of those loose American girls." it is a hard life to follow these rules, and if you cannot follow them now, the future will not be possible for you two and you will be setting yourself up for heartbreak. My prayers go with you!

As a revert of 3 years,I can

As a revert of 3 years,I can tell you culture is 'not' islam..I still wear my jeans and cowboy boots and now adding a hijab..............
..Islam is easy
People make it hard...

Slm Malak, Could you please

Slm Malak, Could you please give me you direct email address. I really like you response to the ladies question and would like to explore something with you. My email address is mailforlester@gmail.com
Shukran. Wslm.

SALAM ALAIKOM So the ramadan

So the ramadan start inshaullah all Muslim (suni and shai) around the world will take this opportunity to reestablish their closeness to Allah, forget what happened in the past and look for a better future, respecting every single person of the community from elder to children, from Christian to bodist. But it is not clear for most Muslin that the should have this responsibilities all 12 months, not only ramadan.

The tension between (Suni and Shai) in Iraq and Syria is not what we have to do we should make a strong bond, using this holly month we can do more than praying inside the mosques. If we can't change ourselves from the ideologies of converting all the world into(suni and Shai), how could possibly we change our children future and where will be get to.

it is the time to act, come together whether if you are Suni or Shai whether if you pray five times a day or three time. Lets Make decision of our future ourselves not, others, seek help from our brothers or sisters not foreigners.

At the end lets make this happen, there are already Muslims men and women severely damaged. people can't simply afford to loss any more member of their family.

Muslims lives are in crises lets help those how need our support, come together, whether if you are Suni or Shai, black or white. but at the end of the day we are all the same family.

Thank you.

I am living and working in Al

I am living and working in Al Khobar, Saudi Arabia. I am Muslim but have type 1 diabetes and a heart condition. If I reduce my insulin I can fast but I still need to take pain killers during the day for neuropathies. Is it forbidden for me to take my pills?

you should not (are not

you should not (are not allowed to) fast if you have a medical problem that can be worsen by fasting.

Hi, If you really want to go


If you really want to go for fasting then I will give you god suggestion to reduce down your diabetes so that you can also feel better & always do all fasting in Ramadan.


Allah Hafiz

Assalama Alaikum Mr.

Assalama Alaikum Mr. Gartley

I am not a scholar by any chance, but I will try to answer your question with due diligence, based on the Quran. The Islamic ruling for people who are having an ailment that they are not expected to recover from, and if they fast will put their health in jeopardy is that for every day of fasting they miss they feed (give iftar to) a needy person. You can chose to feed 30 persons at once at the beginning of the month of Ramadan or do it one person per a day for the duration of the month. the choice is yours. By doing so you will be considered as someone who fasted, and you will definitely rewarded for feeding the needy. May Allah make it easy for you and all of us, take care and good luck. and lastly God knows best. Amadou

I'm so moved by this post. It

I'm so moved by this post. It has inspired me to not only be better Muslim but also to be a better human being to treat all that Allah has created with respect. I'm gonna save this,so that whenever I feel myself reverting back to my old ways,I can use this as reference so that I can continue to work at being a better human being.
As Salaamu Alaykum Ramadan Mubarak

Thanks for Tell

Thanks for Tell

Dear all. I am very happy to

Dear all. I am very happy to share Ideas with you.

To the person (Habiba) who

To the person (Habiba) who felt intimated by the welter of information: My advice is ignore all the minutiae of the jursiprudential stuff - its comes from man not God, much of it is trivia really, and people get obsessed by it and fail to see the bigger picture.

The basics are what is important:

Prayer, and Kindness to others especially the poor and needy - thats the recurring message of the early Suras of the Quran. This forms the basis of a programme of spiritual development that lease us back to our origin. What is in the heart is what counts.

Salaam, I InshaAllah will


I InshaAllah will observe fast in Ramadan. Due to my work timings it will not be easy because my shift timing is from night 11 to morning 8. Also I have classes on Sundays from 2:30 to 6:30. But every year this is the time when Allah gives me strength and power to accomplish every obstacle. So please observe fast in this holy month and Allah will surely help you in your Life.




I born into a muslim family

I born into a muslim family but since I did not grow up within the family I never had the chance to really practice the religion. I gravitated to Christianity but for a while now I have felt spiritually unsatisfied and everything within me wants to know and practice the Islamic faith. However, everytime I look for information on learning the faith properly, I am completely overwhelmed by the Arabic words, traditions, what to do and when and I am afraid I cannot do this. Ramadan is just a few days away and I read all the comments of what people are preparing to do (going to the mosque, reading the Qu'ran) and I feel so inadequate and unprepared that I'm beginning to think that maybe I'm biting off more than I can chew. I do not have a mosque thereby that I can go to and my work schedule would not even permit me it there was one close by.

Am completely alone in feeling this way or are there others out there like me and what have they done to remedy the situation and what can I do? Please help me!

Sister, where are you from?

Sister, where are you from? The best way is to meet a local imam in the masjid. Search a mosque closed by (Islamicfinder.com). Go to their website and try to contact the imam of the masjid through email. If you visit masjid personally, you can ask for the imam from anyone. There are 5 prayers in a day so there will be people there through out the day and night. Especially at night for taraweeh prayers during Ramadan. May Allah make the journey really easy for you and guide us all. Ameen!

AsSalam walikum, Go onto u r

AsSalam walikum,
Go onto u r Internet and type Guide us tv.com or you tube it.
Sheik Yusuf Estes,an American born who converted 2 Islam and became a sheik and scholar, he will help u. He advertises his personal phone number. They also have a portion on their website,the live part, where u can ask questions and he or his assistant will answer all and any questions u might have.
PLEASE my brother/sister don't worry, with Ya Allah there are no worries.
Inshallah, I as well converted into Islam and it's 1 step at a time. Like a new born baby.
Allhamdulliah, u found ur way back because Ya Allah wants u 2 come back home.
Happy Ramadan.

