When is Sadie Hawkins Day?

Sadie Hawkins Day
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Ever heard of Sadie Hawkins Day?  Find out more about this quirky holiday, when it takes place, and how it got started!

On November 15, 1937, cartoonist Al Capp, creator of the Li’l Abner comic strip, introduced the idea of a day in fictitious Dogpatch, USA, when all unmarried ladies, including the character Sadie Hawkins, could pursue their men. If the men were caught, marriage was unavoidable.

The idea took off in real life in November 1938, when the first recorded “girls-ask-boys” Sadie Hawkins Day dance was held. In 1939, Life magazine reported that more than 200 colleges had held Sadie Hawkins Day events. Although it had not been his intention, after the Sadie Hawkins Day debut and subsequent popularity with his readers, Capp included the event in his comic strip every November.

Today, Sadie Hawkins Day events are often celebrated on the first Saturday in November.

Did You Know?

Sadie Hawkins Day is sometimes celebrated on February 29, which is associated with a similar tradition. Long ago, Leap Day also was known as “Ladies’ Day” or “Ladies’ Privilege,” the only period of time when women were free to propose to men. It is thought that this event may have been based on a Scottish law in the 1200s or on an Irish legend, but no one knows for certain.

What Do You Think?

Do you think Sadie Hawkins Day still feels relevant today?  Whatever your opinion, it’s a fun look at times’ past and an interesting idea for young girls and boys today!


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When I was a teenager, we

When I was a teenager, we celebrated Sadie Hawkins Day. The girls would spend weeks decorating a corsage for the boys to wear, usually a stuffed toy with ribbons and trinkets hanging from it. The girls would take the boys out and pay their way all evening. It would be like a date only the boys would have to wear the corsages all evening. This took place in Winnipeg during the 70s. It was great fun.

sadie hawkins day

when i was at summer camp LONG ago, i was about 8 years old and "in love" with my older brother's counselor, Bill. on sadie hawkins day i chased him all over camp until i caught him. LOL. i don't know what happened after the older girls at camp caught their men. Bill was nice enough to let me catch him (he was not a young man!). i don't remember what happened after that, but i never forgot it. that's the only sadie hawkins day event i ever took part in, but i know i had fun! :]

Oh the memories...Love it!

This article brought back fun memories of when I was in high school in the 70's. We had a Sadie Hawkins dance every November - and yes - girls would ask a boy to attend with them. And unlike Homecoming or Prom dances where the attire was formal, Sadie Hawkins dances were informal (i.e. Jeans, Flannels, the gym decorated with hay bales and picnic tables, etc.). But alas, the boys were not then betrothed to us lol! What a fun trip down memory lane thanks to this article! I hope schools still do this nowadays :)

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