What are the top 10 best selling...

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What are the top 10 best selling books of all time?
It is very difficult to say exactly how many of any given book, especially ones that have been around a while, have been printed. With various editions, translations, and pirated copies, we can only make an educated guess. One list we’ve seen ranks them this way: 1) The Bible 2) Quotations from the Works of Mao Tse-tung 3) American Spelling Book, by Noah Webster 4) The Guiness Book of Records 5) The McGuffey Readers, by Willaim Holmes McGuffey 6) A Message to Garcia, by Elbert Hubbard; 7) The Common Sense Book of Baby and Child Care, by Benjamin Spock 8) The World Almanac 9) Valley of the Dolls, by Jacqueline Susanne; and In His Steps: What Would Jesus Do? , by Rev. Charles Monroe Sheldon.