Any other info look up on the Internet 2 get ur fasting times and prayer times of our city, state down. Look around and may Ya Allah open ur eyes to find the nearest Masjid. I believe the Allah knows best 4 he has already opened up ur heart, soul and mind. Half the battle is won. C that was simple.
Welcome back my brother/sister, we surely missed you.
Any Islamic books u want Sheik Yusuf Estes will help. Get the Holy Queen in Arabic WITH ENGLISH translation. That's what I have and it is awesome. ..
AsSalam walikum.

Read the Quran with Tarjuma &

Read the Quran with Tarjuma & Tafseer by Maulana Maududi. Also listen Tafseer by Dr. Israr Ahmed. Please follow the same and you will get each and every information In Sha Allah. Reading quran and Understanding Quran is the best way to understand Islam. I am saying this bcoz of my personal exp. Jazak Allah Khair..

Sister, what city do u live

Sister, what city do u live in? if you are in Melbourne I would love to chat with u and if u like I can take you to a mosque and provide you with reading material. You are not alone, Allah is guiding you and there are many brothers and sisters who would love to help you find the information you are looking for. It will seem overwhelming to begin with but with the right tools, you will see the beauty and inner peace that Islam provides.

I wish you all the best on your amazing journey ahead.


Assalamu alaikum. I

Assalamu alaikum. I understand where you're coming from as i was also born into a Muslim family but didnt start practising the deen until i was 25 (2 years ago). Alhamdulillah (all praise is due to Allah) that you know Islam is the truth and that you have emaan (faith), its a blessing. Dont worry about what everyone else is doing, we all have to start somewhere and we cant be expected to know everything straight away, it takes time. Definitely fast as it is compulsory for us to do it if we are healthy enough. If you know how to read the Quran, read as much as you can throughout Ramadan and if you dont know how to read it, spend these next few days looking for a teacher or beginners classes you can attend in order to read it in shaa Allah. Make sure you pray your 5 daily prayers and do dhikr (remembrance of Allah) after each salah (prayer). One type of dhikr you should do is recite Subhan'Allah 33 times, Alhamdulillah 33 times and Allahu akbar 34 times. Also repeat astagfirullah very often. Make a lot of dua, ask Allah azza wa jal (the Mighty and Majestic) to give you strength and to increase you in beneficial knowledge. Dont let shaitan make you think that youve bitten off more than you can chew, you can do it! I was very very far from the deen and now alhamdulillah i cover fully and try to be a good Muslim by staying away from whats forbidden and trying to do what we are told to do. Also if you havent already, make sure you read the Quran translation, it changed my life when i first read it. you can go on quran.com and read and/or listen. I also recommend that you buy a small book called Fortress of the Muslim which is filled with beneficial duas.
May Allah azza wa jal guide you to the straight path and keep you firm upon it-Ameen.
Finally another dua you should make very often 'O Allah Turner of Hearts, Make my heart firm upon your deen.' And during this blessed month repeat this dua 'Allahumma innaka afuwun tuhibuk afwa fa'fu ani

To all contributory to the

To all contributory to the sister issue, jazakah lah khaerah, pls dear sister in islam oblique to wht people have said. Observe ur solat and do a lot of dikhir this month Allah is sufficient for you.

hello my dear Muslim is best

hello my dear Muslim is best reneging.........
Allah say in Qumran famanyaman mestkarazarating sarayara if u do anything eider good or bad i will pay you for that

Sorry that should have been

Sorry that should have been Allahumma innaka afuwan tuhibul afwa fa'fu ani (O Allah You are forgiving and You love to forgive so forgive me)

Hello Sister Habiba, Allah

Hello Sister Habiba,

Allah say's that there is no oppression in Islam so take you time and start off slow like a baby this religion is perfect not the ppl as you are finding your way to Allah he will try you to show you yourself. It's up too you to do right or wrong don't let all the knowledge of Islam to overwhelme you. Some of us had more time to practice this deen. What you don't know in Islam you are not held accountable for, but wants you learn it then you know and you will be held accountable for your knowledge. Ramadan will be great for you take it one day at a time and every step you take towards Allah he take two huge steps to you or more...and Allah swt.. knows best. Have a blessed Ramadan from a sister in the world Aqueelah Abdullah.

Salam Alakum. I do not have a

Salam Alakum.

I do not have a flexible schedule neither is do I have a mosque close to me but I intend to observe Ramadan Insha Allah.

It is very rewarding to go to mosque to perform Tarawih ( supererogatory prayers), reading the Quran and attending Tafsir ( Lectures).

One of the lessons of Ramadan is to promote unity by doing things in congregation however all these activities can still be done by oneself.

May Allah make Ramadan easy for us and make it a rewarding one.

Ramadan Kareem.

Switch to Buddhism or

Switch to Buddhism or Hinduism. Read the Bhagavath Geeta and see the changes in your life. God Bless you

Dear Brother Rajeev, Please

Dear Brother Rajeev,

Please read the quran only once.

In Shaa Allah, Allah will guide you to paradise

Dear Rajeev. why should I

Dear Rajeev.
why should I read a book that come Mahabharata that talks about war..should I read the vedas..it itself u guys don't know who is your God. the Aryan came from east asia and stayed in Pakistan before invading india...the excavation work at the saraswati river shows where they came from.
or do u want me to read the Upanishads..at first there were 8000 shlokas now there are over 100,000
where do they come from.
The word Hindu itself is not in the vedas but it referred to what is now Pakistan...but it is the british who called u hindus which comes from the waord al hind...In vedas the only close word is sindu..ur religion is called Vedic dharma or sanatana dharma...please go read ur own history before telling muslims what they should do.
may be u should read the athur veda which talks about sorcery and black magic. or tell us why hindus are still committing infanticide..the kill the foetus as soon as the couple finds that its a girl....

I will never leave Islam.

