What is the best safe cleaner I...

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What is the best safe cleaner I should use to clean a carpet?
When you say best safe cleaner,” do you mean for people, animals, or carpets? Also, are you interested in general shampooing or cleaning specific stains? With people and animals in mind, perhaps the best safe cleaner is a mixture of white vinegar and water (1 cup vinegar per 1 gallon of water) brushed into the carpet. No need to rinse, but test a small area first for colorfastness. With carpets in mind, commercial shampoos are generally suitable, although we wouldn’t recommend using them on Oriental or handwoven carpets. To remove a water-based stain, combine 1/4 cup mild dishwashing liquid, 1 quart warm water, and 1 tablespoon white vinegar. Whip to a stiff foam with an eggbeater and apply to the carpet with a soft brush, rubbing gently. Scrape away the soiled foam with a dull knife, then wipe off the residue with a damp sponge. Rinse with a little cool water on a sponge, then blot with paper towels. For an oil-based stain, apply a coating of flour while the stain is fresh. Let sit for 24 hours, then brush. For a set-in grease stain, dip a bar of Lava soap in warm water and rub it on the spot. Rinse well to remove the soap residue.”