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What is the correct possessive adjective for Venus? Can I say something is venereal when it comes from that planet?
Venereal is appropriate, if you’re wanting to describe something that is a human characteristic. If, on the other hand, you’re trying to describe something that refers to the planet Venus, you must say Venerian, as in, β€œThe surface of the Moon is not at all Venerian.” You can also say Venusian or Cytherean in that context. Here’s a helpful list of the other planets and their possessive adjectives: Mercury-Mercurian or mercurial; Earth-Terrestrial or Telluric; Mars-Martian, Arean, or martial; Jupiter-Jovian or jovial; Saturn-Saturnian or saturnine; Uranus-Uranian; Neptune-Neptunian; Pluto-Plutonian.