I will never leave Islam. Islam is my religion and I was born a muslim.I'm actually doing islamic work and my life changed so much. I make my 5 time salaah and shukr to Allah I'm succesful now. Anyway Ramadhan mubarak may Allah make it easy for all of us this month Inshallah.

I will never leave Islam.

I will never leave Islam. Islam is my religion and I was born a muslim.I'm actually doing islamic work and my life changed so much. I make my 5 time salaah(prayers) and shukr to Allah I'm succesful now. Anyway Ramadhan mubarak may Allah make it easy for all of us this month Inshallah.Have a blessed Ramadhan to all my fellow muslim brothers and sister. :)

You should read the Quraan

You should read the Quraan once in english. In Sha Allah (if God wills) you'll maybe want to switch to Islam.I was a type 1 diabetic and due to my prayers Allah cured me I'm no more a diabetec patient shukr alhamdulilah I was diagnosed with diabetes when I was 9 and I was cured at 12 years old and now I'm healthy so prayers are really strong. My doctor was shocked as I did a blood test and the result was no diabetes my pancrease was working at 100 percent. I'm so grateful to Allah and I make my 5 time salaah(prayers). Anyway Ramadhan mubarak to all may Allah make it easy for all of us and have a blessed month In Sha Allah. Keep me in your duas :).

Dear Rajeev, I can understand

Dear Rajeev,

I can understand from your comment that you are not sure with your own PATH. Otherwise you wont say "Buddhism or Hinduism". Or simply your motive is to distract Muslims away from Islam.

Also if you are that sure can you tell me how many times you have read the Vedas/Ramayana/Mahabharata ?? Try to answer this question without Cheating yourself. Try reading them and understand what is written in them. After you got the knowledge in those scriptures, Read Quran (Translation in your local language is OK). Understand the Differences between them. You can even try Bible and other Religions Holy Books. But i am sure that if you are genuine in doing so, you will be able to see that Quran is the true message from God. I am not challenging you but this is a challenge from God Himself. Be Honest. May Allah Guide You.

Swalih Mohammed
If you need any help : Salimohammed007@gmail.com
I am also from India.

Dear Rajeev You cannot

Dear Rajeev

You cannot convert to hinduism, please have some knowledge before writing. A HINDU is born Hindu it is not a religion rather it is a way of Living.


I have not read any of the religious books but I know one thing that they give you moral to spread peace and care about humanity. So please stop discrimination on religion and try to be a good HUMAN not a religious freak comparing religion goods and bads.

Asalamualekum Habiba, I read

Asalamualekum Habiba,

I read your mail and thought to guide you if you are interested in fasting..

If you want to read something just start from basic, Purchase basic book (Qaida From Market) Request someone who is Muslim around you to teach basic world after that you can search the details on Google for advance learning it will defiantly help you.

For namaz you no need to go to Mosque because female are not allow so you prepare namaz anywhere at your work place also after vadhu, your place should be clean.

For fasting just follow Aftar and Sheri timing as same as available on Google If you want to follow you religion Allah will make a path for your guidance Inshallah

Why would you tell her women

Why would you tell her women are not allowed at the masjid? That's false information.

Assalamu Alaikum brothers and

Assalamu Alaikum brothers and sisters. In Islam Women are not allowed to pray or fast or enter mosque only during their menstrual period. But in some places the local belief doesn't promote women going to mosque. Also it is ideal for women to pray in the houses or where they are rather than going to mosque but still there is nothing wrong in doing so. In fact Women going for Hajj performs prayers inside the mosque right?


Where did you read in the

Where did you read in the Koran that females are not allowed in the mosque?

This is totally untrue. There are separate sides for men and women and the only time they are not allowed in the mosque is during menstruation - which makes total sense if you think about the time period/sanitation of the people when the Holy Koran was originally written.

I wouldn't want to be in the mosque with a menstruating woman in front of me at that time either! It's not sexist (like that guy was trying to be), it's just plain common sense.

That being said, I understand EXACTLY what you mean. I wasn't born into a Muslim family (I don't think, I was adopted) but I always felt I was Muslim inside so I converted as an adult. My conversion was by myself, in a town with no mosque, like yours. I had no Muslim acquaintances because Arabs and Indians were pretty racist against black people in general at that time. (After 911 they became our best friends! haha!) Anyway so I did what others said:
#1 don't make it so complicated
#2 buy a Holy Koran in English and a prayer book with wadu instructions and learn the main prayer - its only one, it's not difficult or long
#3 Make a padded prayer rug out of natural cotton material with no images of any animal, plant or place. Or if you aren't the type, buy a prayer rug, preferably not one made in China... just my personal thing. Why buy a rug produced by people who's official stance is that don't believe in Islam?

#4 follow the directions using your books to guide you and pray every morning before you go to work. When you come home in the evening you can make up the prayers you missed. Use your books, and don't be embarrassed. It's better to pray in private however to reduce distractions.

Allah will bless you no matter how you do it, as long as your heart is sincere.

Also fast during Ramadam, that is obligatory and simple. Don't eat after sunrise and keep your fast until dark. Many people break it at 'sunset' while it's still daylight, the birds are singing and they are still sweating from the heat... I don't. The Holy Koran says 'from the threads of the day until the threads of the night' and that's not 7:30pm!

Salaam shazia. Forget what

Salaam shazia.
Forget what everyone has said.it seems likethey dont want you to come closer to islam.allah guide us.
Its simple, you cant read arabic? Then read a quraan in english, you dont know how to pray salaat? We all start somewhere.insha Allah i would like to assist and guide you.if you wish so,please email me gttdi82@hotmail.co.uk insha allah we can learn together..trust me islam is simple amd easy.easier than people make it out..
Hope to hear from you soon.
In the mean time, if ramadhan starts tomorow or day after.ramadhan mubaarak to all.

Sorry that message is for

Sorry that message is for habiba, not shazia.it said shazia at the bottom.apologies.hope to hear from you habiba

I'm not Muslim. but in

I'm not Muslim. but in support of my coworkers that are Muslim I fasting I fast with them. Its a amazing way to get a better understanding of who you are. You don't need to do everything the correct way Allah knows what's in your heart and that's all that matters. Look for a Quran book that's in English and start from there that's what I use

salaam Habiba I am from Cape

salaam Habiba
I am from Cape Town, South Africa. Please forward your contact details to me so that I can send you some literature on easy approaches and practices and I may also put you in contact with our local Imam who will be able to guide you further.

Dear Habiba, My name id

Dear Habiba,

My name id Waseem Siddiqui from India.

First of all you only try to learn 5 times namaz & follow on a daily basis along with Roza.

Then, try to learn Quran Shareef from some of the person who will teach you so that your namaz will also refine, if any mistake in your namaz.

Once you know some basic principles like 5 times namaz, Roza & Tilawat of Quran, then you feel better & one voice from your heart will come out to say that you are proud to be Muslim.
Also you feel very calm & peacful.

Allah Hafiz...

Ramadan Mubarak...

If you want to know anything like principle, etc of Namaz, Roza, etc, then feel free to write on sid.wasim@gmail.com

Alluhamdulilah jazaka Allah

Alluhamdulilah jazaka Allah kayr.. blessed Ramadthan for all the believers. may the Almighty God guide ,protect and bless us during the holy month and thereafter. Insha Allah!

May ALLAH mk it easy for

May ALLAH mk it easy for every muslims this ramadhan Ameen

Asalamu Alaikum

Asalamu Alaikum warah,
Alhamdhulillah.i got a chance to being a fasting.May Allah swt Forgve our all sins.

I'm happy to see the month

I'm happy to see the month ramadan

Ramadan is the best chance to

Ramadan is the best chance to ask Allah for forgiveness. Thank him for his blessings and for keeping you alive till this moment.

alhamud lillah may allah

alhamud lillah may allah bless us as muslim

Allah bless everyone....

Allah bless everyone.... Allah is not going to see that someone one is muslim & i'm going to help only them Alaah helps evry person .....

please when na holly month of

please when na holly month of Ramadan start?

A salaam. W I thanks to Allah

A salaam. W
I thanks to Allah s w ho give us month of Ramadan it's very great month whit
Pleasing pls all Muslim Prather And sister do fast

Which date of Ramadan Eid In

Which date of Ramadan Eid In Gujarat,India

It is most likely that

It is most likely that ramadan will begin on june 29 in most of india. Looking at the moon visibility curves, if perfect weather conditions prevail in india, ramadan will begin on june 29. If it is cloudy then ramadan begins on june 30.

It is on the 29th/30th of

It is on the 29th/30th of July.. Hopefully, the first Fasting Day/ Roza starts on 29th of June.. I wish you and your family Happy Ramzan and please do your best... Let's care for others, Animals and all living creatures..... Adaaab !!

assalamualaikum thanks for

assalamualaikum thanks for giving information about fasting date. i am seafarer.i want to know exactly date of fasting start. allah hafiz

Ramadan is the best holiday

Ramadan is the best holiday in the world everyone muslims they like to do Ramadan because we love Ramadan

I am Hindu in india but still

I am Hindu in india but still I keep fast in Ramadan because I knw purpose behind it and I really respect all religions.

anand,i admire your

anand,i admire your intentions.....

hi, reply so that i will tell


reply so that i will tell u more.



first hi to all muslims

first hi to all muslims around the world and thanks from my god to we are muslim.
i love my religion islam and my prophet and my allah. we are all muslim is that not important shia or sunni it is important we are alhamdulillah muslim and we are like a big family and sister and brother father mother and we must respect for each other like a brother sister father and mother because islam is a peace religion not war.. so i have not any more thing to say because i am a so small your muslim brother i can say just this not any more and i hope for all muslim around the world to have beautiful RAMADAN for every one thanks.

Assalamu ala manitaba

Assalamu ala manitaba alhuda.ASSALATUWASSALAMU ALAIKA YARASULILLAH,YAHABIBULLAH.Allahumma salli ala sayyidina muhammadin wasallim waala alihi wasahabihi wasalim.

t is so good that the blessed

t is so good that the blessed month is approaching and so i appeal to all moslems in the world to get prepared for the blessings of Allah the Almighty.

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lam saidul cming fem Assam,

lam saidul cming fem Assam, Naw iam at Chennai Aploo spclty hosptl,
If possible you send me Ramjan timetable 2013 for Chennai
I have not received Ramjan timetable 2013, plz mail me saidul1975@hotmail.com/ sms my mobile 08486866384.

Assalamu Alakum all muslim

Assalamu Alakum all muslim bai

Why only Muslin Bhai? Why not

Why only Muslin Bhai? Why not the whole world. Islam is not just for muslims its for whole mankind so plz spread the word.

Assalam allaikum my dear

Assalam allaikum my dear brother&sister. From.India-Maharashtra-Beed.

a/w i am newly converted to

i am newly converted to Islam. i just want to know the area where i live there is no any mosque nearby. can i read tarawih at my house alone...? I don't have idea does tarawih Mean Reading The Quran ? Plz let me know asap

My newly reverted brother. It

My newly reverted brother. It is best to find a Masjid - even if you have to travel a few miles to do Tarawh Salat so you may understand the proper conditions of praying. Just google Masjid in your area and you'll find something close by.

you can pray at home...since

you can pray at home...since you dont have any mosque close by....

Assalaamualaikum brother i

Assalaamualaikum brother i congragulate you for entering into the true religion ISLAM i have studied n number of books of different religions but found only islam is the true religion and there is only 1 god 'ALLAH' So now your life after death is secured brother . You can pray tarawih in home .Tarawih is a namaz (prayer) you can offer 20 rakaths of namaz dividing into 2 rakaths each so 2 rakaths of namaz then again 2 rakats so do it 10 times this will sum up into 20 rakats .you can read any surah in these rakats.

Dear Brother

Dear Brother Assalamaualiekum, Yes you can pray salat trawih at your home either after offering Isha as well as after Mid night as done by ourProphet. Narreated by our Mother Ayesha (Prophets most dearest Wife) Prophet Muhammad (SW) Offered through out his life Ramadan as well NonRamadan 11 Rakats that is 8 Rakats Salat al lail (Tarwih) + 3Rakats Witar.

Brother you can also read Quran by seeing it while offering tarawih if not you are not hafiz.

Assalamualaikum, m also

Assalamualaikum, m also reverted towards islam bt 4,5 years ago... So answer of ur query is as u r a guy so u hv to go to mosque bcz it should be with jamaa't... Nd u hv to complete the whole quran in 30 days by listening imaam or by urself... So if u r a hafiz then only u can do it by urself otherwise u hv to listen the whole quran.... And authentically its 11 rakaa'ts of taraweeh per day... If u wnt to cmplete quran by urself then u cn recite quran nt in traweeh bt in.the other time as much as u can... A girl also should do like ths by listening or by herself... Bt in india there is no much mosques available fr girls so they cn perform taraweeh at home whatever surah they remember... Nd if smbdy cn then she should cmplete quran by herself by reciting nt ny compulsion bcz u hv to understand the quraan nt jst reading it... As compulsion is nt fr u as well, as much as u cn then recite nd understand quran bt fr taraweeh u hv to perform it with jamaat anywhere in mosque or ny where...

Well Aftab, if there is no

Well Aftab, if there is no mosque there nereby the you can yourself perform Tarawih at your place. And let me clarify first of all(1) Tarawih is a namaz which can be performed at home if you are far away from the mosque.
(2) If in Tarawih there is no one to recite Qura an-Shareef then you can still perform the namaz by yourself without reciting whole Qura an. This can be performed by reciting Qura-an verses just as you normally recite in other namaaz.
Note: It is recomended to listen to entire Qura-an in Tarawih but not a mandate.

Yes you can pray tarawih at

Yes you can pray tarawih at home with ur family. Tarawih is a prayer consisting 20 rakats.20 rakats are prayed as 2 rakats each and at end of every 2 rakats, give salam and start the next 2 rakats until you finish all 20 rakats. (That means 2 rakats 10 times)Its a sunnah prayer and practiced only in the nonth of Ramadan.

Salam Alakum, Yes you can

Salam Alakum,

Yes you can pray Tarawih by yourself it is just encouraged to be done in congregation to promote one of the lessons of Ramadan which is unity, Going to the mosque and praying together brings us together more.

Just like any other prayer you have to read the Quran during Tarawih. You can read as many verses as you dim fit.

Allahu Ahalam ( God knows best)

Ramadam Kareem

Slam Alaikum If possible you

Slam Alaikum
If possible you send me Ramjan timetable 2013 for bangalore
I have not received Ramjan timetable 2013
Allah hafiz

Let's go started our rahmaths

Let's go started our rahmaths 10th days of Ramadan.

Same to you

Same to you

Apart from offering namaz and

Apart from offering namaz and fasting. rectify quran day and night

and do sadakhath and offer nawafel namaz

You do not rectify Quaran you

You do not rectify Quaran you RECITE it.

Assalam Alikum my dear

Assalam Alikum my dear brothers and sister in Muslim ,ramdan Mubarak ho for my all Muslim people .hope ur wishes complet in dis month.Ameen

same to u my dear frnd may

same to u my dear frnd

may allah wishes u

Assalamu Alaikkum

same to you

same to you

O Allah I wish This month to

O Allah I wish This month to come to fast if Allah grant me to make it Ramadan Mubarak, to All brothers and sisters I love Allah Almighty.Ameen.



To all brothers Muslim ,have

To all brothers Muslim ,have s great ramadhani ,Allah bless u all

When is the fasting starting

When is the fasting starting in nigeria

pls also update me on when

pls also update me on when exactly the date is maye i can start mine tomorrow...thank you

10TH of the Month. Yesterday.

10TH of the Month. Yesterday.

Which day begins of ROZA plz

Which day begins of ROZA plz rply

Asslamoalaikum all worlds

Asslamoalaikum all worlds muslim Ramzaan Mubarak

Assalamu ali kum all muslim

Assalamu ali kum all muslim persons in whole world and greatfull ramdam mubarak month see u all

Pls my question goes like

Pls my question goes like dis.people dt collect fasting 2day.they have fasting or not

Assalamu alaikum,Dear my

Assalamu alaikum,Dear my friends I have seen really Allah the Almighty always gives a very cool and pleasent weather during the Ramadhan month that what is cold Rehmat.... Allah Hafiz

great thanks to ALLAH for d

great thanks to ALLAH for d grace giving to me and all my family to see dis month of blessing.i pray dat as we started it together we will all see the end and many more to come.

Great web page.Quick one dose

Great web page.Quick one dose it mean we should be fasting on the 9th?

Thank u allah 4 makin me

Thank u allah 4 makin me xperience dis holy month 1s again (RAMADAN KAREEM).

Thank Allah for making

Thanks be to Allah for making this holy and wonderful month to reach us again this year in good health till we finish it.

i realy lik d aticle n

i realy lik d aticle n coments i realy apreciat -abdulakeem 4rm lagos,thankx

the best page i have ever

the best page i have ever read on Facebook ,may Allah help us in doing our best to Islam ,may Allah forgive all our sins in this Ramada ,ameen

alihamdulilah am alive to

alihamdulilah am alive to witness dis year ramadan am very happy nd grateful to Allmaighty Allah for sparing ma life up todate is nt by ma power or by ma might but by his wish. Alihamdulilah robil aleemin RAMADAN KAREEM!!!

Tank u Allah for letting me 2

Tank u Allah for letting me 2 see this month of blessing[moriaba bikun ya ramadan]

Assalamu alaikum(var)...we

Assalamu alaikum(var)...we have to proud our self as Muslim.....Masha Allah...and i m invery confusion pls let me know i m in india when is our roja going to start whether Wednesday or Thursday ...i m in very confusion stage since one week plz anybody help me my friends..Assalamu alaikum...

Thursday brother.

Thursday brother.

this is nice

this is nice

Ramadan period is the period

Ramadan period is the period of steadfastness and cleanliness. May Allah guide us throughout this period(amen).

I welcome u all to d month of

I welcome u all to d month of blessing we hav bin xpetin, may Allah giv us d strenght n protect us to finish wat we xtarted (Amin) RAMADAN KAREEM to my muslim bro n sis in whole world masallam

Baarkallahu fina wa fikum

Baarkallahu fina wa fikum

I don't know why all the

I don't know why all the countries disagree on start date. I am a convert to Islam. My husband is Egyptian but we live in the USA. His mother in NYC follows Saudi start date which occurs on Wednesday this year but everything I see says America starts on Tuesday. Which is correct?!?! Help!

I couldn't word it any

I couldn't word it any better, so I took it from Wikipedia:
Traditionally, the first day of each month is the day (beginning at sunset) of the first sighting of the hilal (crescent moon) shortly after sunset. If the hilal is not observed immediately after the 29th day of a month (either because clouds block its view or because the western sky is still too bright when the moon sets), then the day that begins at that sunset is the 30th.

Because of the wildly different locations, the Middle East probably won't be able to see the crescent moon until a day later than the Western hemisphere.

In Islam or Ramadan as you

In Islam or Ramadan as you know seen is blving. If u hav seen d month 2 day then no body has any right 2 say no 2 it.thank u.Mohammed sani from Jos Nigeria.

This conflict in start date

This conflict in start date is due to different time zones. USA is about 11 hours behind many Asian countries. So the start of any day (date) is entirely different around world. Ramadan start is dependent on sighting of new moon (Islamic months are calculated based on moon).

In case of confusion and conflict, It is strongly recommended that what so ever scholars recommend, go with that. In USA many Islamic organizations work and they have their own methods to follow. None of them is wrong because they have logic behind their decisions. It is easy to follow Saudi Arabia as they are considered centre of Islamic world due to presence of holy places and being place of birth. Please note this is my personal opinion and does not intend to offend or hurt anybody.

A/w i am also newly converted

i am also newly converted to islam. i am from india. i have been observing fast during ramdaan for last 5+ years. i was also bit confused abt the timings. i have kept first fast today... Will you plz guide me the best to make me stable with islam. since due to conversion I have been by-cotted by all i am working in an mnc but want to move out from India. If possible help me plz.
I'll be waiting for your response.

Omitted prayer during

Omitted prayer during ramadhan

We thank Alaha for he gave us

We thank Alaha for he gave us this greatest months of the years from all the 12 months! our Alaha will preparing us for blessing all the Muslim in holy Ramadan months.

Assalamu Alleikum

Assalamu Alleikum warahumatuliliah wabarakathi

My dear brothers and sisters in Islam, i wish you best of your time in this wholly month of ramadthan and thanks be to Allah for letting us reach the month. Lets pray to Him such that all our sins are forgiven since He is the great


Salam, "Going to your wives


"Going to your wives during the nights of the fast is made lawful for you; they are coverings for you and you are coverings for them; Allah knows that you were deceiving yourselves (in this respect), so He accepted your penance and forgave you; so cohabit with them and seek what Allah has destined for you - and eat and drink until the white thread becomes distinct to you from the black thread at dawn - then complete the fast till NIGHTFALL; and do not touch women while staying in seclusion for worship in the mosques; these are the limits imposed by Allah, so do not go near them; this is how Allah explains His verses to mankind so that they may attain piety. (2:187)

Breaking fast time is at nightfall, not at sunset. See how Allah explains His verses.

the blessed month of

the blessed month of ramadan

the blessed month of ramadan is aproaching, please do not forget the poor and needy in the festivities, as that is the real essence of the holy month, stay peaceful and be patient! I can see a lot of misconceptions about islam unfortunately many misguided people are misusing the religion for their own gains and agendas, we should rationally segregate right from wrong!

nice day is coming

nice day is coming

I love Ramadan when I fast I

I love Ramadan when I fast I feel happy

Alhamdulillah we thank

Alhamdulillah we thank almighty allah for bringing us so far, we welcom the month of Ramadan. May allah give us strenght to be part of fasters

i am happy because allah give

i am happy because allah give me one more year

Pls broda & sist. I wnt u

Pls broda & sist. I wnt u pple 2 inlight me abot d ramadan, i mean both gud & bad 4 it tanx.

MeMay Almighty Allah cont. to

MeMay Almighty Allah cont. to have mercy on us all, coz we fail to follow and practice what we read in the "Holy Quran" onless the Holy month of Ramdan is upon us all. HASTAGGAFIRU-LAHAH!!! and my family in the all year what we wait is only for the month of Holy Ramzan,, Subahanalla, no words to wxplain the happiness of this month,,, u know why ? Allha Say my son ask what u want the r no limits for making duwa this month,,You get tired asking him But he dose not get tired Give u and blessing you,,,,

I am so happy that Allah has

I am so happy that Allah has given me an one more chance to see Ramadan, I pray for all Muslim to stay on path of Allah and over grate prophet(SBUH)

Salam to everyone, I'm just

Salam to everyone,
I'm just moving to highlands ranch and i want to know when ramadan start.
thank you so much.

I really love this web nd

I really love this web nd enjoin reading all the comment, cuz it make learn more about our prophet mohamed (swas) nd our realigion islam thx alot 4 the information

Excellent comments on

Excellent comments on FASTING! ALHUMDULLILAAH !
For those Muslims who CANNOT fast ( Medical) & those who TRAVEL A LOT as part of jobs( Pilots, long distance Truck Drivers, etc.....) and those who live where IT IS DARK or DAYLIGHT FOR 6 months at a time, there are OTHER adjustments to be made! That gets complicated for those who cross TIME ZONES EVERYDAY!
Since I cannot fast, I have to FEED 30 people for one day, or One Person ,'for 30 days! So I donate food BEFORE or at END OF RAMADAN!

Asalaamu alaykum to all

Asalaamu alaykum to all Muslims and Non-Muslims. Just wanted to state a minor correction. Fasting during the month of Ramadan occurs from dawn to sunset, not sunrise to sunset. Hope this helps.

Slm we tanx Allah 4 his

Slm we tanx Allah 4 his gudience and protection 4 showing us ramadan in peace

Most people do not know the

Most people do not know the difference between dawn and sunrise. Sunrise is much much later than the actual dawn....

WaAlaykum AsSalaam

WaAlaykum AsSalaam WaRahmatullahi . May ALLAH, Bless you for the Info. on Sunrise vs. DAWN !

2 corrections : IF CANNOT

2 corrections : IF CANNOT FAST, then you can DONATE the food during RAMADAN(Before EID Begins) EID!
Also, I found out, those that live where it is Dark/Light for months at a time, are to OBSERVE Fasting Schedule, of CLOSEST State or Country that has 'Regular' SUN & MOON 'Rising/Setting . AsSalaamuAlaikum !Those Muslims who are ABLE, get out at NIGHT (With Children ALSO)and START looking at MOON Phases, EACH MONTH, KEEP COUNT of DAYS. Look up on internet "Moon Phase" site and LEARN the Proper words for the various STAGES of MOON. See where the MOON/SUN 'Rise' and 'SET', in the different parts of the sky each season (They DO CHANGE). Make IT FUN ,but learning!

Salaam,welcome the month of

Salaam,welcome the month of Ramadan, May ALLAH count Us amongs those who will observe the Fasting (Amean)

Asalamu alaikum Rasoulilah

Asalamu alaikum
Rasoulilah pbuh loved Khadija so much. Khadija was a wonderful lady. She is one of the four greatest women ever lived on this earth. Rasouliah married Khadija because of her amazing qualities. Even after Khadija passed away Rasoulilah always talked about her and mentioned her name. She believed Rasoulilah so much, she was the first lady to accept Islam without any questions.
Ramadan is a wonderful month. I am so excited to start inshallah. Pls brothers and sisters fast the 30 days make lots of duas for urself, for all muslim, humen being, for your family. You have no idea how much sawab you get for making dua for others. Asalamu alaikum

this is really fantastic

this is really fantastic infromation

Me and my family in the all

Me and my family in the all year what we wait is only for the month of Holy Ramzan,, Subahanalla, no words to wxplain the happiness of this month,,, u know why ? Allha Say my son ask what u want the r no limits for making duwa this month,,You get tired asking him But he dose not get tired Give u and blessing you,,,,

All praise is due to Allah

All praise is due to Allah the lord of the worlds for the holy month and peace and blessings to prophet Muhammad for courage generosity and preserverance with mankind

the blessed month of ramadan

the blessed month of ramadan is aproaching, please do not forget the poor and needy in the festivities, as that is the real essence of the holy month, stay peaceful and be patient! I can see a lot of misconceptions about islam unfortunately many misguided people are misusing the religion for their own gains and agendas, we should rationally segregate right from wrong!

Alhamdulillahi thanks alot i

Alhamdulillahi thanks alot i really really love this page thanks

I luv this page thanks alot

I luv this page thanks alot

tayedil se wait hai...... I'm

tayedil se wait hai...... I'm happy to see the month ramadan

i like this page thanks

i like this page thanks


Asalaam-Alakium, Shalome-alakium..peace and blessings to all of mankind in their respective languages and the paths(religion0 they choose to follow. I would recommend anyone to try the Ramadan fast be they a "muslim" or non. This would be an attempt for that individual to gain not only a spirtual cleansing but also a physical cleansing in abstaining from certain foods and drinks to build up a better discipline for health reasons. This would also be a great oppurtunity for those of diiferent faiths to learn more about Muhammed(PBUH)and the Quran and come to their own conclusions about Islam for themselves. I am not a Muslim nor a Jew or a Christian but I study and respect all of these faiths for their many commonalities. I also believe in 1 God and all of his many prophets and messengers. Ramadan Mubarack!!!! to all the True Beleivers.

it is so good that the

it is so good that the blessed month is approaching and so i appeal to all moslems in the world to get prepared for the blessings of Allah the Almighty

Iam very very happy in this

Iam very very happy in this month

About what you do not

About what you do not understand sir,regarding the marriage of the nabi(s.a.w) to ummul Khadija& ummul Aisha(r.a) as to last one,She was taken in when she was matured biologically speaking.She was not a child but an adult,as it is in our lifetime ,girls of such age becomes parents outside wedlock,so Allah is allowing us to do it correctly through prophet Muhammed(s.a.w).

Okay i do not understanding

Okay i do not understanding you clearly

I am sorry but I cannot

I am sorry but I cannot understand how a man married his first wife who was rich and 16 years older than him and then his last wife was a little girl. I just don't get it.

Hi, It is quite usual that a

Hi, It is quite usual that a man marries a lady who is older than him and it is being done even now through out the world.

Regarding the second part of the comment:

Yes Prophet Mohammed (PBUP) did marry a little girl, but started the family life with her after she was physically ready for it(Puperty).

After few years the child marriage was prohibited in Islam.

Those days child marriage was quite common accross the world. Both Muslims and Non muslims of those days were into it.

Please don't apologise.It is

Please don't apologise.It is not usually possible to understand something when it has been learnt without its contextual background and historical circumstances and norms of when it occured.I would suggest,that if you have a sincere curiosity and a true need to understand this concept,then with an open mind read about the life of the Prophet (pbuh) and the condition of the society that existed at that time.Some reliable sources include:The Sealed Nectar by S.Al Mubarakpuri,
Muhammad,his life based on the earliest sources by Martin Lings and also read ' Our Mother A'isha's Age At The Time Of Her Marriage to The Prophet' on www.qa.sunnipath.com

It is much easier to understand something that ordinarily may seem outrageous,when one puts it into the right context and tries to approach it with an open and unbiased mind.

Try it,and see if it makes a difference to your understanding!

Allahamdulilah ramadan is

Allahamdulilah ramadan is approaching d month of holy bless may d Almighty God gives us d ability 2 perform it 4rm d beginning
2 d end of it may God bless us with d blessing of d month

am happy to see the month

am happy to see the month

Salam Alaikum Thanks God for

Salam Alaikum Thanks God for another chance of this month and let's fast because its only month for whole year

ramadan is a bless month that

ramadan is a bless month that come onec a year is real bless month is not eacy have if we have month like ramadan we have to jone together ,may god belss ,and to fasith in pesce

I'm happy to see the month

I'm happy to see the month ramadan

Luv this

Luv this

May Almighty Allah cont. to

May Almighty Allah cont. to have mercy on us all, coz we fail to follow and practice what we read in the "Holy Quran" onless the Holy month of Ramdan is upon us all. HASTAGGAFIRU-LAHAH!!!

Thanks a lot for the

Thanks a lot for the knowledge

Bismillah. As-Salaam

Bismillah. As-Salaam Alaikum. This is one of the most beautiful threads I have read about Islam, The Prophet, and the faith, on a non-Muslim site. Peace and Blessings to the Almanac Staff for providing the opportunity for such sharing. May Allah (God) bless you / us all. AllahuAkbar!

Yes, Kahdija (Rahdi Allaho

Yes, Kahdija (Rahdi Allaho Anha) was the first person that The Holy Prophet Muhammad (SAW) told about his message of Islam upon returning from the cave. Kahdija Rahdi Allaho Anha wasted no time at all to accept Islam. Masha Allah

Asalamoalikum...... I

Asalamoalikum...... I love my religion Islam.... May ALLAH PAAK BLESS YOU ALL.... JAZAKALLAH KHAIR..... Asalamoalikum

CORRECTION: Allah revealed

CORRECTION: Allah revealed the first verse to Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) not the angle gabriel.

Sentence revised. Thank you

Sentence revised. Thank you for your feedback!

All of these comments were

All of these comments were great. But I have one question,which is wasn't Khadijah (radhiyallaho anha) like years older then prophet Muhammad (SAW)? I have this book and I read about it and my mother told me story that she learnt from her parents about Islam, and wasn't Khadijah the first woman to convert to Islam? If I'm wrong please correct me.

NO umm Sumaya was the first

NO umm Sumaya was the first female to accept the teachings of Al Islam

I think you are mistaken, it

I think you are mistaken, it was Khadijah who was the first woman. From what I was taught in class at the masjid and have found on the internet this is the correct answer.
Salaam alaikum

Kahdija, may Allah please

Kahdija, may Allah please with her, was first Muslim convert, Summaya was first female who gave her life for Islam.

Yes you are correct she was

Yes you are correct she was several years older then he was.

Yes u r right she was 15years

Yes u r right she was 15years older than prophet Muhammad(p.b.u.h).he got married 2 her when he was at d age of 25 and she was at d age of 40.

Ur 100% correct on both

Ur 100% correct on both question Khadija wa indeed older dan our prophet n she wa de 1st lady 2 embrace islam

Since reverting to Islam ..it

Since reverting to Islam ..it has brougjt me much peace and direction.I made through my frist Rahmadan and there is no greater feeling of.innrr preace and being in tune with Allah

Nataliej, as a convert myself

Nataliej, as a convert myself (33yrs now) may I wish you the best in your years to come and in your knowledge gained.

islam is truely a religion of

islam is truely a religion of Allah. i love it.

Yes I love it with all my

Yes I love it with all my heart.



Is it haram for a Muslim man

Is it haram for a Muslim man to marry a non Muslim woman? but later, able to convert her into Islam


no, it is not haram to marry a non muslim woman,they are called women of the book ,in arabic al lal kitab along as they are chaste,it is a very good if they want to revert without force and come to the true and only religion islam

Also important to mention

Also important to mention Islam means submission to The God and Muslim means one who submits to The God. This is not a new religion as all taught the same from Adam to Abraham, Moses, Jesus to Muhammad (prayers of peace and blessings of The God be on all of them).
The differences are primarily introduced by people. There is only One God and One Faith. God guide us all. Amin.
I enjoyed reading all comments

R U Kidding - He was NOT just

R U Kidding -
He was NOT just a Prophet and Messenger of God but Muhammad (PBUH) was also a direct descendant of the Prophet Ibrahim (Abraham), A Member of the Leading and well respected Families (Hashahmite / Quarish, a Father, a Husband, StatesMan, Founder and Leader of the First Islamic State, a General the sincerely cared for All of our welfare

Phrase "desert-wandering"

Phrase "desert-wandering" removed. Thank you for your feedback!

The terminology

The terminology "desert-wandering caravan trader named Muhammad"
Seems to imply that he was wandering the desert aimlessly.
That is not accurate.
He was a trader by profession. He used to take goods from Saudi Arabia to Syria, vice versa.
He was also a philosopher and used to think a lot about creation of the universe, and wanted to get answers to the universal questions like "Why are we here?"

You got it half right. Yes

You got it half right. Yes Mohammed (peace be upon him) was a trader in his early life, working for Gadaja (later became his wife for 25 years until her death – She was 16 years older).
He did think about many things including why we are here and how (or who) created us. His people worshiped idols which he did not agree with and did not accept. At age 40, the angel Gabriel descended from heaven and informed Mohammed that he is Allah’s (God’s) chosen messenger to mankind with the message of Islam.
Sorry, but he was not a philosopher. Calling him a philosopher has the implication that he concocted Islam based on his own vision and philosophy, not so.

His wife's name was Khadijah

His wife's name was Khadijah I am sure of this I named my daughter after her. May Allah give us all the best in this world and in the hereafter.

very nice religion education

very nice religion education